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The Galaxy A50s Review

The Galaxy A50s Review
The Galaxy A50s Review

Just roll back like a year ago. Samsung, CCD and ACS were not performing well, and hence we saw the Samsung dominance spot in India. Chami dethroned Samsung for the number one spot and Real Me, a relatively new name back then emerged in the smartphone battle.

But Samsung is not a brand that we just sit and watch its market share dip.

So they introduce the NCD intended to challenge the online phones from Chami and Vme, and also they revamped the ECD for the offline market.

And to be honest, Samsung did well with its first wave of M and ECD in the first and second quarter of twenty nineteen. We have reviewed almost every Samsung phone since then and honestly they were quite refreshing.

Now, coming back to the present context. Samsung has released the S variants of its ECD and looking at the specs of all these phones.

They don’t deserve to be called as an upgrade.

Also, the competing smartphones from Chami and Vehle me are getting better with each iteration. This further puts Samsung in a dreadful misery.

However, Samsung has dropped the prices of all these variants in India and here in Nepal, too, because the original price spell was not competitive enough. The Galaxy 50 s that I have with me today.

Originally retail for forty two thousand rupees is now available for thirty five thousand rupees, which I think should have been the large price to begin with.

Anyways, the question is, should you get the 50 s. Does it fare well against the competition? Let’s dig into it. After the shout out to a sponsor who stingier it is a web hosting service to help you make your dream website.

It is fast, secure and provides you with the best rates in the market.

I personally like its VBAC hosting plan and website builder, so if you want more information on this, you can go check out with Saenger dot com or you can also go check out the link in the description. So the first thing that remains more or less unchanged from the 50 is the design.

You get the same plastic bag which evidently will get scratches after prolonged usage.

So better keeps it up. One minor change is that this one has this gradient back, which is more pleasing to the eyes than the regular 50. However, one thing I’ve really liked about this phone is how slim it is. It measures seven point seven M-m in thickness.

And when comparing it with other popular mid-range phones like the note a true or the real ME 60, the difference can easily be realized. Moreover, the sleekness is achieved without compromising on the phone’s battery as the 50 esq comes with a 4000 mph battery as well.

Add to this the lightweight build. I can see people liking the overall design of the 850 s. What’s equally good in here is the display. You get a six point four inches super amulet full EU panel whose quality, as expected from a Samsung phones, is top notch.

And by the way, there’s a tiny U. Shaped notch on the top.

The display produces excellent contrast, good colors and is fairly bright. So using it outdoors should not be a problem. On the subject of liking things about the 50 s, its cameras are impressive as well.

You get an improved forty eight megapixel lens and Samsung has done a very good job with the software optimization. The picture quality is definitely better than what we get from the 30 years or the Vimy Note. Pro or even the real me Ixtepec.

Mind you, all of these phones are cheaper than the 50 years.

So with this you get what you pay for. The second eight megapixel wide angle lens is above average. Detail wise, it’s okay, but the colors are generally lively and pleasing.

The portrait shots too are commendable with good subject, focus, colors, background blur and edge detection. Another point in the bank to Samsung for its awesome software optimization.

On the front there is a 32 megapixel selfie camera residing inside the nut and like the ones on the bag. I am a fan of these two from Dynamic Range. Two colors, two details.

The selfie from the 850 s will not disappoint. The selfie portraits also work really well with good focus on the subject and background blur.

However, it’s as detection resides in the gray area with lots of room for improvement.

The videos are okay for the price you don’t get why? S but the Giteau EASA does a good job for 10 ATP videos and as expected, there’s no 60 FBI a year. But Samsung has included options like slo mo, super slow mo and super steady mode here.

The only aspect I did not like about the 850 SS camera is the night mode.

It overexposing the nighttime images, making it unusual. And Samsung had the same issue with the M 30 years. Frankly, I’m really disappointed that they have not ruled out any update to fix this issue, as I’ve already mentioned before.

There is 4000 M.H. battery powering this device, which will provide you a good battery life on the charging front, Samsung. Still using a fifteen watch measure. And I think this is where the company has compromised, as they should have gone with a twenty five watt charger like it’s bigger sibling, the 70. S.

