Sony WF-SP800N Review/Cover By Ayesha Khan

Sony WF-SP800N Review
I'll call them Sony's headphones or D. headphones from now on. Let's start by looking at the design of their case, houses, and charges them it is not to be larger than the case of apples or the south Augusta.

The Sony headphones will take a look at today a genuinely wireless feature adjustable noise canceling. They are impressed by having an IP 55 rating, meaning not only ample water in this resistance but that you can rinse them.


When they need cleaning without worrying about them getting damaged and with up to 18 hours of battery life and clear sound and bass, they’re pretty good pushes, especially for use at the gym.


But if you want the headphones with the portable case, those are probably not going to attract you hi I’m instead a phone arena, and this is our review of the Sony W. S. S. B. 800 and what a name.


I’ll call them Sony’s headphones or D. headphones from now on. Let’s start by looking at the design of their case, houses, and charges them it is not to be larger than the case of apples or the south Augusta.


Because life, so it will probably not feeding your jeans pocket significant jacket focus or a backpack, will do the trick though anyway so the case is made last month plastic in hasn’t LED lights.


This lets him know when the case is charging and if the kids’ falls are correctly placed inside it. Speaking of charging, the subject quickly charges via USB type C. port he has on the bottom.


The headphones themselves are pretty traditional in design and not too flashy except for their little capability to flash in red or blue to semi-transparent parts of their upper body to signify pairing.


The headphones stop alter site is glossy enter sensitive will the bottom side is my plastic for a good fitting.


Your year, the headphones have a cushion arc supporter and a rubber either, but out of the box. You get 2 sizes of FARC supporters to choose from and 4 sizes, so for over a year.


But so, regardless of your ear shape and size, they can be customized to fit you in any case. I found the Sony headphones quite comfortable with the default.


Your bliss and our supporters tearing them via Bluetooth with your phone are relatively standard straight for Sony direct you to download these headphones connect app available for both iOS and android although.


The headphones without it still have Hindu usage to Tory oils and allow you to adjust the sound and noise-canceling to your liking speaking of the op.


Let’s talk about his best features, starting with the most expected featured equalizer. It lets you boost or those different sound frequencies to your liking, There are a few presets.


But you can create your one manually to double the equalizer is the ambient sound control toggle that allows you to adjust the headphones noise canceling. You can either have total noise canceling.


Which is effective, or use this letter which will progressively let you hear more sounds. There’s a convenient option for allowing you to listen to voices, the noise canceling on those headphones.


He’s very effective, although not entirely on the level of apples. Bro sounds of engines, for example, are well muted; William may still hear voices around.


You at least until you play some music, but overall we have sold with an adjustable noise-canceling here.


Everyone should be looking for in older headphones a significantly helpful feature called adaptive sound control can be set up to detect.


If you’re sitting down walking, running, or riding a bus and can adjust your ambient sound controls based on your preferences for when performing those actions, I tried it during a look.


And it works fine detecting when they switched to running the same automatic adjustments can be applied based on your location also say.


You’re on the bus, and you want full noise-canceling or you looking through your favorite park.


And you wish to be able to hear people’s voices. Adaptive sound control can automatically make those adjustments for you as to how the headphones sound very good. The sound that comes out of them.


These headphones won’t distort or sound screech you, usually with lesser headphones. The not overpowering bass even at the loudest volume levels. Of course, if you want a base, you can use the companion apps equalizer even if you boost.


The bass’s one thing but some clarity oracle’s distortion, so no worries there now it. Each headphone has a glossy but double the Sony branding and that those who park Easter sensitive.


You can tough derive his phone wants to play, pull double-tap it for the next song, and triple-tap it to play.


The protests on the left, his phone handles different actions single topping that’s one switch between noise-canceling modes with the 3 options being noise-canceling ambient sound and ambient sound off pressing and holding.



In the left headphone stitch area, we lower the music and noise-canceling until you let go so you can have a quick listen to your surroundings or a conversation without posing the music.


As for how well the headphone’s addictive gestures. Their glossy touch-sensitive part isn’t too easy to feel for us.


But you’ll eventually figure it out you’re tapping shouldn’t be too late, or they may not register it, and least in my experience.


When you get used to where to stop and help her do it, gestures are adequately detected with no issues. The headphones can see when you place them on and when you do, each one of the 2 will tell.


