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The Vivo V17 Pro Unboxing

The Vivo V17 Pro Unboxing
The Vivo V17 Pro Unboxing

So I have been using the evil V 17 pro for quite a while now, and I know it’s not just a late review, it’s a late, late review.

But I’m here with it anyways, to be very honest. I had been having mixed feelings whether I should make or review video out of this or not. And that’s not only because I don’t see this as a worthy of grief on the 15th Pro, but in the last six months, a Chami has launched the K 20 pro and Rehame has launched the real me X two pro and so on and so forth.

Therefore, the competition has gotten even more fierce.

Now, what I had always liked about the bases in the past is how they brought new stuff to the table with every new phone.

The V Eleven Pro was the first midrange phone to have an industry fingerprint sensor. The V fifteen pro was the first to introduce a pop up camera.

And not just that, all of the beasties had good cameras and good designs. The V Fifteen Pro was even India’s highest selling phone under thirty thousand.

I see. But I feel it will be 17 on the other hand, could have been much better over us. The first thing to talk about here is the choice of chips it hearing we get the same Snapdragon six seventy five that we got on the older V 50 impro.

And I think this is the one area where Rebill has made a big, big compromise.

In comparison, you get a much faster Snapdragon. Eight fifty five on the key 20 pro and Snapdragon seven G on the Oprah arena too. And if you’re buying a phone upwards of 400 dollars, the Snapdragon six seventy five does not make sense anymore.

The day to day performance, like browsing, messaging and playing like games is good.

But when it comes to high end games, the V 17 growth take a serious hit. You can only play pop D smoothly in medium settings and HD graphics, whereas in the similarly pricey 24 you can play it in the highest of settings.

Also, I might be nit picking, but I don’t quite like the design of the V 17 pro, although we will use this as last back.

It feels way too heavy for a phone of this size.

One reason could be it’s chunkier and wider. Pop-Up camera that makes the phone not our economic. I also would find a lot of dust accumulated on the pop up module, so I had to constantly clean it before taking a selfie. However, the front of the V 17 pro is really good.

It is one of the best things about the phone. It uses Samson’s E to amulet battle and the quality of it is just so amazing.

It’s definitely better than the key 20 proof. While we’re talking about nice things, the battery is also good.

This time there’s a four thousand one hundred mph battery on the V will be seventeen pro and we know that Snapdragon chipsets are usually power efficient.

So this huge battery bed with an amulet greed is sure to give you a good battery life and it certainly does a normal usage.

It gave me over a day and on medium usage I got a worth of juice about the cameras.

You get a total of six of them. The back houses for cameras are primary. Forty eight megapixel lens with Sony. I mix five eighty two sensor and eight megapixel ultra wide angle lens, a 13 megapixel telephoto two times zoom lens and a two megapixel that sensor.

You can also do macro photography with the ultra wide angle lens.

And this one is better than what we have been seeing lately on phones like The View on the Extreme or it’s or made me note a probe at the front. There’s a dual camera setup, a primary.

Thirty two megapixel lens and an additional ultra wide angle lens, which I would not say is completely unique, but certainly better than what we have been seeing.

That being said, the forty eight megapixel primary lens performs.

Will you get good deeds in the images and the colors look nice and funky to the corner. Dude isn’t very accurate as the images shift between warmer and cooler hues does giving you inconsistent results. At times, however, it’s not a big issue.

I also like the portrait images from the V seventeen group. You get good subject, focus and background blur as detection, however, isn’t very accurate but is only visible if you zoom in the images.

The third lens for the wide angle images produces good color and the images are fairly detailed as well. The fourth lens offers two times optical zoom and the images are what you can expect from a two Demps zoom lens.

So nothing extraordinary here like the primary.

Forty eight megapixel camera SD are also really good. It’s Weebles, so we can not expect the most natural of selfies, but they do look good regardless for details. We share the same story in terms of quality, but the edge detection is not that proper.

You get wide angled selfies here as well, which comes in really handy while taking photos. The HDR feature in SE works very well. Even when the background is exposed, the cameras work to balance it out.

So yourself is usually look better on the be seventeen pro as compared to its competitors like the. Two or Thicky 20 probe also comparing the bad cameras.

I would say there’s a slight advantage in the 17 pool camera in its Asiye capability.

But the cameras are nothing extra ordinary, or at least they don’t stand out among the others in several other aspects, like, say, portrait’s, where I think the key to any pro does a better job. Overall, Evil has also introduced a new camera interface here, which is a bit confusing.

There’s a dedicated portrait mode, but you can also click portrait images from the photo option.

Similarly, there’s a beauty mode which you can only find inside the portrait mode. You get an ultra wide angle option in the portrait mode, but you can not click wide angled portraits. So the new camera app isn’t as we find, as I would have liked it to be.

Add to that the fun touch us, which I think like seriously evil needs to revamp its UI in its upcoming products.

OK, by now it’s evident that I would not recommend that we will be 17. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad phone. It’s just that the competition has gotten better. In fact, it’s gotten a lot better and VEVO is not catching up.

And I think they’ve made a huge compromise on the performance, whereas other smartphones are providing better services at this price range. On a different note, I feel like there isn’t any wow factor with the phone too, like the previous C.D. phones used to have.

And this has really reflected with the C is the V will be 17 who has managed to generate in comparison to the V fifteen pro oboes.

LCD had the same issue earlier and now they have abandoned the LCD and brought the veto series to its Vedrine segment with Alkene or designs and premium features.

So maybe we will could do the same with its next C.D.. Or maybe they could improve the next iteration of ECD by providing competitive specs.

So that was our review of the V will be 17 Prote. What do you think about the device to let us know in the comments below?

The Realme C3 Review

The Realme C3 Review
The Realme C3 Review

When it comes to midrange phones, consumers have a lot of options to choose from. However, I feel like there’s very few options in the budget segment, which is the sub hundred dollar market.

Those smaller numbers. This market is totally dominated by the likes of real me and read me smart phones.

Today I have with me the all new real me three, which goes head to head against last year. Read me eight. There you see three here has been gathering a lot of hype because of its new Heela 70 chipset, which claims to be the best budget gaming chipset.

And before I forget, there are actually two variants of the phone depending upon the region you live, Indian and global.

The global variant comes with a fingerprint sensor and an additional macro lens at the back. I have both a variance with me and I have been using it alongside the red meat it for like a week now.

So let’s get started with the review. Starting with the design, the phone is made of plastic.

As you’d expect, but to be honest, the plastic bag and frames feel quite good on the hands. The back is kind of interesting as well with its radiant finished.

That reflects different here, depending on how you look at it and the textures for a better grip. It also does not suffer from smudges, so I hardly had to clean it up as a result. Real Me hasn’t intuited a clear case in the box.