Though I can live with the fifteen watt charger. I don’t understand Samsung’s decision to put the exactness nine six one one chipset on the 50 s.

If you don’t know, it’s basically the same as the 50 that comes with the exchanges.

Nine six one zero. Does the performance of the six months old, a fifty and the fifty s is near identical. Which I think is a big let down the exactness nine six one one is based on ten N.N. So it’s comparatively energy efficient, although it’s C.P.U and GPO performance are not comparable to the Snapdragon seven 30 or the Heat Yohji 90.

And I have also said this in my N30 s review about the one you are not being very optimized or Mitry and chipsets, and same is the case with the 850 s. So you will obviously not feel a UI as smooth as they claim it to be on the North Ten or the East End.

Hopefully that will get solved when Samsung releases the one UI 2.0.

I know it sounds unfair, but I believe it should not be the case because you are being good money for the 50 s and the UI should not be the way it is. Anyways, if you are coming from a budget for a 50 s will serve you well.

The multitasking is great. Browsing and chatting is swift and you will not have any problem playing high end games like Buggie in high graphics and high frame rates. So yep, the performance is not bad.

However, it’s just that the competition is providing better resources at this price range. And Samsung seems to ignore the fact that many consumers here in South Asia look for better performance in the mid-range segment.

Another thing that Samsung is hopelessly pathetic add is the slow fingerprint sensor.

Even if I forgive this delay, I can not stand the fact that it just does not read my fingerprint sometimes. The 50 had the same issue and I was expecting the new version to have faster ones. After all, it’s not a new take anymore.

Well, that might not be good news, but what’s good news is that Hassinger is providing up to ninety one percent off on their yearly Web hosting plans. I also have a coupon.

Good for you. So if you’re looking for an affordable Web hosting service, go check out host intro dot com and use coupon good gadget buy to redeem your offer. I will leave other details in the description below.

So overall, I have mixed feelings about that. 50 s actually this whole article would have been a rant video if Samsung had not dropped the price of this phone. But since they did that, 50 s is not a bad phone entirely.

You get a super Amila display whose quality is hard to find in other forms of this price range.

The cameras are good. And like I said earlier, I see people liking the design of this board because if it’s slim and thin form factor, however, the overall performance, especially the UI, is just about average and you will get much better performing phones at lesser price.

So if you’re someone who values performance a large, you should be looking somewhere else. Otherwise, with the recent price drop, the 850 s does really make sense.

So that was all for our review of the Galaxy 50 s. Do let us know what you think about the device in the comments section below.

Built The First Gaming PC

Built The First Gaming PC
Built The First Gaming PC

Hi, everyone. Welcome to a new kind of article of ours. I’m ready, my dignity. And today I’m going to show you guys our custom, P.S., that we built like three months ago. Now, I know it’s late, but since so many of you guys had been asking us what PCV used to edit our videos today, finally I’m going to show it off to you guys.

So you guys might already know that we use ABC mostly for editing and rendering and also for other styles. So this one is a new rig right here and almost top of the line gaming machine. And, of course, our cars. But before I get started, let me also compare this new rig to our previous one. And the one that used to be our primary deck stop is the Lyndonville by nine hundred.

It was also a pretty powerful setup inside this classic red and black casing is actually a pre built PCV with a third by these eight to 70 motherboard and the seven Chen IDL seven seventy seven hundred K processor.

But since this one had an unbranded motherboard, it also meant that there was no over blocking it. And also this one’s a quad core p.c, which well works fine, but we needed more.

There was also 32 AGP of dual channel RAM at twenty four hundred megahertz frequency.

And a lot of storage on board for the graphics. It had the GDR extend 80 Founders Edition, which still is a great graphics card that can handle most tasks fluently. And powering all of that was a 650 watt unbranded power supply.

And that was the biggest complaint with this unit. Still, this wasn’t a bad piece yet.

It had everything I needed it to do. And after using it as my daily work hours for around two years, I finally thought of getting a new one. So in conclusion, we bought this new brick, build it actually and building. It was really fun. Sure. It took time.

Me and my team did a lot of work, but when we were done putting everything in place and it turned on, the feeling is, well,sublime.

