My Personal Epxeriance About 4K Type-C Portable Monitor

My Personal Epxeriance About 4K Type-C Portable Monitor
My Personal Epxeriance About 4K Type-C Portable Monitor

Hi everyone, Looked at it and portable monitor so the company that has sat this one out to me to test out there called sea force the model of this 1 is the C. F. 015 C.But what the screen does have that is putting an interest in many professionals out there that need to do image work, and have an accurate monitor. As we have an amazing color gamut on this 1 and good coverage a slim build that is only about 6.2 millimeters, the screen itself weighs 700 grams, and with the case on it, you can see I’ve got to prop it up the whole travel way. Then it is about 1 kilo now. The downside to this 1 it’s just the single port on here, so type C. input only. There’s no type C. power-pop through anything like that, so we’ll runoff. For example, my HP specter 360 thunderbolts enter type C. Or other laptops ahead type C. out with the necessary power but even iPads, where the new ones but the type C. port well what what what for example not all fine says Sam sung Dicks. What was the thought mode? Unfortunately, not to run on this without an external power source you have to use a power type C. hub for that, so it’s on the books. You will find the screen with a pre-applied screen protector to protect it from damage in the box. We have a case for it said this covers it, but it acts a stand and then a type C. cable that set the screen Y. 703 grams.
And it’s just 6.2 millimeters thick and with the protective case stand that you need that brings the total white up to 1 kilo. So the case’s material said its fabric on its back is fragile, and some tiny magnets help hold this onto the screen. And then we need to do is open it up and then pull it forward and select van the angle you want the screen to be facing your, for example, just like that and get a little bit more upright. There are some bit rubber feet here at the bottom. Now the Basil’s very thin, you can see, and we do have this plastic frame on the front, but its rate is made out of metal. So the structure of it and the ria is made out of an alloy repainted with matte black.
And you can see it’s already starting to pick up fingerprints, and these are the little rubber feet they have. When you prop it up, of course, I can see just how fender says it’s fragile the build quality overall. So it’s not too bad. It’s not super high in premium now.
We do have this little kind of joystick on the right-hand side down the bottom, so controls there is no on-screen control is not a contrast no that it is just brightness. So does this you push it up and hold it increase the brightness pushed down to decrease the intelligence that is it so fundamental, on the left, we have the single type C. input so that is it is not possible there’s nothing like that so touchy posture would’ve been great.
For example, the mi notebook pro that I reviewed will run this display a 4 K. display my HP spectra this cough on about 3 I’m going to demonstrate, how it works with that one, so that’s it so if you want to use Samsung Dicks. It’s not going to work. So you need a hub for that you need a powered hub and then plug it in because it just wants to have enough power like most mobile phones they had that desktop my they don’t output.
All I need to do is plug it in, and you can say it’s up and running, and then this brightness controls that’s all we’ve got there. And you can set it up an extended display, so it doesn’t just mean you sit up through the windows settings. Of course, he just got through the show.
Hence, it is a 15.6-inch screen mentioned the I. P. S. panel made by a shop I measured the brightness of the maximum is 240 lakhs that’s okay being a matte anti-glare screen often that’s all right so there is no touch input sadly I would love to head touch on this. Hence, they claim it has an adobe RGB coverage of 100 percent, which seems far-fetched to me. Sorry for using my spider 5 pros here. Let’s have a look at precisely what kind of color gamut we can expect. Again, looking at the factory calibration, this is the calibrator view, and to me here in person, it’s got a little bit of a green tint to it, and now this, of course, is the calibrated view. Which looks good. It’s not too far off.
It’s just that kind of green tent it has not allowed to let’s take a look now at the actual damage Sir here okay I did not expect this 100 percent, okay but this is S. I. G. B. so what do you think here. We go, I don’t, B. I G. B. 80 percent okay, not that 100 that they claim I think you’re confusing the SIG B. with the adobe RGB, but still 80 percent this is good sorry great. And the NTSC is 74 percent for those that want to know.



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