Samsung Galaxy A52 Unboxing/Cover By Ayesha Khan

Samsung Galaxy A52 Unboxing
The galaxy 51 had the best ads so far, yeah. Subscribe house last week. We have an actual charger which is 15. What's a fun fact the galaxy 852 supports a 25-watt charger, so if you want faster charging.

Else we’ve got the Samsung galaxy A. 52 in the office today, and that is a big box probably going to get a charger in the state. Let’s check it out, okay slipped out there is the phone right there.


And some get out of here there.


We go some documentation that set this aside for a second okay, we’ve got a U. S. B. C. data cable.


And we’ve got the phone charger.


That’s a wrap, this bad boy, and you’ve got your typical Sam some documentation here, okay.


So we have the Samsung galaxy A. 52 in this beautiful violet color. It comes in some white awesome black, and some do some screen. Long-lasting.


The galaxy 51 had the best ads so far, yeah. Subscribe house last week. We have an actual charger which is 15. What’s a fun fact the galaxy 852 supports a 25-watt charger, so if you want faster charging.


You can go out and buy yourself a 25-watt charger now is going to be a huge difference. We probably will test it in the future. My bed is not so much.


The 15 what they should do okay, and the phone does have a headphone Jack but no headphones in the box. So then, okay, let’s take a look at the galaxy A. 52 here. It’s very plus to get to touch.


I think that even the frame is plastic.


the matte finish on the back, though, is lovely, and I like the camera bump. It has a soft slope upwards, and there it is fully set up.


If you’ve used reason some phone you’re familiar with this interface and this very bright white look, but they’re not there is a dark mode on board, of course, that’s contemporary.


It feels pretty smooth to scroll around, and that’s thanks to the 90-foot screen, of course.


but it feels a bit more responsive, definitely more responsive than last year’s galaxy 851.


Which, of course, is a great thing to have on the smartphone responsiveness.


I mean, yeah, the processor inside is a Qualcomm snapdragon 720 G., which is not the best out there. It’s like in the upper midrange section of Qualcomm processors.


It’s responsive, okay, but yeah, when I switch a lot of apps.


When I launch games or try to share the photos that I took with this phone.


I could feel those minor delays and freezes, which, yeah, they’re sorry, it’s a mid-range. There is a fingerprint scanner here.


Which wants to set it up. It’s pretty okay. It’s not the fastest dog there, but I feel like it’s very consistent. It hasn’t given me a stupid error or and misread or anything. I just placed my finger, and it unlocks the phone.


As it’s supposed to do, yes, I know. Okay, let’s talk about the cameras first off. As I’ve already said,


The deal we have a 64-megapixel primary camera with optical image stabilization. Now, this is expensive tech that is usually found in flagships and more expensive smartphones. This here is a run-of-the-mill mid-ranger with Paul Y. as in the camera.


This is fantastic, and yes, it works both for the photos and videos, which means that this should perform better at night in low-light scenarios.


When taking photos, Yes, this is a quick video sample with the main character of the galaxy 852. Now it’s a deal. It’s got a 64-megapixel sensor.


And it has optical image stabilization. That’s the reason why would why we are moving around 1 to see how stable it is going to come out, look at the colors, look at the details noise reduction probably.


And we’re going to test the zoom levels now. This came up to 10 times so let me stop right here and give me.


On my face. And this is how it’s going to look when you go. Now we can zoom out. One time soon. This is pretty much what you can expect from the video quality of the downside. Thank you too. 64 megapixels, of course.


well, that’s going to be a very sharp camera so let me take a quick snap here. And. Yeah, it does look in detail.


I see a bit of software shopping. They’re going to have to hold final thoughts for the review, then we have a culture-wide camera which is 12 megapixels, and it should look something like this. It’s a bit softer, of course.


I need to see some softer over shopping, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a better camera. We’re going to do some more testing on it, and then we have a 5 megapixel.


Macro camera. Look, cares about my 2 cameras. Okay, some people care about Michael’s cameras. Okay, I get it. There’s a need out there, but the 5 megapixels this.


If it isn’t going to be good, I don’t. Let’s see. It’s not. Portal, I guess. I still don’t see much use for it but is there okay and there? The fourth camera is a 5-megapixel depth sensor which means.


You will not have access to it. It’s only there to assist the fallen for portrait mode effects. The selfie camera has 32 megapixels, and I know what you think. Wow, that’s a lot of megapixels, but.



Having so many pixels on the sensor means there is tiny, and I’m pretty worried that this will not perform in low light scenarios, so let’s do a quick test here.


No, that’s healthy. I look a bit pale, could be the lighting, and see some over-sharpening going on but overly not sour.


We’re going to do some more testing for the full review, okay so? This is a quick selfie video with the galaxy he 52. I am deliberately walking around to see if it’s going to come-ons table or janky otherwise, the details look nice. My skin tones good information here.



In general, nothing too crazy but the primary camera with the optical image stabilization makes me feel like this will be a pretty good camera phone for a reasonable price.


We don’t have a shipping date or price for the U. S. yet.


But this is going on sale in Europe for 350 euro and judging by past models and some speculation.


I’d say that in the US, the galaxy 852 will cost about $400. H. So.


I think it’s okay, and we’re going to take a deep dive with this guy, so if you do not want to miss our full review, subscribe to our channel should that dell, and I’ll see you next time. That’s not a relaxed pose it by.


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