And yes, it’s been around three months. I’ve been using this B.S. for all that I need to do. It’s gone over 50 video Randers, and a lot of gaming.

So I think it’s finally ready to review this beast. Let’s start with the Casey. It’s an 86 mid tower in MSA. Bunker iGaming case. It’s got a front and a side tempered glass panel.

And there’s a magnetic four movable dust filter. Opt out for easy cleaning.

The tinted glass case doesn’t really look much until you put all these RTV components inside. And after that, it looks like a festival of lights of its own. The only thing this case does not have is an SD card slot, which is a small trade off I’m willing to make.

So I am using this Transend GSB three point o to transfer files from my SD card to the next stop. Also, this one key with 751 Gaulke is power supply.

However, the first thing I did was get rid of that and instead got the cooler master 750 80 plus runs for obvious reasons. And I could finally take a breath of fresh air right after the PSU.

I had to work on the fence, the casing key with three fans, but that many weren’t enough for me. So I got some extra fence. Of course, the number of fence. Depends on your preference, but I did the concept of good airflow a bit too seriously.

So here I put two fans up up and wanted the exhaust. So that means there are three fance upfront.

Two for cooling the radiator and one for intake of cool air. And that is a liquid cooler. I got it to keep the eight core I seven ninety seven hundred. Cool.

Yes I got the nine Chinh I seven in here and while going from a quad for C.P.U to eight course was a pleasure, I had to take some steps to ensure that it performed to its full capacity, which also means that you had to keep the thermals in check.

Hence the liquid light to 40 and some extra fans to keep the radiators cool and maintain neutral air pressure.

And yes, sure, the third generation thirty seven hundred X would have been better for editing, thanks to more number of threads on it. But by the time I bought this in thirty seven hundred X was not lunch yet. So there’s that.

And what’s more, you can’t really call it a powerful gaming rig if it does not feature the latest geeks cheap. You can you. So yeah, I got the new MSA G Force RDX 2070 Gaming Z, which is more than enough for editing videos, but more over proves excellent for gaming as well. So why didn’t I get the idea? Expanding A.D.?

Well, this is already the most expensive part of my setup. Apart from the extra money.

And I also thought that it would be a bit of an overkill switching from eighteen eighty two and RDX.

Twenty seventeen for me is more than enough for now because there already are general improvements in raw power and the frames I’m getting in my games are also a lot better.

From the rendering times to games, I felt something like 15 to 20 percent of performance improvement overall, maybe because the Founders edition failed to keep itself cool. The current RDX 2070 gaming zie is one of the best objects 2070 from MSA.

And it chose because I’ve never faced anything even close to overheating and self.

And what’s even better is than retracing. I enjoyed the two ideas. In a word, games out there playing Battlefield five on it was a super smooth and fluent experience.

But I’m also kind of into Apex Legends now. I’m also looking to try Métro Exodus once I’m done with Battlefield five two. And the best thing about the speci is no matter which game you want to play, it runs them without any hiccups.

And with the setup I have, it should continue to do for the next two or three years or so.

What I want to see in future is Adobe taking advantage of its stance. Of course, that is a big if, but there is still hope for that. Anyways, after all of this ready, I had two options. Either connect it to the Zie 370 or does 80 90. And guess what?

I chose the MSA Megacity 90 Gaming Edge AC motherboard. It’s got a powerful VR and supports as an AI.

If you ever need an extra traffic guide for more power and has to MDR two slots that support in Vme SSD. Plus it comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi and lood with 5.0 adding a lot of points in the convenience department.

And that is exactly what I recommend because if you’re building something powerful, too cheap it out on the motherboard and power supply, because with great VR, EMS and clean up our delivery, you get overclock UPC without any worries.

As for the RAM, I opted for the Corsair Vengeance RGV Pro, a dual channel of kit of two three thousand megahertz HDB stakes to make sixteen Jeab memory in total.

And of course my previous p.c had more ram, but up until now I haven’t felt the need to have more than 16 gigs. And in the case I’ll ever do us a slap in two six.