It’s got a decent bit of weight and has no creeks either, and thus doesn’t feel like a cheap phone.

All in all, I’m really digging the design of the real Missy tree and I’ve got to say that it’s plastic bag is as good as it can get. Moving to the display. It’s a big one. You get a six point five inches IPA panel with an 80 plus resolution, which comes with a twenty or twenty ista nine aspect ratio.

All this makes for a big fun and I had a hard time navigating through the real mystery.

Given how tall it is talking about the display quality, although the brightness levels and the color reproduction are no problem.

I notice an uncanny level of sharpness in the article, I’m certain. One can not tell it right away yet it becomes vividly apparent after a while. Additionally, it also lacks the wide, wide L1 certification.

So despite having good enough specs on paper, the display of the real missing few was kind of disappointing and therefore may not totally please the multimedia fanatics.

On the contrary, the Samsung Galaxy HD, which has a similar six point five inches HD plus IP s display, is of much better quality. So all this makes one thing clear.

You should not judge a phone just by looking at the specs of it. Real life usage is very it’s. Now, that star camera is the vertical camera arrangement on the back, as you can see, has quite the bump. So you would definitely want to use a good case with it.

And like I said earlier, there are two versions of the real see three.

The Indian variant has a dual camera setup with a twelve megapixel main sensor and a two megapixel depth sensor. The global variant has an additional two megapixel macro lens, making it a triple camera phone.

But it does not rule out the fact that the camera’s on. The real MVC three is just Southpark.

I let the images speak for themselves. The first thing that you’ll notice in the images from the primary lens is the fact that they’re lacking in detail even when taking pictures from the regular one setting.

The images turn out as if you had been zooming it for using two times or three times lens.

Apart from being void in detail, the colors aren’t any great either, as they look very washed out. When comparing it against the red meat, it’s evident that though there you only see three wins in terms of dynamic range.

It utterly disappoints when it comes to details.

Baud rates, on the other hand, are no different. The book effect is almost entirely wasteful and the red meat simply has a better baudry shooting ability.

Now let’s talk about the extra macro lens on the global variance. It’s just okay, I guess. And Charlie, isn’t anything spectacular coming to the surface?

Once again, the five megapixel front facing camera just can’t seem to lock in any sort of detail. And the selfies are greedy as well.

Turning to the nighttime images, the results are greedy and lag videos. Yet again, surprisingly, it does a better job in low light photography compared to the red meat. But that’s a short lived victory right there, both for you and me.

And read me. Fawn’s don’t have a dedicated night, Lord, and have it reserved for their mid-range and premium phones only. All in all, it’s clear that Vme really needs to be greater attention to detail in their cameras. Nevertheless, what can be labeled good is the performance powered by the new helium G7 chip.

I was eager to test out how it fared against real life usage and in most cases it has impressed me, the G7, to try to revolutionize what we have come to expect from a cheap budget vote.

It has an Arctic or C.P.U, with two powerful critics, a seventy five course and six cortex, a fifty five course.

Handling the graphics is the mileages. Fifty two, which is decent too. Having said that though, the performance is not bad at all. It is also not as good as what the benchmark scores may have led you to believe that maybe because of the new unpolished and heavy Rehame UI or also I think there is an excessive level of battery saving going on in the background.

And that’s mostly reflected on real Mesi TV’s multitasking ability and the measly BGB.

A friend variant I have isn’t do we really see to be any good? Even right after a fresh restart with very few and I mean really few apps installed two point six chibi off the available two point nine chibi memory is already occupied. How is that acceptable?

Rehame issued immediately look into this matter as it absolutely kra most of smartphone experience. The real me UI isn’t. As complete as I’d expect, and the phone also comes with a bunch of bloatware.

I think the company struck a deal to earn some money with this. And I won’t complain.

As you can, uninstalled all of this, then moving to gaming, the Helio G7 did give quite impressive results. Call of Duty ran well in low graphics and medium film rates.

And there was no starter or frame drop throughout the gameplay. More importantly, the phone did not heat up even after a prolonged gaming session. Similar leap up. She was feeble on HD graphics with the high refresh rate during on with no frame drops.

However, I did notice some starters here and there. Also, it did get mildly hot, but not in a way that affects the gaming experience.

Other relatively light games like Clash Royale, Injustice two and Gongfu Revan fine without any problem talking about security.

You also get a fingerprint sensor on the global variant. The placements.

No problem. But with the rich, the back and lack of proper edges, my finger would often fail to recognize where the scanner actually is. When it did, the sensor works fine. Though it’s definitely not the fastest I’ve used.

Also, sweat and humidity easily stick onto it and I would often have to clean up the fingerprint scanner to work again.

Also, there’s space on lock which works just fine, like with every reel before talking about the battery. The 5000 MSL on the real DC three is amazing.

It is easily a two day battery phone, which is aided by a ton of power saving features, even with heavy usage. I got about a day and a half of battery use. The only disappointing thing is the micro USB charging port and the 10 watt charging.

On the contrary, the red me eat and eat it not only go with a faster eating while charging, they also have newer USP types he put.

To sum it all up, there are a lot of things to like about the real obesity and a couple of things to complain about, too. It’s got solid design and the performance will not disappoint.

But the cameras and display certainly need some reworking. That brings me to the burning question. Should you get the OBC three? Well, if you’re on a tight budget, I don’t see where you can go wrong with it.

But if you are planning to use this phone for a long time, I strongly feel that you should spend some more money and get yourself a decent mid-range year like the Red Minuit it or the real MI6.

With just a little more investment, you’ll be getting a whole lot of benefits. So that was all for our review after your tweet to let us know what you think about this device in the comments below.

The Latest Affordable Gaming Laptop

The Latest Affordable Gaming Laptop
The Latest Affordable Gaming Laptop

ASIS has a wide range of laptops in their gaming category, but I think it is their affordable lineups that are the most popular.

And today I have with me the ASU streak’s by 31 G, which is the latest affordable gaming laptop. It comes with the On You 90 and see you and GDC 16 3D graphics card and class around nine hundred dollars.

So let’s find out if you are being the right amount of money for this one.

Starting off with the esthetics, you can see there’s hardly any difference in its design language compared to the more expensive RLJ Streak’s Hero and Skar laptops.

It’s a bit bulky, but surprisingly compact for the size. But it’s not really like, though, with a weight of about two point four gauges. This is a standard way for a gaming laptop about its looks. It looks different from the other gaming laptops as ACIS.

His signature design is, well, classier than others.

The outer lid is dual tuned with Rush Texture and RTG logo on the side.