If it’s a battery charge level, your music will be posting once during, the case when you take them off. They’ll disconnect from your phone, which is highly convenient. Ask for the Bluetooth connection range between this on headphones and your phone it’s impressive.


I’ve been able to walk around an entire apartment in the way from my smartphone without experiencing music drops. The Bluetooth connection range here is a strong point onto but to life.


It’s good. According to Sony, the headphones are supposed to last you up to 18 hours if using their case to recharge them.


Or up to 9:00 hours on their own without the issue, that’s with noise-canceling own.


I haven’t charged the case a single time in the last week, in the headphones still come out of their fully charged with the matter.


The Sony buster lives here. He’s sufficient for weekend trips or a whole week of daily gym visits. It is worth mentioning again that the headphone case supports quick charging.


So is the 10 minutes of quick charging is enough for up to 60 minutes of music playback with noise canceling on, which is good to know overall you needn’t worry about.


But your life, and that’s pretty much it, are some fantastic headphones to get.


If you’re always active in need your headphones to keep up with your lifestyle, the price of $150 is $100 less than apple’s AirPods, bro.


They’re worth checking out, and speaking of checking things out, feel free to hit that subscribe button CK out our full review of those headphones in the link below. I’m instead thank you for watching.


Apple Watch SE Unboxing/Cover By Emaan


The brand’s new apple watch S. T. E. S. T., brings the mother and large screen design of apple watches to a lower price point, which’s most exciting about it.


But let’s unbox it and take a closer look. The box is a bit bigger than your smartphone box. Unboxing it is super easy thanks to the convenient pull tabs and sold. The box unfolds a revealing a colorful design.


And they need all those are all minor details, but they add to the joint on boxing on gadget, have 2 more boxes one of the houses the apple watch itself.


And the other box is for the band. Let’s start by embossing the wash first and share this the water is he doesn’t have that small fabric pouch and box like the series 5 hat but we guys that had to do with the lower price.


And we have on my long covering let’s put the watch a site and see what else is in the box and it’s not much you have a democratic charger and is the same one apple watches no difference here.


Which you probably noticed that there is no wall charger included this time around.


The Chargers season on the waist, but if you don’t have one, they are annoyed by this anyway. Let’s take a look at the band now. We have the sports a little model fabric band and not the new solo.


The sole loop looks super cool and friendly but keeps in mind that there are 9 different sizes. And be provided a printable apple guide to sizing seems a bit confusing plus, if you want to sell the watch, later on, the precise sizing will be a problem with the future seller.


So instead, we went with the traditional sports a little band. This still feels very comfortable. There’s nothing else on Bhansali’s broke the watchtower iPhone. Eat here and get started.


The process does take around 5 minutes. So you need to be patient and do everything that is set up and the wash sinks.


Your phone bill was done. You’re all ready to go. Apple continues improving upon watch OS with calm new watch faces that are both functional and look good.


So let’s quickly scrolled through the new additions. You have the meridian watch faces the default one, and it strikes a good balance between information and style.


And then you have new additions like the gorgeous type of graph watch face. Then you have the gym to watch phase it shows you the difference with another time zone.


This is handy if you’re often switching time zones or if you want to be different. You can try the new artist’s watch face with modernistic artwork or the cute and funny animals.


You watch face. My personal favorite has your favorite animal G. character entertain you every time.


You raise your wrist to see the time now. As for the specs on the technicalities, the apple watch is C. is all about that lower price. This 44-millimeter version that I have here cost just 310 US dollars, cheaper by more than $100 than the apple watch series 6. The 6 has a more powerful processor that helps apple higher screen brightness.


And it has the bloke oxygen level sensor the function of electrocardiograms or ECG. These 2 health features are missing on the S. C. then you don’t have the always-on display was super cool options.


So you have to flick your wrist to see the time every time, but for all else, this new apple watch feels good. It looks good, looks like a familiar apple watch, then that’s a perfect companion to your iPhone for fitness or notifications.

I’ll give you the full scope in our upcoming review but meanwhile, let me know if you think the watchers is the one for you.


Or do you think you need to spend to get the series 6 instead? So that’ll do it for this article. Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed it so much from us, my name is Victor,  and you’re mistaken.



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