The New Purple iPhone 12 Review/Cover By Ayesha Khan

The New Purple iPhone 12 Review
They've got 7 different colors. Now they've got colorful keyboards and colorful mice and colorful trackpads. Now there's a purple I phone in the middle of the cycle again, so the classic 6 to 8 months post-release

And to be seen here and this is the new iPhone 12. A purple one, so this is probably the quickest announcement at apple’s spring-loaded event this April.


But yeah, there it is. It’s the same box as a regular iPhone, but purple, inside it’s the same accessories that lack accessories and an iPhone 12.


But purple. So there’s been a lot of colorful products coming out lately, so apple unveiled at the event their colorful new IMAX. They’ve got the and one ship.


They’ve got 7 different colors. Now they’ve got colorful keyboards and colorful mice and colorful trackpads. Now there’s a purple I phone in the middle of the cycle again, so the classic 6 to 8 months post-release new iPhone color to get it back in the news cycle to get people talking about it again.


And it works too typically. This was a product red iPhone. It had many red colorways drop 6 to 8 months after the newest model, and product red stuff was always this intense, vibrant red.


And they were done in collaboration with the red charity and helped create donations supporting HIV and aids treatment programs around the world, so why purple this time good.


I can put it together. First of all, there already was a product red iPhone at lunchtime. Second, this might seem random.


But I was told that purple with Steve Jobs favorite color, and I had to Google it, and it turns out if you Google it.


It still comes up that purple Steve Jobs saber color, and this marks the tenth year since he passed in 2011, so this could be some tribute or nice gesture for that. Seems nice now. There are a lot of pastels in the smartphone world right now. Looks pretty popular.


There are even other light purple phones.


This iPhone is kind of like a medium purple. It’s not super deep.


It’s not a bold purple at all. It’s more lilac more subtle reminds me very much of the show me.


Me 11, which had a different texture but the same idea medium purple. You know what 1 of the exact purple color.


I’ll give you a hex code. This is the exact color Google that pulled up on your screen, give or take how well your screen is calibrated that is the new color of this new 4/20/21 purple iPhone and hauling in person.


It very much looks like this. The aluminum rails on the sides are slightly darker just slightly, but overall, it’s a pretty subtle look other than that, I mean.


It’s an iPhone 12 there’s. There’s a purple iPhone 12 many, so they’ll both look just like this no 12 pro or 12 Promax, but everything else about this phone is the same cameras, hardware, same phone so that I can see the council ready.


Now, most people put a case on my phone, so who cares about a new color.


But they’re on top of this already? Everybody’s on top of that, so Apple made a new MagSafe purple case. It is way darker when more purple.


But it’s launching alongside this iPhone so that you can grab the purple case for your current phone, and it’ll look pretty nice. I think it turns out the purple case. the red iPhone 12 has this kind of cool double-layered look on the outside.


I think it’s kind of nice, but in the day, if you’re after this purple pastel look on phone, you can always just skin your fonts of channel sponsored. The brand has you covered, and honestly, they’re very close in color, minus the reflections.


So a link below if this purple does speak to you videos like this are pretty short and straightforward. Some the question might be was this worth the whole video, and someone probably argues no most I might even discuss now, but at the end of the day, when it.


It was down to it people care about new apple hardware precisely new colors of iPhones more than I ever thought when you look at the view count of this article. I mean, you’re watching it now you got this far.


I care about this stuff, so at the end of the day, this video probably helps to pay for another better future free video, so that’s a win. This type of mid-cycle refresh happens like clockwork.


And if you’re wondering why I’ve already made an entire video on this specific topic, a link-up below just about wiped companies do this 6 months later.


One new color of the same phone thing, and I did that article about 3 years ago when one plus came out with a new red version of the OnePlus 6.


So this is not like some new phenomenon, so purple is fresh and cool but new color 6 months later we’ve seen before, so I think of the like buttons.


If you want to check it out, so that’s it, the short one single enjoy the rest of your Friday but even better, we have a great sponsor for this one all right now, we got a shout out to the sponsor of this video, Skyland.


They make this pretty awesome app called Luminar A. I., and it’s an image editor based heavily on AI artificial intelligence and some pretty crazy at first because it is on the surface.


But what that means practically speaking is a lot of substantial time savers is an incredible function just built right in with the single button press.


So I would mess around with it a lot personally for Instagram edits recently. It’s kind of amazing for that. Check out this photo at first glance. It looks solid, right but the original photo unedited shot on my iPhone is this, which is a very different photo.


And all the stuff the sky replacement. The lighting the color just meant all of this took me some clicks.


And maybe 60 seconds, so there are all kinds of tools that are probably used to seeing an image editor, color temperature exposure sliders, all that fun stuff. Then there are things like sky AI which automatically detects.


Where the sky is if there’s this guy in your shot does all the masking work for you complicated it is and that’s a drop in of the skies you want, which you can then mess around with the sliders to make relighting and filling in the gaps work perfectly I happen to think sunset one looks. Pretty good, so that’s what I had in my photos.


I think it came out pretty good look even added the matching clouds to the car window like that is sick before and after for a quick minute or 2 Instagram edit.


I was a bunch more creative AI-based tools that use 3 mapping technology analyzing everything in your scene or photo to do work for you possible.


So look at how the sun rays I’m adding not only matched the light of the scene but reacts to the objects in the foreground versus the background or this photo, the atmosphere A. I. it lets me add fog.


And messed with the depth of how it rolls down the mountain to the lake in the foreground. Let’s play the game right; I’m sure your photo that edited in under 30 seconds, and you tell me what you think about that photo is edited versus original.


So this photo from Hawaii. Yeah, that was this guy at all. It looked a lot more dramatic in my edit and the original image, or how about this photo from matter horn.


Yeah, pretty much everything massive white balance adjustment corrections since the pixel that took this photo kind of turned everything blew the sky the clouds I added over the mountain plus.


A little phone grand for taste, so that is cool at a super sick, I’m glad I found that I’m so happy they reached out sponsors video that I’m going to continue to use this app for the future Instagram edits that ones get done pretty quick like that I have a link below.


If you want to check it out if you use to code and can be S. D. at checkout to save 15 Bucks, all right. Thanks, Watson, get an extra-base.


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