One half is hairline brushed and the other is A.I.s. The logo does not glow, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing because now you can also take it to your workplace without worrying about showing off too much. The bill looks metal, but it’s actually plastic.

And even so, the bill is really solid and it shows even just when you hold a laptop and the fact that there is no flex on the keyboard, it just makes a stronger case for itself.

There are air vents at the back and at the bottom, and there are also some forks at the back. Overall, a classic S.O.S laptop design. As for Ford’s, the charging Ford HDMI in the Ethernet are at the back, whereas others are on the right.

Three USP is and an audio check. But that’s all. You don’t get to SBC or an SD card slot either.

That means not enough force, at least for me. When you open the laptop, you are greeted by this fifteen point six inches full HD IBS panel and you get two choices of refresh rate here, a regular 60 hertz and a faster when 20 hertz.

We have this base variant, 60 hertz display. But still the display is better than I expected it to be talking about viewing angles.

They are actually good, better than some other laptops at this price range. Brightness goes max up to 80 nitz, but you get about 60 percent as RGV, which is, well, good enough for gaming and media consumption, but not ideal for professional content editing.

And while the bezels around the display are slim, it is not the same for the bottom area.

But even so, it did not stop them from making the bold move of removing the webcam altogether. Yes, you heard it right. There is no webcam in here. Strange.

Now, moving onto the keyboard, it’s your ACIS keyboard layout, so it’s a bit different. You have the additional hotkeys on top for some functions that help a quick actions during gaming.

However, what I don’t like about the keyboard is the size and the position of these arrow keys. They are small and placed in perfectly.

Other than that, I have no complaints with the keyboard.

The feedback is decent enough. The key travel is also okay and sounds are soft, but audible enough to be satisfying. There’s only a one zone RGV lighting on the keyboard and you can change the effects from ACIS Aura software.

Also, there’s four levels of backlighting to adjust it according to your needs.

The trackpad is better than most other gaming laptops. It’s spacious, tracking is good and Cheshire’s are accurate. The physical buttons are also tactile.

It uses Windows position drivers. So you get the gist on the power side of things. You get the latest. Nineteen eighty seven. Ninety seven fifty edge, which means great performance. And since this is a high end processor, there’s nothing much to talk about here.

However, you only get HDB of single channel around here, so if you want to increase the performance you can slip in another state and make it dwil channel talking about the core performance.

It handles things like video editing and photo editing really well, but you might want to take that color accuracy into account.

Just keep in mind that heavy apps run without any hitches on the gaming side. The GDC 16 50 does as advertised. It’s 30 percent better than the Judi’s extend 50 t’ai, but fall short of the 10 60. But it does handle all kinds of games in suitable settings.

You get about 60 frames per second in Battlefield five on medium settings and about the same on fourth fortnight in high settings.

As for Bob G, you get about forty five to fifty five frames per second on Ultra and 75 to 80 on medium. And as expected, the GP U is a bottleneck for the C.P.U because while gaming, the GP uses crosses over 80 percent every time. But the C.P.U does not go over 60.

Still, rest assured that it will handle all kinds of games and the temperature is also OK. What I mean is it gets close to a hundred degrees after like two hours of gaming.

And there was also some amount of straddling the dual fence, do a good enough job.

But it can’t handle long hours of stress very well, though, as well. The Bachi, you get a 50 watt battery in here, which I guess is normal for a gaming laptop. And with this, you get 4.5 hours on normal usage. And just one hour on gaming.

This means that if you are thinking of getting this laptop, you will need to carry the charger around every day.

So in conclusion, I think that this is a good laptop for the price.

It has the latest Intel processors and also has a variety of graphical options. Sure, the one with the 16 50 is kind of a bottleneck on the performance, but you can choose from various different configurations.

And if you ever happen to get this one here, display one, they’ll be even better.

On top of that, the stellar bill quality makes it even more appealing. Sure, it’s not as flashy with the single Zune on TV, but that depends on your preference.

I like it the way it is. It makes its presence known as a gaming laptop, but it’s a very subtle way and that, in my opinion, is close to perfect balance.

So that was our review of the Aizu streak’s. Five thirty one cheat. Tell us what you think about the device in the comments section below.

The Realme 5 Pro Review

The Realme 5 Pro Review
The Realme 5 Pro Review

The company has launched a real MI five and a real MI five probe.

And while the real MI five is a budget offering, the real MI five pro is more of a mid-range device.

The real MI five pro is obviously going to battle against the vivos if I’m pro and the Raymi No.7 pro for the best mid-range smartphone title this season. And things are looking good on you and me side with its quad camera setup.

So like the title suggests in this article, I will be talking about my impressions with the device, with what has been like train flies if used with it.

So let’s get started. OK, design first. And according to real new officials, this time, the design you see on the real ME five four is the classic one. It’s called a diamond God. Design is specially made for these phones.

But we cannot ignore the fact that the phone has a plastic back and the sides are also made entirely of plastic.

Again, that does not necessarily mean that it does not look good. It is quite an impressive design. The Red Panels shimmers with rainbow color pattern.

Maybe you cannot see it that well on the cameras, but on hands it looks quite good talking about esthetics. The power button resides on the right, while the volume rockers and century are on the left side.

You can insert dual Sims and a separate memory card on this and tray down below. You get a single firing bottom speaker.

And finally, yes, finally a USP type seaport. Good job. You told me about the field on hands. It’s not something you would say premium.

It does not miss that have to it though. However, holding the real me x and the five rows side-by-side the real me x will impress you instantly.

So overall I quite like the design on the real me five pro.

However, the feel of the device may leave you wanting for more. Now let’s talk about the display. It’s a six point three interest FSD plus IBS EspaƱol and real.

We call this a mini drop display, maybe because it has a mini water drop style, not upfront, which as the company claims, is 30 percent smaller than the others. And talking of the knots, this just reminds me also of e-books ever improve.

That has a bunch of a display which might be fancier to some. But for me, a not a Bantul, it’s all the same. Talking more about the display.

It’s an IBS LCD panel. And the quality is what you can expect from a typical IBS panel.

The viewing angles and colors are good in terms of brightness.

It’s typical of what you get on a mid-range phone. Excellent. Indoors and average outdoors on a bright, sunny day. So overall, I’ve got no complaints with the display.

Of course, if Rehame could have opted for an amulet battle, it would have been undeniable. But for the price, I am not complaining now for performance. You are getting the Snapdragon seven to a processor, which we saw on the videos that went through as well.

It’s a slight upgrade from the Snapdragon 710, about 10 percent of C.P.U performance in treatment. And although the architecture of the 710 and 712 is the same, the 712 is a bit more optimized.