There’s space in there after all. And then there’s storage for which I have the five hundred to a TV Samsung 960 eval for Windows and all my ongoing project files.

I also got a four D.V. hard drive from WD plus another extra DBI too. And I guess I’ll just keep on adding more if I need it. And finally, what good APC is if it’s not attached to a great set of very ferals. So here’s Matt. I’m currently using the DL twenty seven inch walkie monitor.

Yes, you could say that this 27 inch monitor is a bit outdated, but as long as it gets the job done, it’s cool.

It handles for GIF video editing well enough. And the B.S. though it got to four gig fogie on ultra settings. Can stress it out a bit. As for other very ferals, I have the fan tech mechanical RGV keyboard and a razor basilisk mouse.

I prefer the clickety clackety on this mechanical keyboard and I can’t get enough of the IGB.

As for the mouse, I like to have some extra set of buttons for some cool short girds, be it for gaming or editing. And this one, with its reserves in that software, allows me to do just that. And I also like it sagra nomics.

This whole setup costs like two thousand dollars in the US. But of course the prices in the same in Nepal here. So in Nepal it’ll cost you around to be like rupees.

So yeah, this is my setup. I will put the prices of all these in the description for you to check and I will also come up with some other B.S. videos, maybe a raise and build next month.

The Mobile Gimbals Review

The Mobile Gimbals Review
The Mobile Gimbals Review

They didn’t if he hadn’t really caught off with the mainstream crowd back then, but now worn by the overwhelming popularity of the Internet. Every kid in the block wants to become a YouTube or a blogger. Figuratively, of course.

And no, I’m not complaining about that.

All do what makes you happy. More power to you, because I am a huge fan of good cinematography myself. Why a regular camera or a smartphone alone will do the trick for your basic video shooting purposes.

You will eat something more for those cinematic shots, something to hold your device in place so that your footage is don’t come out cheeky and nauseating like two thousand eight Cloverfield.

Well, that’s what Gimbel’s up for. It stabilizes your articles by electronically adjusting two or three axes, depending on the Gimbel’s configuration. Do you do wish the camera rotates about an axis only?

But not everyone has access to those expensive and professional camera set up.

Or an equally expensive DSL kimbal. And more of these smartphones have gotten crazy good these days.

And while you obviously cannot get DSL, our level four digits from them, smartphone digits are commendable, to say the least. Therefore, today I have compiled my list of the best mobile Gimbel’s you can buy. So let’s get started.

We had guys who might have been using the DTI oarsmen mobile, too, as our go to mobile gambo for the past one year and the Osmar Mobile C has been a welcome addition.

This three Axis Kimball comes on a lightweight and foldable design with some other interesting features for a couple of thousand reviews. More you can get the DGI Oarsman mobile combo, which includes a mini tripod and a carrying case, which is the one we have.

The DGA oarsman Mobile three has everything going for it.

And what we like the most is the design and build quality. The company is emphasizing on East prolonged usage with its lightweight structure.

Also, the rubber handle has a groupie and ergonomic design due to the 15 degree angle rubber handle. Moreover, the button placement is commendable as well.

You can easily reach out to any button with zero trouble. A little room for improvement that we found. Is that though, the trigger button on the back works fine. It’s not clicky enough. The early notification is just as good and does not glare into your eyes either.

Now let’s get to stabilization, which is unsurprisingly fantastic. The article are smooth as they can get the oarsman mobile trees improved.

Active Track 3.0 intelligently tracks human subjects movements while keeping them in the center. This can be easily triggered by a single press of the trigger button on the back here. The sports mode helps capture stabilize four digits even in high speed scenarios.

We tried it and the resulting video was still solid as wrong.

Furthermore, DGI has embedded the oarsman Mobile three with a bunch of video presets using which you can generate cinematic footage with ease. Though the small 24 50 mph battery may not be throwing you off.

Don’t worry, it lasts long enough and charges pretty quickly to coming to the app.

You can connect your smartphone to the Gimbel via the. I need more app. It has an easy to navigate interface with lots of features and the pairing is instantaneous.

To the app itself, you can edit and share your videos with the DGI community or other social networking sites through the app cameras. You can medal around various settings, including that of the gimbal itself, since you can choose to follow mode from the buttons on the stabilization.

