The Full Feature Review Of Mi 9 SE 4

The Full Feature Review Of Mi 9 SE 4
The Full Feature Review Of Mi 9 SE 4

Hi everyone, so this is delicious fun. As I mentioned in my review, it’s got a few things with annoyance, but they’re all fixable, which is amazing. Hence, we have a very good despite one that’s even better than my central 9. I believe I think it’s better than this one. It looks good.

And this has a maximum brightness slightly faded to I. 840 lakhs no fingerprint reader I did show my little protest at the same time Windex finger you are going to use added about 3 times, and you see here. So I’m talking takes about a second. So it’s not fast the rear fingerprint reader is, which is a little bit unfortunate, this is perfectly acceptable most inclined.

And a cut is no rich or anything so late at night sometimes you to fumble around you put your thumb hearing go open hang on there we go. You finally get it, so that’s just that’s a room 1 thing to me; it’s not an issue, the boat is perfect. I like how this feels in hand. I did with my first impressions at the show event at the mobile World Conference.

I like it better than the first 9. I wish that put the same highway from the leading 9 in this fine here, and I think a lot of people would go for it because having the 5.79-inch screen,

this is the almost 6.4 we have on the first 9, of course, a much significant fine. It’s just a little bit at the other pair things another data point out to with the AP slightly off-centered, so if you value.

And your love having the absolute best call quality this is a pace. Is good, but it’s definitely not flagship policy with it peace there, but I like the way the rear of it completely flat, and it just feels terrible mentioned probably about 3 or 4 times now that just in hand, it’s a lot better than the rounded edges of this one.

And I think it looks better, very good looking fine apart from the camera modules sticking out quite a bit you can say now this video is about what your old off to and that is course battery life so I’ve done my tastes and it’s good.

So I play pop J. for about an hour. And then shut again legions are demanding game, but it did set it to 30 frames per second, not 6060 burns through the battery so fast, and it was 3:00 hours your trip she was on for more than the US attorney says now 35 minutes if you use. And here is all the apps that I use there now, not that Google services in here.

And show me at work. If the service framework was there, I found that the idle time and better consumption are better than the global ROMs.

I always find this with the Chinese problems. They tend to be way better in battery consumption and use, so if we do get an international run for the US, I flash it.

I bet you it won’t last this long. The screen on time there we go 8:00 hours that’s good considering it is a 70003000-hour battery so perfect and only 30 minutes ago to self to 52 percent, so that is quick and is a full charge time.

So I’ve finished out completely charging it. It took an hour and 23 minutes with the supplied Qualcomm quick charge 318 what Sharjah so excellent debt that is just so so temporary foster of course than theme 9 because of the smaller battery capacity 9 takes out just under 2:00 hours so this 1 being about 15 minutes or so quickly.

Now run performance. It feels like a flagship fine even though the entry to schools around 190000 it does not feel like that at all rapid and smooth no full screen you I. G. S. jet lag finally gone and these latest ME why TI in point 2 updates which are good. But there are those annoyances.

I pointed it out with my full review, so there was an update that came through 340 megabytes. It did not fix electronic image stabilization in the video; still shaky doesn’t even work. We don’t see notifications, so there was a gun in the comments there always is going to words doesn’t even on the phone,

but he knows the fix. He knows how to fix it.

And it doesn’t work, and of course, I suggest now thank you for the tips well. It doesn’t work, so if you disable me why optimizations, you have to go in enable developer mode no.

I never review phones in development I need to make tweaks, not custom ROMs why because I check finds they are as you buy them out of the box if your mother bought 1 she would not be going to develop options here, so that’s disabled and unfortunately.

It doesn’t fix it okay, so notifications are not showing. This is the way to show me once I believe, which I’m afraid I have to disagree with because.

I’m a definite fan of all the other android phones that show those notifications here at the top. You can see here my sense and galaxy S. 9 plus this information. Hence, I know that I have got a text message.

I have emails, and I can go through 1 by 1, dismissing things and not lose track of things. It is because you can have to swipe down to see everything and see those notifications, which is annoying. Sorry, the hardware is there. I would love to say, show me make a version that has this right here.



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