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Best Rode Wireless Review/Cover By Ayesha Khan

Best Rode Wireless Review
And this is something most emerging, you tubers and bloggers tend to struggle at. Now, there are plenty of audio setups out there which...

Mid-Range Phones Redmi 7A vs Realme C2/Cover By Ayesha Khan

Mid-Range Phones Redmi 7A vs Realme C2
We all know that midrange phones are getting better with every lunch. And that is because of the healthy competition that's among the rents. But...

The Nokia C2 Review/Cover By Ayesha Khan

The Nokia C2 Review
Budget votes these days can be a bit tricky. at least a decent status smartphone. And one such phone in today's market is the Nokia...

The Realme 6i Review/Cover By Ayesha Khan

The Realme 6i Review
Hey, guys, so today I'm here with the real MI6 I global variant or watch Real Me likes to call the naso den for...

Redmi 8 Redmi 8A Review/Cover By Ayesha Khan

Redmi 8 Redmi 8A Review
Hello, everyone. Pratima here and today I have these budget smartphone's from Shammy, the red mate and the red mate.And to be honest, I...