You can only do that via the app. Emphasizing on the compactness and portability designs with Q2 is another great mobile, Gebel, a cool feature that you get on the Q2 is the vortex mode, which lets you take Phee 60 degree barrel shots on the pan axis.

Also, it has a big battery that lets you charge your smartphone by the stabilizer itself through its micro USB port. However, there’s a strict warning not to use this board to charge the cable itself.

While the US military emphasized on its build, quality and design Zionist thinking a different truth with its smooth Q2. Gimbel. The portability. This thing is small, adequately small, despite its size. The Q2 is heavy on the hands because of the aluminum build.

If you’re using any gambol for the first time design, Q2 might be a little challenge since it is comparatively difficult to get used to adding to the portability.

The Ford holder here is easily removable. While traveling you can have the phone holder clamped into your phone so you can easily swap in the phone into the Gimbel when necessary here due to the compact form factor.

The button placement is far from ideal. However, we didn’t encounter any difficulty operating them.

The article symbolization here is great for optimal results. However, you will have to hold a gamble like you would hold a remote with a slide downward tilt while holding it. Normally, the mortar on the back is prone to appear in the footage, especially when shooting from a wide angle lens.

Even when shooting videos on a high speed scenario, the Gimbel’s does a great job of stabilizing the article. Similarly, though, the Q2 does not come with a stand, its base is flat enough to place it in a smooth enough place.

As far as software is concerned, you get the Zevi Plis app as the companion app or this are you in Q2? The app is pretty simple, but you’ll occasionally get an advertisement Popol from Tzion itself, which is unescapable and lasts a couple of seconds.

Now that’s for you X right that you are essentially restricting your audience from accessing your product quickly.

Besides that, we have no other complaints from our end. Ultimately, there’s a minimal level of settings you can play around via the app since you can play around most of them via the stabilizer itself. The third Gebel on my list is the Blitz will be as one four.

It is not a very well-known brand and you will have to order its products directly from Bangun. However, its high quality, low cost effective offerings make it best suited for markets exactly like Nefud in the past.

We have reviewed. Blitz Wolf projector and smartwatch and found out that they were of exceptional quality for the price.

And now we have Blitz will be as one for mobile kümmel, which promises excellent stabilization for the price at just around ninety dollars. This one is the cheapest here on the list, though the design of the gamble is just fine.

We felt that it was a tad bit bigger for a smartphone gamble and therefore isn’t very portable.

Holding it is no problem. And you can easily access the buttons too. However, the notification LCD that blew a single sheet of blue can be distracting, especially in low light scenarios as they’re quite bright and kind of in your face.

Also, the sand that comes with the Gimbel’s should have been a little flatter in our opinion.

Full disclosure, the stabilization on the Blitz was BWB.

S1 four isn’t as good as the old mobile three or designs with Q2, especially when it comes to high speed situations. This Gimbel’s fails to the subject on focus, though it doesn’t happen very frequently.

You can distinctly call out at the moment when it does. However, video stabilization in normal scenarios is fine and the footage is admirably smooth.

You don’t get any fancy features like with the ones above, but that is to be expected, though there’s a decent four thousand Amy ish battery. It charges by a micro USP and takes a long time to fully charge. So that can be a bit of a problem for many.

All in all, what the Blitz will be is one for does is just need the basics while not looking to do anything extraordinary.

Now the app Gimbel Pro is still nothing special but passes the muster anyway. The UI has a basic design that works fine here, although you can change the follow more directly via the stabilizer itself. You can also do that by the app.

Face slash object tracking option is right in front of the camera UI, which makes it easier to access. We did find the zoom response to be a little slower than it should, but that’s not a head scratcher.

So there you have it, guys. My list of the best three mobile give most, all of which I think excel in different categories while being a solid standalone stabilizer.

And although the standard civilization is identical among all three of them, you’ll get better support and more features in the expensive ones. So that was all over the article. Do let us know in the comments section below. If you want more of such videos still, then I’m ready.

The AirPods Comparosion

The AirPods Comparosion
The AirPods Comparosion

Smartphone manufacturers living out headphone jacks wireless, your phones are getting quite the popularity these days.