But again, in real life, it’s just like the 710. So we’re looking at a performance just like this EV one pro and more or less like the real me x gaming performance was well and experience to share in high settings to pop do ran fairly smoothly.

Multitasking and app opening’s was too.

But I will have to use it for some more time to give you guys a definite conclusion about how it performs in real life.

The phone comes with the latest Android buy out of the box with color OSX on top.

And as I have been saying and a lot of reviews, although color OS has evolved, it’s still not very polished. But considering how rumors of me having their own UI has surfaced lately, I do hope that it happens really soon.

I have expectations of some Android one ish kind of UI, but let’s see what happens.

The unit we have has HBO from and when we need TV storage, but you do get 4G of RAM and 60 4G storage variants along with 60 of your friend and 60 4G B storage varying too, no matter which variant to choose.

You get DDR for ex ram and you if it’s two point one storage. And as of the time I made this video, the pricing of the devices had not been revealed.

So I will be jotting it down in the description below. Now let’s talk about the cameras.

And this is something very interesting to me as well as to others, because, well, the real me five girl comes with a quiet camera set up at the back. There’s a forty eight megapixel Sony.

I makes five eighty six sensor used on so many phones these days.

Second is an eight megapixel ultra wide angle lens. Third, we have a sensor for portrait’s and the final line is a two megapixel macro lens. Now the macro lens is something we haven’t yet seen on a budget device. So I was very excited to test it out.

And the results are, as you can see in these samples here, since it’s a two megapixel sensor.

I felt the sharpness was a little bit missing. Also, the app tells you to maintain a distance of four centimeter for you to take the best optimum macro shots.

Talking about the quality from its primary Sunni IMX five eighty six sensor. It does a really good job. It’s a little bit saturated, but looks pleasing to the eyes. The software optimization done by Real Me seems spot on. Just check these images for you to judge.

The portraits are also good. The background blur looks natural, although as detection is something real needs to fixed in its future updates.

Now, talking about the wide angle lens. This is the first time Real Me has included a vital angle lens in its offering. But the quality is nothing to write home about.

It’s not very saturated and lively like the primary lens, but gets the job done.

There’s also a night would feature here dubbed Nightscope, which takes around two to three seconds to capture a picture. And well, does an OK job.

It tries to balance exposure and details in the pictures. Here are some samples for you to judge. Having said that, my friends’ portraits and artificial light looks good, doesn’t it? There is a 16 megapixel Sony IMAX 471 one sensor at the front. For selfies and the image quality is very good.

Like many other camera centric phones, this one does not tend to overprocessed, which I think is a good thing. And so far, I think the selfie is look nice to me in terms of article.

You can take seven TDP and then 83 videos at 30 and 60 FBI is and FOGIE at 30 F.P. is as I tested the videos in all three resolutions. I found the 10 ATP at 30 appears to have better stabilization than the others.

As for the battery, you get a sizable four thousand thirty five M.H. battery inside, which supports 20.

What moves people in theater are charging and real me is generous enough to provide the charger inside the box.

It charges the battery from zero to hundred percent in about 80 minutes. And talking about the battery life. It should last a typical day if you are a heavy user.

But again, we’ll talk more in my in-depth review. The fingerprint sensor is fast and has got it correct all the times.

To now face a log, which is done by the selfie camera is fast too, as we have been seeing on all of your phones. So yes, there will be five gross. Seems like a promising device to me. It definitely has more features.

And what Shamis offering with the Red Me No.7 Pro and is better than the evil zebra I’m.

So like I said earlier, things are looking good and we’ll be safe. So that was my early impressions on The View on me fireproofed. What do you think? Is there going to be five Frode the best Midway’s smartphone out there. Do let us know in the comments.

Its New Nokia 2.3 Feet Review

Its New Nokia 2.3 Feet Review
Its New Nokia 2.3 Feet Review

We all know who sits atop the porcelain throne for the king of inexpensive devices shall meet. And now it looks like and I hope that Nokia is having a shot at the ground with its new Nokia two point feet, featuring a bold and hip design with some unique niceties of its own.

This budget phone is one tough cookie. So let’s find out more about this phone in this review.

Starting with the design, the Nokia two point three. Boy, it’s chunky. It had been a while since I used one phone, this boxy. And I got to admit, it’s almost as if the phone does not need to be. The battery isn’t all that big.

So why so many times I found myself struggling to get a hold of the phone with ease and had to use both my hands, even where you’d normally not need to.

And the big screen isn’t helping either. But I’ll get to that later on. The Nokia two point three is a budget phone, so it won’t surprise you when I say it’s made of plastic.

But the back is interesting with a vertical rich running throughout the device.

While the frame is metallic getting into buttons, you’ll find a dedicated Google assisted button. And some of you may be thinking, what’s the point of having a button when you can trigger it through your voice? Yes, I understand that.

And I, too, did not quite make use of it. However, you can remap it to trigger some other actions. Using a third party app, though, native customization support would have been even better. Thus, I’ve customized the button to open notifications on a single tap.

Take a screenshot on a double tap and long press to kill the foreground app on the front.

The Nokia two boys feet comes with it all. Six point two inches IBS LCD panel. And as expected, it has H.T. plus resolution. Fifteen 20 pixels vertically and seven to D horizontally with an aspect ratio of nineteen is to nine.

And two hundred and seventy one. DPA for the four. Not that bulky to begin with. The Nokia 220 would have been very easy to get to with one hand only. But since that’s not what’s happened here it is does a two hand smartphone.

However, the display cut out is impressive for a budget thought.

It features a tiny water drop, not updos for the front facing camera, and comes with two rounded corners.

Interestingly, while the expensive Nokia seven point two also featured rounded corners, it suffered from visible discoloration around the top edges. Which isn’t the case, but the Nokia two point three.

So kudos to the company for that. With the modern design of the display, the phone achieves an eighty point seven percent speed to body ratio because there’s a significant bezzle on the bottom with the Nokia branding alongside some subtle side and DA bezels as well.

All things considered. I have two small and one major complaint regarding the Nokia two points vs display.

First, having used it without any protective tempered glass, it felt a bit unusually slippery. And second, the phone is frequently prone to accidental touches with no option to prevent that.

Moreover, it does not get bright enough to be easily visible in village environments.

Though that’s not a problem indoors, the Nokia 2.0 comes with a dual camera setup. So let’s talk about that as well. There’s a 13 megapixel primary sensor with F two point two aperture and a two megapixel that sensor for bulky effects.

To sum up the camera performance on the Nokia two point three, well, it’s a hit or miss.

Sometimes it works great and sometimes it simply does it. The normal images come out decent in a relet environment.

And the detail preservation is quite good, too, though color reproduction could have been better.

