Samsung Galaxy S21 Impressions/Cover By Ayesha Khan

Samsung Galaxy S21 Impressions
The S. 21 plus comes in at 6.7, which is almost the same ultra, and they look and feel pretty close in size. But individually, as you hold them, you can tell the difference and, of course, the size difference means.

All right, it is already that time of the year we miss a beat. Can you send some stuff to Simpson that revealed the galaxy S. 21 and S. 21 plus now?


I’ve got your first hands-on impressions of them right here. I just dropped a separate video on the big dog, the galaxy S. 21 ultra. Check that out.


If you’re interested, it’s the flagship of their flagships in that article be the first link below like button but for these 2 S. 21 and that’s 21 plus year.


We have some exciting new numbers, new specs and new prices now there are 2 new phones I’m talking about here like I said so I figure I might talk about the differences between them usually.


It’s 2 different phones that are just different sizes, and that’s it this time, it’s 2 other phones that are different sizes and other materials, so the smaller S. 21 comes in at 6.2 inches.


The S. 21 plus comes in at 6.7, which is almost the same ultra, and they look and feel pretty close in size. But individually, as you hold them, you can tell the difference and, of course, the size difference means.


Space inside is different, so it’s a battery 4000 powers on the S. 2140 800 on the S. 21 plus that’s pretty impressive, and then yes materials. so yes 21 plus has a matte finish over the glass. The S. 21 has a matte finish over poly carbon. It takes plastic, and so those 2 things are all that accounts for the price difference.


But it is a $200 difference in price now the S. 21 starts at 799 this year and so the S. 21 plus starts at 999 now this plastic versus glass thing I found it a little bit strange at first that they would separate it like that I figured.


They’d either make both plastics or both classes, but I guess because they are coming down in price to 799 with the galaxy S. 21, I can let it slide plus classic. Like I said before, it has a weird reputation.


It’s not that bad. It just seems cheap in more expensive phones, but it’s less. Likely to shatter, you can mess with colors more, and ultimately they look very similar. You can say yes, 21 is a little bit later in your hand, so this is something.


I’ll dig into more in the full review. Still, everything else here about these is the same and pretty new, mainly centered around this new contour cut design where the camera cut out.


As you can see, it is up in this rage platform thing in the corner. Like I said in the older video, I kind of like it, not going to lie.


I think it looks pretty futuristic, but it stands out the most with this purple color here where the camera cut out is gold and that gold wraps all.


The way around the sides and the rails of the phone, so it’s kind of like a 2 piece suit looking kind of like a superhero costume or something.


I don’t know. I wish there were more versions of color combos that you could choose from. Red and black would’ve been cool to maybe black and white, black and yellow. Either way, it’s a unique look for sure.


I’ll give them that it doesn’t resemble anything else I’ve seen, and I’m into that there’s no copying, but on the inside, we are going to start to see a lot of phones kind of like this 1, so it’s the snapdragon 888 chip in this region.


Or it’ll be the new 5 nanometers Exynos chip in other regions, and I want to see if there are significant differences between them with this generation. Still, they promise 20 to 35 percent faster performance on CPU and graphics respectively there are 8 gigs of ram in each like.


I said, and either 100 28 or 200 56 gigs of storage this time not expandable now that is a bummer not just because you are limited to 200 56 gigs of storage but another removed feature from last year technically.


We had expanded storage on a micro SD card slot now it’s gone. We had glass, not plastic. The triple camera situation on the back is standard. They share the same 12-megapixel primary camera 12 megapixels ultra-wide, and 64 megapixels 3 X. telephoto camera zooming.


The way into 30 XP soon if you want not quite 100 acts of the ultra, but it does appear to be much more stable than before, and Simpson says it’ll focus faster, and the displays up front got an exciting update this year.


I’m not going to call an upgrade they didn’t technically lose another feature again. So this year, the displays are now adaptive refresh rate.


So they will refresh between 48 hurts and 120 hertz depending on what’s on the screen, and that should save.


You some battery instead of just being locked at 120 most of the time. But the displays are now 1080 P.


So they used to be 1440 P. for many years in a row Samsung flagships now to 1080 P.


Now I know they drop the price, but now you’re talking plastic, you’re talking no expandable storage. You speak in 1080 P. instead of 1440 P.


And again, it’s not that big of a deal many people like me a reason.


The phones at 120 hertz in 1080 P. already anyway.


So it’s, in theory, not something.


We should notice or care that much about it’s already around 400 TPI for that resolution on that side of the screen anyway. But just a little thing.


You don’t like getting less than last year, so it’s technically an update. But I’m not going to call that an upgrade to I tested more than the rest. The changes are pretty minor.


But all pretty positive, at least in my opinion, says at 1.77 times larger and hopefully faster fingerprint reader underneath.


The glass has many new software features built into the camera, as an advanced director’s mode for video and recording audio from multiple sources and things like that. That’s all good stuff.


But yeah, it’s mainly just a spec bump in a new design with many tweaks that allow them to lower the price down to 799, and I do like that lower price. I think that is a good move.


But it’s going to depend on how you feel about the stuff they cut out, but now you pretty much know everything.


You need to know about the newly announced galaxy S. 20 ones. The ultra has a lot more going on, so again, if you haven’t seen that video.


It’s  live. Check it out, but let me know if you think this is the change you want to see, and does that lower starting price make you happy, and maybe there’s a fan edition later this year. We’ll know either way. Thanks for watching, not that she doesn’t. Based.


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