And when it comes to that, there are quite a few big players in the market. One of which is the Apple airports, two the most popular and also the most expensive. But Apple airports, too, also bought out Samsun to the wireless phones game and with their galaxy.

But they go head to head against the airports, too. But these two are fairly expensive.

With the airports, too, costing about 160 dollars without the wireless charging case and the Galaxy bus costing about 130 dollars with their wireless charging keys. And so I thought, why not compare these two with a budget, wireless your phone so that you can find out if you really need to pay that much money to get a good wireless here for.

And so I threw in this red meat airports, which cost about 30 dollars in China.

Now, I know it’s unfair to compare this with these two, but then again, it can hold its own against these two then. Well, the answer will be clear.

So let the battle commence. Let’s start with the design and build quality of these the airports to take the game right away with the case. If the smallest of the three not chunky and still has a half to it. There’s a lightning port underneath and a button at the back for bringing it to new devices. It looks cleaner, too.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Budd’s and the red meat adults look about the same, except that the adults feel a lot lighter, but looks both. Your Galaxy Butts case looks more elegant.

But the airport’s case is the classiest of them all.

However, the Galaxy Board’s case has the advantage here because it features wireless charging for which the Apple store will cost you about 70 dollars more.

But of course, we’re looking at what’s inside and will all three of them have their earphones snugly fit inside? Take them all out and I’ll take the galaxy box more than contoured. Looks to the other two. Any day the airports, all design is not appealing when compared with the other two.

And in your ears, they sort of look like earrings, which I don’t like.

And all of these snugly fit in your ears. But with the force not having those your beaudreau or silicone gels, you cannot keep them on for very long in your years.

The galaxy boards also have an extra water resistance. This doesn’t exactly meet all the way waterproof, but will resist sweat and light results. None of the other two have that. And what I can’t expect from the cheaper hit me airports.

Apple. Come on. These were supposed to be second generation airports for connectivity. Also, we had Bluetooth 5.0 and connection push it here is pretty similar. You have to pair these to your device first. And once it’s done, every time you open the gates, they connect automatically to your phone. However, for the airports, if you want to pair to some other device, you have to press this button on the case.

As for others, you do in the regular old way, simply connect to the other device from the Bluetooth menu on your phone and all of them connect to your phone pretty fast.

And since it happens in a matter of seconds, I didn’t make a time because that makes it pointless, doesn’t it? When it comes to controls, you kind of need an Apple device for the airports.

The airport is allowed to double tap to play and pause your tracks by default. But an Apple device, you can also modify the controls for the gesture, which is not possible on Android. Plus, it also supports handsfree. Hey, Siri on that, but not on Android.

That’s why the Red Me handouts. They have limited controls, too.

They are tactile buttons on both sides. But both of them to the same thing, want to play in boys music. Adults have wakes up your digital assistant, Google assistant on your phone and even Cortana on your Windows laptop. However, the Galaxy does offer much more flexibility with a single dab.

You can play or pause audio tracks, double tap to go to the next song and triple tap to go to previous. And if that wasn’t enough, you can tap and hold it right. But to increase the volume while doing the same thing with the left lowers the volume and of course, the galaxy efforts to customize the controls too.

Now let’s go to the audio quality. And before I describe all these three in detail, I like to put it out there from the airports wins hands down.

Actually, there is no contest among the three. The airport sound the best in all kinds of music, be it Bob Bass or anything instrumental or just anything in general. Sound is loud. Everything is crystal clear. And the vocals are easily understandable. There’s also the right amount of bass and it handles highs, lows and it’s perfectly.

These are also the ones that can go the loudest. And there are no distortions even in the loudest volumes.

However, the only limitation it has is the lack of noise, cancelation of any kind of passive or active. So listening to it in outdoor environments is not very ideal. The Galaxy buzz, which we already reviewed, is as it is bittersweet.

I mean, it does a good job, but it falls behind the airports by a lot. It has good sound.

It has worse audio. The vocals are cleared, handles, mids, highs, instrumentals pretty well. But then again, there’s not enough bass. And sometimes the volume is not loud enough.

