OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung S21 Ultra Camera Test/Cover By Ayesha Khan

OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung S21 Ultra Camera Test
the iPhone 12 promax now we've got a new contender that fossil but branded camera centric one plus 9 pro. Both short cuts a priest leading up to one winner the best phone cameras have set

This phone, the galaxy S. 21 ultra, is my current camera champion. It’s good ahead of time since the last telephone.

It tells the iPhone 12 Promax now we’ve got a new contender that fossil but branded camera-centric one plus 9 pros.

Both short cuts a priest leading up to one winner the best phone cameras had set when I compared to some sense into the iPhone a few months ago the simple fact some camera had so many features give it a slightly high starting point.

That’s not the case for almost every exciting thing to some secondary like hyper lapses portrait mode video one plus can do them too sometimes better set into the software features that pretty neck.

And neck but the secret sauce of what makes some sense camera, so fun is that it’s not just software into hardware every lens Pictet.

It was built around trying to give you options like how the old camera is made double a super close-up macro camera. Good news, OnePlus fans, this has that too.

It’s just. Not his goods the quality of close-ups is compatible as you can probably tell, but some since then can get like twice close, which is the entire objective of the micro camera displays too soon both can do it.

The one plus 9 pro is a pretty good 3.3 X. optical zoom camera.

But the something is built to presume at extreme levels with both the 3 times to 10 times in camp, so it shouldn’t surprise you that something can go further.

If you book within the side by side and the slowly easy man, then you pass 10 times and sometimes primary telephoto camera kicks in, it’s completely different. Yes, something’s footage does start to look a bit like a watercolor painting.

When you get to 30 acts, but by the time we get to 30 X., one plus, you can count the pixels, but I’m curious about something when you take zoom shots on your phone.

How often do you find that you want to go past 10 times like I imagine if I had to guess that the majority of people in this evening in public they’re closer to 5 X. 6 X. 7 X?

Yeah, I mean to an extent, he takes a selfie stick. There is an element of personal preference, yeah, but I kind of feel like OnePlus is inventing colors that went fast and even selfied video for some bizarre reason.

The 1 plus 9 pro maxes out at 1080 P. of pretty mixed quality footage on the front camera, which means that if only wanted it for was Instagram, it’s serviceable.

But it straightway means that unless K. gets added in a software update, pretty much calmly recommends this phone to anyone he’s planning on doing looking if you’re buying a flagship phone now and 2021 using it till 2020 complete. I think by then, 1080 P. footage is going to.

It’s going to feel like a relic, and this is only a test, so right now, you’re listening to the OnePlus microphone. This is what sounds like an artist into the sunset.

Yeah, but it’s perfect.

I don’t think the microphones on one of these plans a reason to pick 1 or the other okay.

OnePlus is an ample chance to come back with general photography in all the teasers and promotional material for this phone. The overarching message is this we heard.

You didn’t like a past camera we fix them hello and. Did we tell you that we partnered up with a house not to say far we love to see you, and we look to sell fees and many other things?

But the only 2 cameras that possibly have had any involvement in the primary 2 cameras, the whites and the ultralight particular. Given the Hasselblad, the display was regarded as the authority on photography all the well.

When I first started putting up side by side of these 2 phones, I had many moments of play if I just pulled up in the same photo twice. Both phones are stylistically aiming for the same kind of finish.

But then I started noticing things first of all. OnePlus tends to crush dock areas, like if you look at my trials in the show here, it almost looks like someone doodle to the black silhouette on top.

It’s always a bad thing to underexposed subjects, but more often than not, when you put the one plus in a challenging situation, its voters look a little bit too dark.

Yes, I brown eyes. I’m having a wedding photoshoot for one, but if I have to interface is taken, I might at it, and if you enjoyed this video, then a sub to the channel would be.

The second one plus, Smith, adds many shopping units selling backgrounds while something is pleased to let trees behind you sort of blow away a little bit OnePlus wants to keep everything in the frame shop mind.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing the Sixers sharpness. I think it does come in handy.

When you’re in those lower light indoor situations where the food starts to look a little soft otherwise, and to one plus credit, this is a much faster camera when you tap the shutter button.

You’ll need the protection for 2 and half the time, and it always makes me feel like I’m using 2 phones from different weight classes, the middleweight vests heavyweights. The main problem that I’m having one this camera is that.

In contrast, it’s like this is me trying to very literally monkey around and all 3 shots. At the same time, the something retains a reasonably consistent look the one plus just wholly flips the way the image comes out depending on the form of standing. It’s better than the past phones.

