LG Wing Review/Cover By Ayesha Khan

LG Wing Review
We have the LG wing while the whole smartphone world is trying to figure out what kind of foldable phone to make. Following the L. G. wing is a phone that swivels out to reveal a smaller. This is meant to be your assistant screen right here.

Hi, fly on the wings of the L. G. watches ice. We will use this phone. This is the LG wing. It’s wacky it’s the cookie, but is it helpful. Well, look fantastic with it still. No G. loves to try crazy things once in a while.


Like the 2 because of the screen on the LG V. 10 way back. When with the modular design of the LG G. 5.


A lot of these experiments don’t stick around much.


But a ton of people do respect LG for trying to think outside the box and here.


We have the LG wing while the whole smartphone world is trying to figure out what kind of foldable phone to make. Following the L. G. wing is a phone that swivels out to reveal a smaller. This is meant to be your assistant screen right here.


The wingman to your main screen gets it. Its applications are interesting though a bit limited, most commonly.


I’ve seen this presented a screen to run media controls on like you have your navigation on the main screen, and then you have a Spotify playlist on the small screen.


Or you can use the small screen to view your calendar while browsing through your emails on the main screen. There is a special edition of the whale. Browse around this phone.


Which makes use of them to displace automatically. You do all of your web browsings on the bottom here on the small display.


But whenever you start up a video from a website, it’ll automatically load up on the top display.


And you can keep browsing through your tabs on the small screen while watching the video. It unfolded mold. You can view any media on the big screen without being interrupted at all. Your notifications will come up on the small screen.


Your media playback controls and even the brightness slider or down there it’s pretty nifty if only the L. G. wing were suitable for media. It only has one speaker.


Which kind of sounds honky, and it’s not unique, and the screen is a bit cold with either a bluish and greenish tint over it, depending on what mode.


You put it in. I managed to get it balanced by using the custom mold, but it’s still not the best screen in terms.


The color reproduction when the wing is folded handles your standard phone world. It’s a bit thicker and heavier than a contemporary flagship.


But I do like how it fits in hand. It’s the perfect size for me, and the mechanism is tight.


When I’m swiping, or it just happened in a typical scenario, of course, this crazy design was probably to develop into making,


When snapdragon 765 G. and don’t expect a high rate screen here, it does come with 200 56 gigs of storage and 8 gigabytes of ram.


Which is quite enough, then there are the cameras. The LG wing has 3 cameras on the back. The 64-megapixel primary shooter, 813-megapixel ultra-light camera, and then another 12-megapixel camera that’s only used.


When the phone is unfolded, see the sensor on the top camera. Here it’s tucked away behind the 8 balls to a wide-angle lens, but it does not shoot like uncle Joe’s wide-angle camera instead.


It just shows you a crop of the entire frame, you’re moving around, it intelligently moves that crop to provide.

When you unfold the wings, you get this very familiar controller here, the joystick, to turn the camera around 3 different shooting modes in lock and calibration. It was to simulate the experience of using.


I have to say, is fun to play with for sure, but when taking the same click with the Google camera.


The primary camera gives us sharper details and better colors. So this is mostly just the proof of concept, maybe or a toy.


It does tend to over sharpen details a bit, maybe dial that one town LG. The code is the most accurate, and it can handle high dynamics the scene optimizer does its job for the most part.


But you may sometimes need to turn it off. Check out this photo of roses that I took. The L. G. wink recognized that it was flowers and the colors to get a striking image.


The problem, though, is that the roses were already super red in real life, so that the phone may look scorching in the picture.


When I took them all to optimize our of, I got a better fought. The 32-megapixel selfie camera is attached to a pop-out mechanism which just never brings old. This Sylvester helps lovely well-balanced details.


And okay, colors only messed up my skin tone a few times. V. L. just software on top of android 10 here will be an acquired taste for some.


As a whole, it looks like an assortment of colorful icons, transparent pop-ups, and way too many little buttons and choices some elements.


I don’t know LG users out there. Let me know if I’m off base, they’ll both covers it do I think the L. G. wing is worth it.


Well, look in today’s landscape $1000 can get you a phone with top-of-the-line processor stereo speakers with a full sound a high refresh rate screen.


I’m talking about your Sampson galaxy 01 plus 8 pros over here with the newly released in the USA asus Rog phone 3, so would you rather have that or.


A swivel mechanism on what is essentially a mid-range from thanks for checking out our review of the L. G. wink let me know how much you hate me the Commons on bill subscribe if you want to see this pretty face another video, and maybe I’ll see you next time.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro Unboxing and Hands-on/Cover By Afshi

Today we have an exciting phone to own books and take a first look at is the holy made for you pro coming in this lovely understated black books lifting the books reveals the phone itself wrapped in protective plastic.


And there is the holy made 40 pro with both simplistic looks at what else is in the books.


What charging brick along with a USB type C. cable.


And a pair of wired headphones. The case is nothing unique but to have out of the books.


If it’s on the phone nicely without adding too much. it covers the back and sides of the make 40 pearls completely. The charger isn’t the smallest, but we’re talking 66 loss here.


This is way ahead of what you’ll see on Samsung flagship know 20 older.


It only supports 25 what fast charging with apple’s newest iPhone 12 pro marks supports just about 20 watts, so having a 66 what judges out of the box here he’s entirely something.


And on top of a high-speed charger and a free case, we get there a few years with type C. headphones wired.


But still great to have and yes, this phone does not have a headphone. Jack powering the mate 40 pros for the first time shows is that it’s almost bezel-less and has a dual selfie camera module on the top left of the display.

We get this cool animated always-on display feature. The display sites its power, and volume buttons are on the right side like they are on most other phones in the back of Macy’s clean looking on the bottom.


We see a sim card tray along with the charging port the speaker grille will. On the top, Your TV’s air conditioners and anything else that uses infrared signals right from your phone at first glance.


The performance of the smartphone the smooth snappy thanks to that during the 9000 process.


Or insight and 8 gigabytes of ram the phone is running while east EMU likes 11 on top of 10 here.


The home screen is nothing unusual and features nice clean icons, a news feed.


Any functional quick toggle buttons for taking screenshots, screen recording flashlights, and more, it’s always nice to have those features built-in instead of downloading separate apps to record.


Your screen, for example, this unit, comes with 256 gigabytes of storage. Still, the main attraction is that the sizeable donut-shaped camera module on the back would be like a branding standing proudly in the center.


The camera up itself is pretty intuitive and easy to use. We have up to 50 times over here, and an ultra-wide camera smartphone camera pros will have to know that along with night mode.


We have a promo code in the camera app, which lets you configure your settings manually.


If you wish to do so, stay tuned for our full-made 40 pro review to learn more about this camera set up and see video and photo samples now expected instead of the Google play store.


We always have it at the gallery to get our apps from. There’s a decent number of us here with some popular ones like ticked-off and another present.


You will not find the likes of Facebook, Instagram, or Skype, He has been banned from working with US companies like Google and Facebook.


We can’t expect to see apps and services from them on Chloe’s app store anytime soon, which is the biggest issue for everyone outside of China.


when our full review comes out complete with samples and benchmarks I’m instead thank you for watching.


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