But when it fails and it often does, the phones photos come on bland, ready and with messed up dynamic range. Talking about portrait’s, the edge detection is not that great too. But you might not notice that right away when looking at the photo.

Upon closer inspection, however, the flow begins to reveal themselves.

It misses out greatly on the subjects as just one thing I notice about the portrait. Images on the Nokia two point three is that they are brighter than the regular images. Nighttime images aren’t any great either.

The amount of green is just way too large and you’ll notice some smoothing in going on to overall low light photography.

On the new we get two point three is for getable coming to the front camera. There is a five megapixel F two point four sensor placed inside the water drop. Not regular s are lacking in color reproduction and there is a significantly low amount of detail as well.

Additionally, images are grainy and polished too. Likewise, the software based portraits of these are a little better than the regular SE in terms of color reproduction, though, it’s not perfect either.

Moreover, Southy portraits on the Nokia two point three are also riddled with Greeves and a lack of detail.

Moving on to the performance, the Nokia two point three is powered by Media Takes New Age, where you do a chipset which can also be found on the older Nokia two point two.

So not a very good selection of chipset there that he knew H when he too has a quad core. With Gore takes a fifty three quarters clocked at 2.0 gigahertz and the power we IGAD 320 keep you.

The phone comes with a single memory configuration with two TVO friend and 32 G.V. of internal storage.

Though it does not lag as much and light multitasking is fine as well. Nokia two points. We demonstrated how accustomed I’ve gotten to a faster device from launching apps to making selections.

The phone just takes its step, which I would have been infuriated about if it was a mid-range smartphone.

This is more evident when taking pictures or videos. First of all, the camera app takes a second or two to launch. But it’s when viewing the click pictures where the lag is realized.

The image processing on the Nokia two point three is just too slow. Here, the software based based on luck is similar. You’re hopeless. I could rig the phone swipe to open the pad to lay layout. Enter the pageant to enter and unlocked homescreen and all that takes less time than face unluck when it comes to gaming.

It can handle a few big titles in the lowest settings, a beard with impending lags and starters.

I played Call of Duty for a while and the phone would frequently slow down when the game tried to load some resources. I also played injustice too, which ran smoothly but suffered from miles lags here and there as well in terms of like games.

I put the phone to test with Alto’s Oddisee, which ran smoothly, but that too fell victim to minor legs now and then onto the software end.

It runs on pure Android as the phone is a part of the Android one program.

As expected, there is no bloatware, and Nokia promises up to two years of system upgrades and three years of monthly security updates. Though I did not receive the Android 10 update during my use of the phone, I did receive Januaries security patch.

Now the battery life on the Nokia two point three absolutely blew me away.

The 4000 image battery on the phone really makes the phone a two day device. As the company keeps, I continuously plead injustice to for four hours. Well, it was a slow day. Don’t judge me. And the phone still had around 50 percent battery left all around.

I got a total of seven hours of screen on time on a single charge, and that is really impressive. But charging the phone is a bait.

It charges by a micro USB port and does not support any fast charging either using a damn what charger. It took me about three hours and 18 minutes to take the Nokia two point three from zero or 200 percent, which is just a little short. Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman.

So, yeah, while the battery life on the nuke get two point three is ridiculously impressive, the charging, on the other hand, is ridiculously abysmal.

So to sum it all up, then you’ll get two. Point three is an admirable budget smartphone. It features a modern design and an incredibly impressive battery life.

And the stock android here in further is off limits to a smooth experience while guaranteeing updates as well. Its camera is a hit or miss on this. With proper lighting and ambiance, the image is drawn out fine.

Though I cannot emphasize enough on the slowness of the image processor.

All in all, the Nokia two point three is a great starter phone for someone who is just looking for a decent Android experience on a budget. So that is all for the review of the budget. No, get two points for you to let us know what you think about this one in the comments section below.

Budget Smartwatch Review

Budget Smartwatch Review
Budget Smartwatch Review

The variables market is specificly smartwatches has seen a major US ride over the past couple of years. Companies like Apple, Fitbit and Samsung are the top players in this arena, although there are some Chinese knockoffs as well.

The thing with these monarch watches from those top brands is that, well, they’re just too expensive for your average Joe.

On the other hand, these cheap Chinese replicas are way to give Mickey an unreliable. So isn’t there a smartwatch that is reliable yet fashionable and also feels light on the wallet?

There might just be one. The Blitz will BW. HLN is a smartphone that looks and feels premium on the hands while backing up on a features price at just a little over twenty dollars. This smartwatch might just be the one to beat at this price range.

If you want to know more about it, I believe a link in the description below.

Also, I have a discon. Good for you. So if you use that discon good, you can get this woge for a discounted price of eighteen point six nine dollars.

Now let’s find out more about the watch in this review. First and foremost, let me talk about the decide the blitz will be WHL one has a very premium looking built and I’m a little giddy when I see that few people even mistook it for the Apple Watch.

That should already tell you something about this watch. And frankly, it does look like the Apple Watch at a glance, so I don’t blame them. Similarly, it features a 20 M-m universal strap that is soft and easy on the hands.

One of the unique features you get here is the mechanism to buckle up the strap in your hands.

Unlike other watches, you don’t get a loop or a band meeting or here, rather, there’s an additional hole in the strap underneath which you pass on the excess strap after sitting in the buckle tongue into one of the adjustment tools.

Does you get a tighter and more secure fit moving on?

The display is good, but not something that’ll blow your socks off. The one point three inches IBS LCD panel is fairly bright and although I had no problems accessing this wash in any situations, including outdoors, I wish that it was a little bit brighter.

There are six levels of brightness that you can choose from.

And I said my unit to the second highest option. The three inbuilt watch bases are pretty attractive and equally informative, too.

But I wish they were customizable like in Shamis me back and forth. There’s a single touch key for control.

I found it fairly easy to operate since it’s just short dress to toggle menus and long press. One, two, one point five seconds to select the menu.

I am a longtime event for user which has weibe justice for navigation. However, since the B.W., each one has a single key mechanism. It can sometimes be annoying to go back to the menu that you have just passed.

You’ve got to take another round trip through the menus to get there onto the battery.

The hundred eighty Ammash battery fare as well as advertize, according to the company’s watch, can give you 15 days of standby and seven to 10 days of working time.

In my case, I was prompted to charge my veto. We Etchells one in 10 to 12 days difference. Now let me talk about its HASLEY features as a BW issue. One has a handful of them.

Sleep tracker. Step counter. Calorie counter.

Heartbeat monitor are the standard ones that you will find in most of the fitness trackers or smart watches. Additionally, it also has blood pressure and a blood oxygen monitor.