Sure, the Galaxy wearable app does help in this regard, where you can choose five audio profiles based, soft, dynamic, clear and treble so you can adjust your audio requirements clearly. Also, it offers passive noise cancelation with its earbud gels.

But there’s also something called the ambient sound in the galaxy where it will help with that. You can turn the active noise cancelation on or off, and sometimes it’s really hard to tell the difference, but it helps a bit as well.

Read me your thoughts. Well, I actually feel bad about comparing it with these expensive ones because these are nowhere near as good as the other do.

But it does deliver good enough sound for budget headphones. It does. Crisp and clear audio maintains the highs, lows and even the tribbles, but it fails at anything with bass and also very instrumental sounds are not. Plus, it’s not as loud as you would like.

And there’s also distortion in very high volumes. And also sometimes you can make something like a radio static while listening to music. It’s not always, but it’s there. But then again, for a budget headphones, these are pretty decent beer. As for coal quality, the airports again sound the best.

But in all fairness, none of them are that good. OK, Magilla. The airports gives about five hours of music playback and it’s charging case can give you three hours of backup in 15 minutes.

It’s the same with the wireless charging case as well.

The Galaxy bots claim seven hours, but broyd slightly less than six hours of backup. Also, the case packs enough charge to charge your buds up only once. And fifteen minutes in there can only give you a buzz about one point five hours of backup.

However, the adults only gives you about three point five hours of battery. And the Gehring case can charge the Airbus 2.5 times over and fifteen minutes inside.

The case gives you only about an hour or so of backup. Now, let’s dove into the confusion, so all that distinguishes these three from one under now is the price. And I’ll tell you this right away, the galaxy Bud’s for me is a bit expensive for the value it provides, because right now it’s a sports engine device and it’s not quite up to the market.

But maybe this will get better in the second iterations. And yes, the airports, too, are even more expensive, but the margin by which it wins is just a lot.

That’s what they made me adults. Well, it cannot be compared to these two in any way. But then again, these are for the budget conscious. You get what you pay for.

But here’s the deal. If you want to use the airports, too. You need an iPhone. And the more Apple devices you have, the better as what the Galaxy.

But the latest galaxy, your smartphones are the best fit. But any other Android phones will do.

And if you don’t want to spend a hefty amount on wireless your phones, then the adults might do it for you. So that was it for our comparison of the wireless earbuds and the ear phones and airports. Thank you for watching.

Amazing Gaming Phone Review

Amazing Gaming Phone Review
Amazing Gaming Phone Review

If you take a look at the current trend in the smartphone industry, the mainstream and the most popular devices are honestly quite boring.

And this has been going on for some years now. They are primarily just a unibody slab of technology with all the latest and great aspects that currently exist underneath. The point is, flagships aren’t only the ones to introduce some of the most useful and innovative features in a modern smartphone. Let’s take a look at some of these examples.

The bezzle less displays, high refresh rate screens in display fingerprint sensors. All of these originated in some Mistborn phone from some non conventional brands. Now, the upcoming gaming phone from The Noble Promises a couple of new cool practical features besides all the top and hardware inside.

And a recent piece from Expiated of Lovers all but confirms everything there is to know about the led noble need and gaming book.

First of all, everything’s in the name. Lijiang is the company’s long running lineup of gaming products like monitors, laptops, etc.

Though Leota will still sell smartphones under its own brand even after the acquisition of Motorola be back in 2014.

They have not been made with many triumphs, and it’s only logical that they are boring. The success of the lijia I need to kick off their smartphone gaming venture. After all, other gaming hardware manufacturers like Issues Reserve found success in this market by doing the same.

But before we begin, we have to consider one thing. Most of the information and images that have surfaced about this device so far have come from a trusted source to 68. So we got to be hundred percent sure about its accuracy.

A list mentioned other ways. That’s because Lenovo has notoriously let down smartphone enthusiasts in the past.

Remember the Z. five? The Nano was five. That was very disappointing. Starting with the design, the letter will lead you in gaming phone has a radical look and an aggressive game or esthetics good named MOBA.

The front of this phone has a clean-Cut display with no notch or no punch will cut out.

