The Performance Review Vivo NEX S Battery

The Performance Review Vivo NEX S Battery
The Performance Review Vivo NEX S Battery

Hey guys, the V. code necks. Yes, Sir, this is the flagship model they all scream, or you could say, and of course, it’s got that pop-up camera you see my unboxing that’s where I go into a lot of depth of the fine and show you all about that I just wanted to give you.

this article has an update on better not because so many people commented ways the better life you missed out on, the better life yeah I covered everything a pop a better life because I needed time to taste that but now that testing is alive via.

And I’ll show you the results are not bad at all, so I find I haven’t made any voice calls on this current cycle I’m doing. It has been wireless the whole time. So sorry, consider that when you look at these times to screen on time off 10:00 hours.

And 33 minutes is not bad at all considering I had the brightness set to about 40 percent rather brights and my use remember it’s just a guide I’ll show you.

I believe you’re going to get at least 2 days for that, so it’s pretty good. No, they don’t show your typical android battery settings, and he’s he can see that graph, but you can look under the power consumption ranking.

And it will list the apps that skew me, Sir revolution. So you can say you were brought up there. The top android system is typically at the top there, so that was almost 3:00 hours there that I was playing this game.

Because I had it on the auto flight modes said living up my character is something they do with a battery test. That way, it’s an excellent way to simulate the battery consumption of someone gaming that whole time because it is no different.

Then you see that I was applied. Are you sure it was going for quite some time to do that was about an hour; I want to come back 5 was already hours well so you get the idea that I would consider more heavy use differently here for years.

And it’s holding up a lot better than I thought because I just assumed that oh this large screen a bright screen it’s not going to be that great on the battery, but it turns out it is something that wasn’t covered, and the review I covered a lot in the outbox saying.

Let’s not even up on boxing. It is ready; I review it, so I 40 spaces justice that right now with orange, and I found orange to be relatively poor. But, still, I’ve noticed this fund that the signal strength because I’m sitting right here inside, of course, is quite good other phones will be down to about 2 buys this team to back buy more.

And then I just found that the wireless space the 4 G. speeds and everything to be good so this is a definite flagship mobile fine when it comes that kind of performance that these speeds here this slaughter but for orange here.

They’re OK in not wrong because with any other fine I taste, it will always be about this, which is somewhat disappointing for LTE, so the battery life is solid the build quality stable. This is a good phone that only has 2 witnesses.

He refines going to have something, and that would be, of course, the fact that the wrong there is some Chinese and it takes a little while to get used to, and it seems that they don’t want you using a third-party launcher.

And to set it as default as the home for your launcher, which is disappointing other benefactors will give you that option to override it. So, every time I run another launcher, but then you got to swipe pop guy hi, I’m using the gestures, of course, it goes back to the vibe apparent launch it is that’s there the call no that is not a major.

Now the cameras, the one on the back here, OK, I feel I could work on something better here. It is a good scene so that it’s just a little bit fully optimized. I gained to check out my review of this. My ball OK if you want to see the camera samples, but it tends to over saturate differently when it comes to bright colors.

So I like a rose a rate rise it’s going to wholly blow out oversaturated and clipping with the colors the front selfie cam that’s not too bad I will show you the week I come on. So it pops up, and it sometimes gets the wise.

If you’re holding the phone in the US and you want to take the fight out there and yet pop out. I can get in the way a little bit, and it’s just a little bit of a good factor. You could say, and I know that other benefactors a soon to be surely copping that because it seems that it’s going to be quite popular the display is just so M. S.

If it gets me that my mixed feelings toward the mi Max as well because it’s a big huge display, I know I didn’t make a size comparison, so that I will show you.




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