Though they seem fairly accurate, I wouldn’t bet on it for absolute accuracy. Now, talking about the sensors, I am a little on the fence about the better meter. I found my BW Edgehill’s one to overstate the number of steps I took, and while directly comparing it with the mid-band four I have.

It showed approximately 10 percent higher value and this can very well be fixed with the form we did. But I am yet to receive one.

In the days of my using while other topic of inconvenience, I would like to point out that this my watch is very prone to accidental touches, even when exposed to soft touching a blanket. It would register it as a click. As a result of which I had to take it off when I go to bed.

I really hope the company rules out a former update to fix this, because this is very annoying.

Furthermore, the training board allows you to track your performance under eight different sports, which includes walking, running, cycling, skipping badminton, basketball, football and swimming.

I’m not much of a fitness freak, so I didn’t bother diving deep into this feature. But for those of you who are, it’s good news. The notification reminder on the video VW show one is something to appreciate.

You can get notifications because messages and a handful of social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, etc. you can also receive notifications from other apps off your phone directly in the smartwatch.

Similarly, the BW H.O. one also has a music control feature you can play or pause a song along with skipping tracks forwards and backwards.

Another handy feature here is the remote camera. You can take pictures simply by long pressing the shutter menu.

However, for this to work, you have to have your phone unlocked and sadly, it works only with Blitz will convince camera app.

Finally, let’s get into Blitz with companion app named Duffett. It has a pretty basic UI and feels lacking in Polish, but does the job nonetheless. The welcome screen shows all the basic data like steps, the hydrate, blood pressure, etc.A slight to the right takes you to settings, which also displays the connection as well as the battery level.

I wish I could check the battery level directly in the watch, but I have to metal through the app to get that information.

Here you can change the watch face toggle notification options, launch the camera, set alarms and tweak other settings off the watch and additional slide to the right takes you to your profile.

Here you can view or edit your personal information that you had previously entered.

Similarly, you can also view or edit your wall for the number of steps to be taken on a single day. All in all, the blissful B.W., each one is a Bangalore office smartphone for its price. For just over 20 dollars, you can get a premium smartwatch expedients.

And it has decent weight to it. So it does not like a cheap plastic toy.

Unlike other Chinese knockoffs in the market. Battery life and brightness for outdoor usage are decent as well. The only complaints I have is the excess debt counting and accidental touches, which can be fixed with firmware updates.

Other than that, the BW issue one is an absolutely amazing value smartwatch that should be on the watch list of every smartwatch enthusiast.

So that was our view of the Blitz will be WHL once. More information on this. My boys are given in the description below

The Best Mid-range phones Review

The Best Mid-range phones Review
The Best Mid-range phones Review

Hello, everyone. I’m bloody Maddy. And in this article, I will list down the best budget and midrange phones that you should not miss out in 2019. So let’s get started. But before getting started, I would like to give you all the small information. I have raised these phones in different clusters based on their prices, and I will be starting in an ascending order.

So now let’s get going for it under a hundred dollars.

So when it comes to budget phones under a hundred dollars, there are basically two choices for you right now. And one of them is the Red Me seven, eight. It has a small form factor, a plastic body that does not look that great. But I am not complaining.

The display here is good and I really like the performance and the battery in it.

The MRI is optimized for Day-To-Day Use Kenz. It’s a great offering and you can get this phone in 32 TV variance.

So installing tons of apps and even high end games won’t be an issue. Plus, a single camera that it has is the Sony IMX for eighty six sensor. But again, the image processor is not that great. So don’t expect good camera performance for this.

When the second phone in my below hundred dollars price list is that we only see two.

And I personally found the real me c two to be slightly better than the red seven eight. Mainly because of three reasons.

First, a bigger display. You get a big six point two inches display here. Second is the camera performance. And the third is its design. If you compare the Raymi seven, eight and The View and see two side by side, the C two is obviously a better pick under one fifty dollars under one fifty dollars.

Again, real me and Chami are providing better value for money.

The recently launched Rehame five offers a good performance with its NAV Dragon six sixty five SLC and comes with a quad camera setup.

The only thing that’s unimpressive here is the design. And this is where the Raymie Node seven excels. It has a glass body and feels more premium than the real me. Save the Raymie Node seven.

Also has it will issue display which the real ME five lacks under two fifty dollars.

Underdo fifty dollars. We see a lot of choices. And the first one is the buboes airborne probe. Now traditionally we don’t see we were doing so well in this price segment, but this time he was changed strategy and went exclusively online with the Beatles series of Zebb.

One pro has triple cameras with a wide angle lens of five thousand mph battery and offers great performance with the Snapdragon seven to a processor.

The second on my to 50 dollars list is the way I mean No.7 probe.

It’s quite similar to the much cheaper read me note seven, but this one here offers a true forty eight megapixel so camera and a much better performance with the Snapdragon six seventy five.

Yes. Its successor, the Remy Note Apro has recently been unveiled, but I think it will take some time for it to be available worldwide.

Smartphone on the two fifty dollars list is the real ME five through like the real ME five. This one too has a quiet camera setup on the back while I found the macro lens and the depth sensor to be a gimmick.

The normal camera and the wide angle camera are actually great for the price.

You also get a 20 watt will charge with this one, which adds to its niceties. Now the fourth phone on my list is the Galaxy, a 50. I really like this phone mainly because of how good the amulet this play is. Plus, I’m a big fan of the Samsung UI, too.

And one more thing. Samsung phones are available in many different visions. For example, the Beatles ebb and flow and the real ME five pro are not available here in Nepal.

But the Galaxy 50 is the fifth phone on my to 50 dollars list is a phone from last year, which is the focal phone when it’s still available in many regions, especially at a discounted price.

The Bogalay one f one is for those who want great performance as the Snapdragon E40 five still beats the mid DYAR processor you get at this price range under three fifty dollars under three fifty dollars.

Yet again, real me and read me are the obvious choices.

I have reviewed so many phones under three fifty dollars, but none of them can beat the real me x and the Red Mikie 20. The view on me X, which is priced slightly lower than the K 20 offers excellent display up, up, up selfie camera and a great camera for the price there.

Rainmaking 20, on the other hand, does give you a better performance as it has more powerful Snapdragon 730 compared to the Snapdragon 710 on the Vme X.

Also when we get 20 offers this premium glass metal frame design.

But the real ME excess plastic body isn’t that cheap either. So that was a list of the best budget and midrange phones that you should not miss out in 20. Do let us know in the comments below if we have missed something out.

The Cheap Android Phones Review

The Cheap Android Phones Review
The Cheap Android Phones Review

Hey, guys, today we’re talking about the top three entry level Android phones that you can buy under a hundred dollars, which translates to around thousand rupees here in Nepal or some 7000 Indian rupees.