But it’s still not quite at the stage where I can snap a photo and be confident in the fact that it’s come out.

Okay, and this applies to the older white camera too. It’s pretty accepted that you move between different camera lenses, you’re going to experience some color shift.

But this is an enormous shift, especially for a phone that’s branded being calibrated to exact color science, and I wanted to talk a bit about how you will sure whites renews distortion around.

The edges are honestly compared to something that comparable these are both camera photos.

But if someone said to me that I could only use one phone for photos for the rest of my life, it would be the same song and at the risk of sounding like one plus is just showed up to the wrong torment.

This applies to portrait mode to like this was a third attempt on the OnePlus it took 2 of the photos that looked more like base before.

We got to that end OnePlus is edge detection is almost always works here. Not only does one plus is profile shift.

Yet again, between shots but one of them, we just decided that I was meant to be the background. Coach, to be clear, I’m not saying that something is delicious a portrait mode. It’s one of his friend’s main weaknesses too.

It’s just that I’m finding that the OnePlus is even less consistent, this one thing that we’ve got to give it specified, because it’s capturing faster its portraits, I’m much likely to be Chris even.

If they do have more irregularities, it still blows my mind that we put 2 phones, half of which have telephoto cameras yet the portrait mode. They insist on using the primary camera and then digitally zooming in.

Local discounted rate role before we can crown either this king.

We’ve got to talk about video. Didn’t you find many of the traits we saw with photos come through here both very capable?

But even though OnePlus has a bunch of new features like dole HDR.

It’s still crushing the dock areas and sometimes overexposes the brighter areas.

It’s not the 1 plus who is doing a lousy job. This phone would hold its own in the video against most 2021 smartphones.

But it’s just the right now we’re comparing against what’s probably the second-best phone camera video apart from the iPhone, and at that level, it is behind it doesn’t seem to focus quite well in this situation.

We were trying to set up a shot, and it took like a full minute to get the 1 plus what she looks to focus on it where it is. It was done within 5 seconds on the Simpson and while with the Simpson.

You can use a telephoto camera to take video to record it 3 times in 10 times in 4 K. Published doesn’t let you, which means that you apply even minor zoom levels in the video, it looks that it does have 1 exciting feature.

When you get to low light, you can turn on something cold nightscape video, which means pride in cleaning nighttime footage.

But I’m a little torn about it. No 1 hand can make things look prettier, but on the other hand, it seems to make the camera very fast to move, making the footage look a little jumpy.

And you see the same traits echoing in slow motion to it looks like OnePlus is almost trying to compensate for the lack of resolution by dialing up the contrast but again, it’s crushing the blacks.

If something does take this a little further, it gives you the option to record short bursts of super slow and be honest.

Given that we now in 2021 and given that this feature hasn’t dramatically improved quality since galaxy S. 9, it’s starting to look a little rough.

I’m sure with the power of this phone that 1080 P. footage out that frame rate as possible, it just it feels like they don’t care about slim anymore anyways to final things 1 they both stable phones.

I tried walking well by fans following me, and I even tried looking at policies to the bright but brief and seem to be similarly affected by motion and to you might be wondering if anything that the OnePlus wins out well.

Yes, there is, and it’s probably my favorite category nighttime photos. This is very satisfying about seeing a dark, grainy scene and then watching as your phone slowly pieces.

It together into something frightened he sieve something goes for extreme smoothness like it’s trying to make sure there’s not a single bit of grain in sight, but the result of that is that you do lose Textron objects.

And so 1 possible takes it in detail at nights plus I think the cooler tones on both the primary camera and the old flights and the fans ability to better control.

The bright spots lenses which is a cleaner look, but this is a personal preference. I think some photos look more accurate, but I think 1.

This is the better 71 hands. This has been a bit of a whitewash. Something has just beaten 1 plus by almost every metric, but we need to bear in mind that yes was the 1 plus 9 pro is the highest and phone.

The OnePlus makes it still significantly cheaper than the highest invented something thanks, and so even though there’s very little that I could point to and say that a 1 plus does this better.

There is some credit to be had in the fact that in-law situations.

It is as good or not too much worse, so the message to take away from this video is that 8 the galaxy S. 21 otra still has the throne, and the be the 1 to sign pro is not a flawed camera system.

It’s just it’s about what you’d expect for its price. If something were a plus, then this would be a B. plus, maybe even a minus.

And so, for the sake of a $200 gap, that might be worth it for you. Okay, thank you so much for watching.

I’m trying to improve on this hold camera comparison concept. I mean, if it works, my name is Erin. This is misty is the boss. I don’t have to.


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