It’s either an LCD or an all IT panel with a 50 plus resolution and a 144 codes refresh rate plus eight to 75 its Dutch sampling rate.

But the back of the phone is where it gets even more interesting. It features the trademark Y shaped lead you on logo in the middle, which I think doubles as an event and lights up as well.

And as you know, gaming for an extensive period gets the silicon chip quite hard and thus requires an efficient pooling mechanism.

According to Aid, the marketing video for the phone claims that it has a 3D equaling power structure with dual he’d by partitions with this little religion phone hopes to solve two daunting problems for mobile phone gamers. Number one, extreme temperature on one side of the phone while the other remains normal. And number two, slowed charging speed while gaming.

See what I mean by innovation in the niche the little will you do in gaming for incumbents to escape. Similarly, it’s do a camera setup consisting of a 64 megapixel primary sensor and a 16 megapixel wide angle lens has been significantly lower down than normal to match the phone’s esthetics and not look out of place.

Apart from this, the converting lines with a 3-D texture on the right panel meet at the center Nonsuch only giving off a team of speed that the phone hopes to deliver.

And that is exactly how Lenovo is marketing this fall, starting with an insane ninety was wired fast charging. It sounded too good to be true when the information first circulated around the Web. That is because it’s a pretty big leap from the current industry benchmark of 60 five.

What? However, the company has since confirmed through its official VEBA account that it isn’t playing any word games and the 90 one charging is indeed making a debut.

Such an incredible speed has been achieved all thanks to its do us in battery design off the five thousand million Parcell site Aspelin No vote, the 90 board charging and feel the phones juice from zero two hundred percent in just 30 minutes.

Also Lendable has included something called dual charging, which means that you will have to USP boards now one at the bottom as usual, and the other one on the side.

So in case the battery runs out and you’ve got to plug in, the wire does not come in the way.

Still, it isn’t the first phone to have multiple USP books and the title goes to last year’s issues are always report to. While I’ve already discussed about the red cameras, the ones on the front are even more fascinating. Actually, the selfie camera is not located at the front.

There’s no not no bezzle in the water rise bubble of selfie camera at the front and no the Leno will lead you in. Gave me for does not feature and in display camera either.

In fact, it has a side mounted 20 megapixel dwarf out camera on the middle left.

This design choice seems fit for gamers who are also into screaming as you get the perfect free. Gaming, once again, this design choice is an oldie e to its actual target audience. Now, let’s get to the performance on this thing.

The LENNO will feature in gaming phone is powered by the latest Qualcomm’s soundtrack in a 65 and has a DVD of five RAM with you.

If it’s 3.0 storage facility, exact memory configuration is still unknown in terms of UI. The phone runs on Lenovo’s custom Xu I with Android 10 on top and it’s very close to stock Android.

So I am expecting Lenovo to introduce an alternate UI with a little aggressive gaming vibe to it, presumably called the Legion.

UI issues did the same with the RG phone to where the users would choose between a stock like Zen UI or our old UI. Additionally, Lenovo’s Legion gaming phone comes with a dual x axis leading vibration motor cause you enjoy it besides better haptic feedback while typing and such.

This will also allow for an immersive gaming experience. Getting to the audio, you’re getting into a speaker system with one point for CCE large, some cavity located at the top and bottom bezzle upfront, but unfortunately does not look like it has a dedicated headphone jack.

So let’s wrap it all up. The Lynagh religion gaming phone is shaping up to be one headline grabbing and simultaneously revolutionary smartphone.

Granted, many facts about this phone is yet to be known. It is not every day that a smartphone fakes our interest so much.

The performance, it says, is not any unique, as there are plenty of others. My phone sharing the top of the line specs sheet, but all the usefully new things that the phone brings to the table are what makes it exciting.

Adjusted heat distribution throughout the phone chassis and consistent judging speeds are definitely some areas have gotten for innovation by the dusty white practical ones as well.

Add to that the soon to be fastest 90 watt charging into the mix. You are looking at one impressive device. The only thing that is of concern right now is the pricing. Should that be competitive enough? The Will Legion Gaming Board is one hell of a device to look out for.