Big Difference Between Huawei P30 Pro Vs Xiaomi Mi 9 Camera

Big Difference Between Huawei P30 Pro Vs Xiaomi Mi 9 Camera
Big Difference Between Huawei P30 Pro Vs Xiaomi Mi 9 Camera

It’s an amazing 1080 P. video. So both of these 2 to 90 is placed on almost calling this a bit of a draw. I think a P. 3 price has the age he was slight.
And fun is a lot of calls your comparison here now when I show my foot a comparison okay she took over I’ll let you suck up look at the side of the image by the side and running into this video I will give you then my thoughts on which one is better.
And what conditions and what camera of course I know it’s not easy to say both of them are not good. I’d say it’s tough to tell here that I think they’re almost about equal cable line out of the front-facing camera. I can say, Hey, we have a 4 K. video.
It does with the P. 30 probably, but it seems to eliminate, and then, of course, I S. I rock that you sometimes see a video or audio. Not the best conditions with the winds, I have to write the audio quietly and not flexibly. Of course, I can swap lenses on the V. 30 prospect, something that you cannot do. They show me they do not allow this because they’re both suffering from electronic image stabilization, handing stops, and jumps out show you.

You can see the front-facing camera a limited to 1080 P. so which 1 do you think is better for me?
and that does make a massive difference because it seems to work okay, but my hand back and forth. So it seems to get both of them. But overall. The old video defines the shop Messi getting on the show means a little bit. but the audio is the problem said neither is amazing here.
looks a lot brighter to me on a course of PT pro, which has a much wider lane to N. B. tonight, my 2 with fighters, But you can say that the quality
Please, I think we get it because we have the megapixel advantage with a front-facing camera on the P. 30 product.
I think that was a she’s a little bit data video looks a little bit Shoppach. Still, again it’s very close to it because there is an advantage with the P. 30 private the P. 30 protocols can use all the lenses during the video which they shall make 10 knots and of course her we have differences. Janus slight edge, I think on the. Shot this article.
So yes, you can get an amendment, it was still killing. I’m sorry. okay, very close, I think they talk about us. Sometimes the leading 9 is made up shop this wise differently, and then other times, if the property for me has the color font is very close, I would call natural.
The Shawnee county with at that site both phones wildly because trading blows our role went out very hard for me to pick leaving on the comment who you think wins overall it depends on what you need of course if you like a lot of talks he did the P. 30 prize over went out.




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