So lately we’ve been thinking about making buy guides where we give information about which is the best form that you can buy under fifteen thousand or twenty thousand.

And likewise with this video, I am starting with the top three cheapest Android phones that I have for testing myself for a couple of days. Next up, I will go for the budget segment, then mid-range segment, premium, midrange flagships and so forth.

And regarding the pricing of these products, I will put down the pricing in U.S. dollars so that it’s easy for everyone.

I will also try to put down the Nibali Indian and other countries pricing if those respective devices have launched in that particular region. So I guess we should get started now. In the recent couple of years, budget bones have gotten very good.

Previously, getting a budget phone meant that you had to compromise the performance cameras and storage.

But now things have changed. And even for the most affordable of pricing, you can get a phone that is whelk good enough. OK, so the first one in my list is the humidity.

If I threw we got this phone from Bangui’s for around 90 dollars and we beat some ten dollars back taxes here in it. But and that’s is basically how we got it. Now, taxes and shipping may vary according to your country, so make sure you research that well, anyway, coming to the device.

The best thing about it is that it has it will HD display. No other brand gives a full H2 display at this price. And you can look at the quality of this display yourself.

It is really good. What’s even better looking is the design of it, although it’s obvious that it is heavily inspired by many others.

It looks nice and that’s what matters. Also, the design is not creaky or bendy. It feels solid too. And you also get this very good looking cover with it, which I feel is a bonus.

However, being the budget for that, it is its cameras are not very good. In fact, among the three phones I have in this list. This one produces the least pleasing images. It has a triple camera setup consisting of a primary Sony IMX to be ninety eight sensor and ultra wide angle lens.

And in that sense, glance the primary photos from it look kind of bland, especially when you compare with the others in the list.

And wide angle images are nothing extra either.

The selfie share the same fate of mediocre quality and not so good HDR capability for the performance. I would say that it’s not bad. The Helio P twenty three is what’s running the show here. UI transitions are smooth enough without much legs and the experience is clean, which is all thanks to the stock android that you have in here.

And while those budget gamers out there. Yes. You can play Pop G and call of beauty in the humidity.

If I prove you can crank the settings up to high frame rates and AC graphics, but for a comparatively smoother gameplay, you are better off with a combination of smooth graphics and media free rates.

The performance of this bone is supported by the Forgy view of RAM it has and this RAM capacity for this price is simply amazing. Additionally, you get 32 G.V. of internal storage here, which you can expand via a dedicated slot.

So there is nothing much to complain about that aspect either.

Bachchu buys you get a four thousand one hundred and fifty million PARCELL which is quite good. And although the company advertises the phone to give a two day battery life for me, it has given a full day of heavy usage.

As for the extras, there is a fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone, which is not always accurate, but gets the job done.

Similarly, you get face on luck as well. All right. The second phone on this list has to be the Rehame C three. And one of the many reasons why I like this phone is because of its gaming capabilities.

The Helio G 70 that powers that we only see three tries to revolutionize what we have come to expect from a budget.

Thought you can play Pobjie with minimum starters in high frame rates and HD graphics. Also, the big six point five inch display makes the gaming experience even more fun. But with the display, what’s not fun is the resolution as you get an 80 plus display only.

But considering the price, it’s OK. I guess moving to the design, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t like it.

It looks trendy and refreshing and does not creak or anything like that. The one I have is the global variant, which has a fingerprint sensor at the back and an additional macro lens as opposed to the Indian variant that does not have those as well.

The fingerprint performance. It’s fast like with all of you, me folks. But what’s a little sloppy here is the UI experience.

I think it is the heavy Rehame UI that’s making the experience a bit choppy.

But apart from that, I have no complaints whatsoever. On a different note, the thing that impresses the most about the viewer CTC is its huge 5000 M.H. battery with an 80 plus display and aggressive power saving in the UI.

The battery on this will last for a day and half on medium usage. However, the cameras on this phone is something that might disappoint you a little bit.

You get a triple camera here like the forum are on this list. The primary camera is not bad, but tends to over sharpen the images and hence they look unnatural. Also, the colors in many scenarios look washed out.

Portrait images with the two megapixel sensor are nothing while either, as you can see for yourself.

The third macro lens is subpar to. All right. The third phone on this list is the Retina eight. And what’s particularly striking about this phone is that Chami has managed to give a glass design for this price. The phone looks even better than last year.

Read me notes said. In my opinion, on the hands to the red meat is the most comfortable of the three on this list.

And like the others on this list, this goat has a type C board for charging and supports eating, what, fast charging? In my opinion, fast charging on a budget bone is an absolute game changer. And for this, Chami really needs to be applauded here.

However, you don’t get that fast charger inside the box, so you will need to spend some extra cash to get yourself a separate one.

Another thing that Chami has done better is add the cameras on the Red eight.

This one features two cameras only unlike the other two blood beats them in performance with so many IMX 360 sensor. The images from it have good details and scholars portrait images are good enough to and selfies are also a lot more pleasing than the real Mesi three and the five.

Also, it’s fair to say that in this price range, the red meat is the best camera phone among the bunch. But I will not say the same regarding the performance of this device, which here is supported by the Snapdragon four thirty nine, which is actually a downgrade coming from the Revenue Service.

Having said that, the Snapdragon 439 performs good enough, if not the best, multitasking with, if you like.

As is achievable, but heavy apps and games take some time to load. Talking of gaming, Bob is playable in low settings with minimum starters.

So that was my list off the top three budget Android phones on one hundred dollars. These phones are examples that prove that you don’t need to empty your pockets to get yourself a good enough phone.

And in the next article, I will talk about the best phones that you can buy under two hundred dollars. So do let me know in the comments below.

The OnePlus Nord Review

The OnePlus Nord Review
The OnePlus Nord Review

So the one plus not is finally out, and your notifications bar or your YouTube home page may have been filled with its article from almost every tech reviewer except for geeky granted. So who tweeted that he did not receive the review unit?

Anyways, I have pre ordered mine, which should be here within two weeks and I am genuinely excited about the spot.

Yes, I know that I am yet to check out the phone by myself, but if you look at the overall specs and price, the phone seems spot on. Also, yes, I know there are plenty of other great phones in the sub.

Thirty thousand Indian price tag, but none of those devices offer what the worthless noid has to offer. For instance, I have the Samsung Galaxy. Fifty one, a seventy one.

I have Shamis me nor 10 light. I have EBOs be 19 and oboes Reno three pro.

And all of these devices are priced in the upper mid-range price segments. What’s all these phones have in common is the super amulet screen. However, these are standard 60 hood screen, whereas you’ll be getting a 90 hertz battles with the north.

