Big Difference Between Xiaomi Mi 10 vs Mi Note 10

Big Difference Between Xiaomi Mi 10 vs Mi Note 10
Big Difference Between Xiaomi Mi 10 vs Mi Note 10

Welcome to one more camera comparison side this time around I have the Shelby may not stand up against the mate 10 now they are using a similar camera set up because on the radio, We do have that 8 megapixels Samsung H. M. X. primary sensor with an F. 1.6 aperture, but I probably got a 20-megapixel camera on the mi came.
And then we have a 32 megapixel one on the main screen so let me know in the comments which one do you think looks better here with the front-facing camera video. Both of them are sadly lacking a form of optical image stabilization. Sorry, Alec Tronic’s image stabilization starts by running he’d even this Walker. You can say it does walk around all over the place. Has sent us a video on the swapping between all your sources just like all my other comparisons to see which one has the best microphones and audio. Which one will cost be the best OK, 30 frames per second, the meeting supports 4 K. 60. Still, it’s not a state, I will demonstrate, how good electronic image stabilization is.
Here is some walking down the steps, and I will tell Joe we had a little too early. I’m moving around. So it’s doing it amazing job, really 1 of the best I have seen in a mop on here. Now when you plan, you do get noticeable stuff coming through more on the mi note’s tenants, and that’s pretty good because all of the weaker chipsets that snapdragon 730 with a softer image signal processing unit that it has on the chipset, big star right then if you just saw. This is ultra white now 4 K. 30 frames per second.
I’m noticing perhaps a little more study yes when penning on the wiki chipset again. Yes, that’s one thing to bear in mind, so we differ here with the senses. I can see different colors well, this is down to software. Still, we were up against 20 megapixels. Note 10 and name about 13 megapixels on the meeting here, so that’s why it is a bit of a difference now from my session.
I’m going to briskly walking hit is very good on both of them, even with the ultrawide, which doesn’t have optical image stabilization. OK, now I’m looking at the eye and tell him at the end of las Rojas said this is one thing. But the meat no content has that the mate 10 thousand you know what version is a cause of 5 times optical zoom but the quality is you can see very pixelated. I would be shooting a video with this at all, so that 2 times you’re saying right now on the V. 10 is amazing.
It can very quickly get a little bit closer but personally. I prefer to transfer the ticket because it looks all grainy, but the 5 times optical video is now a spectacular stabilizer nation mode. You can see we got more of a crop for some reason on the meted no idea why but both. They are very stable using this much.
I’m going to run a hit list I can through the rocks here. You can see that that is just really starting, even jumping up and down. Through this amazing stabilization here, I can see a little bit of a difference with front-facing sensors.
Because this, of course, has a snapdragon 730 not quite powerful, but it’s all the difference between software optimization contrasts with the senses. Of course, the terrorists are leaving on the comment which one you think is better bus pretty bad here in these conditions because of a lack stabilizer nation.
It looks OK compared to others finds out that aids I wish Sammy would implement out Tronic image stabilization on the front-facing cameras my life OK transpositions. I’m noticing more started when panning with the team here because probably all that we care I should say that it does have is perhaps having a bit of an impact with that with the persisting first of all, It seems like K. doesn’t tend to jump around, which can often happen in the light.
But, again, listen on the Commons, which, when you think, looks a little better here. I think it is identical, hard to tell difference looking ahead. However, you can see we get some many noticeable stem coming through with the electronic image stabilization not working quite in these conditions. OK, so that is the camera comparison.
Now you know the difference between the mean arts team and the mate 10 that there are some slight differences there, so really, it comes down to many things. If you don’t need the 90 hurt screen, you don’t need the 5 G. or the fast chips at your end game a lot. So you don’t mind those small pending stuff they come through with a May 19 then I would get that model for very similar camera performance amazing video stabilization.
As I have shown you what you’re looking at right now, it is perfect effect 21 of the best I’ve already said that only 2 or 3 times in the video, but it is good hello performance very salon by for them. Let me know in the comments which one you think had the age now because we have slightly high megapixel counts.
Well, it’s 20 megapixels. This is the 13 on the ultrawide cameras. On May, 19 I have the 5 times optical and the 2 times camera that I should have the Xiaomi mi 10 pros hopefully next week, so they’ll be more camera comparisons to subscribe to, and stay tuned for more from me.



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