Where You Should Buy Steljes Audio NS3 Review

Where You Should Buy Steljes Audio NS3 Review
Where You Should Buy Steljes Audio NS3 Review

Hey, guys, so have a speaker review here. My first on the channel affect the fiscal year review now, these at 245 watt RMS speakers from Stella just audio that’s a British company they’ve got time knowing seem to me to drive you can see on the front here I love the tweet is there at the top, and the size of them is pretty good.
You can say it’s reason to compact the caught up in a white to them, and the build quality is amazing solid, I do like that they got rubber feet on the bottom and our role amazing no complaints at all with the builder of the speakers. Now they reach all 400 99 pounds approximately off Amazon, and if you have a look at the back of the plane and put. So we got your the aids, and you got the line, and it even has sobbed out because of a C. this kind of drive is that 9 centimeters.
And I can have amounts of bias, but it is pretty good. it doesn’t produce doesn’t team to drown out the maids either. This can be regular on these smaller speakers. Of got an optical end which is great for getting that high-quality sound into this, and then, of course, Sadly, it’s just for charging and only outputs 1:00 am. However, I want to sing at least to and would like to say perhaps file support found.
So I imagine you can get a USB pen drive plug it in with an MP threes and it would just stop automatically going through them, and they even control it now. This control is required to get the most out of it, of course. I would have liked dials on perhaps, say the front of 1 of the speakers would be handy. Viney got a doll whose total volume that is its exit down the bottom. .
And flash when you connecting with voters to pair it out was very easy just like other Bluetooth devices do you need us to swap through your and. What’s that again, I feel I could put a button on here perhaps to cycle through your inputs from RCA’s linemen optical and Bluetooth, so in the box, Which is just a quick overview of everything that we get a U. K. power cable.
So you’re a power cable 3.5 to 3.5-millimeter cable he can pick up your mobile phone directly into that import it’s got there we’ll see get some wires here. So the ticket up the other speaker this cable. so you can see right that’s so you need a screwdriver to screw in the cable. And is 4 rubber feet there which I don’t know what those will be used for because his rubber feet on the speakers themselves, Here so it’s a lot heavier than it looks. It’s made out of metal. The back of it now to speak about the sound quality we get out of these is not bad, the size of days now, I said before.
which is great a lot of these because wall guy real he handed the parts on this note here that they haven’t done that, of course, you can turn up the bass old and tweak it down with a segment sounds good depending on what kind of tracks you are planning on this other role. They do output amazing sound of giving them their break-in time.
I’m at home just put them in here to the studio and am impressed with them. But they lack a little in area to make, and that is the tribbles. It doesn’t seem to be powerful it could be the 2 tweets is that they have selected hit 2 years.
I feel that people who perhaps like how rock tracks and I like a bit of trouble and some bases will be disappointed a little bit with the output.
So I feel it just should have a little more there off of the high unions because it lacks this tweet is that’s one year off criticism from me now because it’ll it’s going to come down to personal preference, but our role to me these 2 sound fantastic. And so, really great speakers here, but I’m not told let’s have a little listen to them. Get down. Okay, so these are great-sounding speakers. They back a little bit in the travel department.
As I mentioned in the stop there before, those samples areas of criticism. The other thing is they could perhaps put about an on here for import and then dials to control the base, they retail for about 100 99 pounds.
And I feel yeah that the sound quality doesn’t live up to that price. Yes, just let me know it is perfect, don’t get me wrong. They sound fantastic. They speak just ahead of that travel. I’ll be a little bit happier they got plenty of options for imports, which is amazing to see mean your Bluetooth optical and RCA line.



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