Similarly, I think the choice of chipset by wobblers is spot on as well.

They have decided to go with the Snapdragon sixty five G, which is not the most powerful and they could have easily gone with this man dragging a fifty five plus instead.

But I think the company has opted for the five G capable Snapdragon seven sixty five G instead because one less is launching the node in different European markets as well, where 5G is getting more common like in the UK.

There’s an optical in display fingerprint sensor, a decent 40 100 million AIPA battery and a quad camera setup, which includes a macro and a depth sense of voice of reason.

I am particularly interested to see how the camera performs as you get it. Rather dated SODI. I’m excited. It is extensor as your primary lens. If you remember, this is the same lens that was used on the web, the 70s and the latest mindless eight.

And although the computational camera optimization on Wampus phones have gradually improved over the years, I will be comparing its cameras with the Wampus eight to see if Windlass has provided the same level of optimization on the not too.

Usually what happens is smartphone brands try to differentiate.

There are expensive models with their cheaper ones by not providing the same level of optimization. Hence the inferior quality on the cheaper ones. I just hope it’s not the case here. Getting to the storage side of things, I think you should skip the six GCB variant as I think 64 G.V. is a little bit low.

Likewise, you should skip the 12 to 50 60 reconfiguration as well, which I believe is a bit of an overkill for a mid-range device.

Personally, I find the H1 28 TB variant to be the sweet spot, considering the price and the memory cork’s. And therefore that is the one I have pre ordered.

And by the way, just like the chipset wobblers escaped on, a faster memory protocol is better because here you get the last gen LP, DDR for Extrem and AFSC when when storage instead. Overall, I think the wireless not hits the right audience at the right time with the right set of hardware.

Over the years I’ve been seeing smartphone manufacturers not care enough for this price segment. Just look at Samsung’s Galaxy 71, although it’s a really great phone, especially in the camera department.

They could have given a 90 Hertz panel and a faster in the day fingerprint sensor.

Similarly, we never got to see the true successor of the book. With what? Which was able to completely disrupt the market when it launched. Instead, Focus spun off into an independent brand and lots of Remicade already proof for a much higher price.

More disappointingly, Pop was very subsequent release has been every package device from its sister company, Red Meat.

Also, brands like Beeville and Opel are more focused on celebrity endorsements and vivid advertisements, rather than providing a decent spec sheet in its offerings, especially in their budget and mid-range smartphones.

Just look at oboes Renault three and Buboes V 19 for a phone that is priced in the upper middle age market.

These phones are powered by media techs, GOP 90 and welcome Snapdragon seven twelve.

And you already know how terrible these chipsets are to be forward it yourself. Four hundred dollars my thought. So honestly, I think it is the incompetency of such brands that has created the perfect opportunity or rather forced.

Want us to capitalize on this segment of the smartphone market.

Also remember that even though the Wampus night is an exciting phone, it might not be free of any competition. Maybe in a month or two real me and Chami might release some competing devices.

New iPhone SE 2 Review

New iPhone SE 2 Review
New iPhone SE 2 Review

As you guys know, Apple has launched the iPhone as to its new and the cheapest we 99 dollar iPhone. It’s creating a lot of buzz in the tech industry.

And, well, everybody is really excited about it, but I’ve had mixed feelings about it once I heard the Indian and Nibali pricing off the device. And truth be told, it’s not a three ninety nine dollar iPhone. It is not where I’m living.

It’s like a five fifty dollar iPhone, which makes me question myself.

Can’t you get a better Android phone at this price? Well, let’s discuss that right now. So the three basic reasons why the iPhone Essy two really excites the rest and debt reviewers and the tech community in general are number one.

It’s the cheapest new iPhone that you can bet. Number two, the 839 chipset that’s inside it is the same one that you get in the iPhone eleven series also.

This one now has three GCB of RAM. And if I am not wrong. The iPhone eight had like two Chibi. So you’re looking at the best price to performance smartphone of twenty twenty.

And number three, it provides better value than what the competitors in the Western markets like Galaxy 51 and the more to DVD are offering. Apart from that, the thing you really need to appreciate about Apple in this case, the iPhone, is he too, is that you’re probably getting five years of EIRIS updates, which Android phones simply can’t match.

Additionally, you’re getting features like wireless charging IP sixty seven rating, which you generally don’t see on a mid-range Android smartphone.

And with the A13 bionic chipset, you’re also getting portrayed what’s on the front and at the back. But Apple is not deliberately giving you the extra ultra wide angle lens or software features like the night mode.

That’s well reserved for the more expensive iPhones.

But again, if you provide every premium feature on the cheaper iPhone, nobody is going to buy the more expensive ones.

That being said, the new iPhone two is also cheap because zero is the cost that Apple has invested in the R&D to meet the spot. It’s basically a three year old iPhone eight with the latest A13 chipset, which means it has got the same good old design, the four point seven inches IP s display with bezels all over and the Dutch I.D.

Well, I like the touch I.D.. I still do. So basically what Apple is doing here is recycling the old iPhone eight and resurrecting it to the new iPhone. Is it? But that’s clever. And that is what makes Apple a trillion dollar company.

Now, everything being said, I really hate to say that the pricing here, especially in Asia, sucks for some Nibali sixty five thousand rupees, which converts to five fifty dollars.

I feel you can get better Android phones, take the Web to 70, for example, which is still available, and it’s cheaper than the iPhone is here, which for me makes for a better deal. It has got the 90 who assemble a display, which I absolutely love, and the Snapdragon eight fifty five plus is still very powerful.

A 13 might be faster, but in real life usage. Trust me, guys, you are not going to find any difference.

You are also getting a base variant of 120 TB storage and to get the 120 TB variant of the iPhone is E.. Well, you will need to be more. And yes, the 70 does not have wireless charging like the S. E. But guess what?

It comes with a 30 watt fast trasher that to inside the box.

Well, what I am going to say right now might not be true for everyone, but what I personally think is that if you have got a faster wire charging, I don’t think you will be missing a slower, fast wireless charging.

And by the way, if you want to use quick touch or a fashion show with the iPhone is too, you will have to buy them.

And we’re also hearing some rumors that the new one plus eight will be much cheaper here. Maybe a little bit more expensive than the iPhone is.

But like the ones the 70s, the wobblers, it will be a better deal with even better screen design, bigger battery and forced 5G. So if you’re someone from Nepal, India or Bangladesh, I am going to say it again. The iPhone Essy 2020 is not a three ninety nine dollar iPhone.

You will probably find a much better Android smartphone for much less.

So that was my impression on the new iPhone S-E too. I don’t have the phone with me, nor do I have the iPhone eight. Well, I guess you already know that.