Vivo X60 Pro Plus Review/Cover By Ayesha Khan

Vivo X60 Pro Plus Review
but it just does a lot of interesting things so these are my top 10 side note it's almost out but I have to say this but 2021 it is a feature of reflexive phone to come with everything in the box charger case USB C.

Okay, this is the viva X. 60 pro plus, and it’s the most camera that I think the phone is ever.

So it’s not a review, but it just does a lot of exciting things, so these are my top 10 side note it’s almost out, but I have to say this but 2021 it is a feature of the reflexive phone to come with everything in the box charger case USB C. cable and a pair of Athens.

Number 10 this phone is fast number 88 to 12 gigs of LP DDR 5 ram 256 gigs of US storage by default, and if you’re someone who keeps an eye on benchmarks, this is right next to the RG phone 5 is the highest score.

I’ve ever recorded, Everybody turning 21 is fast. What makes this interesting is that both the ultra-performance it’s got the older camera, but it’s not precisely ultra in my mentions most companies within maxed out models.

They give a sum of between 6.7 and 6.9 inches in times of screen. This is 6.56, making it sit somewhere between the base galaxy S. 21 and the galaxy S. 21 plus. In terms of footprints, the camera module does protrude on the back.

But it’s a significant double size number 9. Every phone has customization, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen this extended control, of course, is to manumissions. I believe it will surprise you serviced office you got an ambient light around the edges of the screen.

And this can be configured into all sorts of shapes sizes depending on what you receive. Nicole is listening to music, getting an education, etcetera. You for 6 different icons for your in-display fingerprint scanner.

But get this, those can be mixed and matched with 8 different animations for the scanner and then 6 more animations for the facial recognition. Without even touching the wallpaper, do you have like 300 different visual combinations on the lock screen?

Yeah, and you can change the charging animation to the U. S. B. incision animation and even walked away the screen will turn off when you hit the stomach since this is such easy to implement I don’t know why more companies don’t do them anyway. Bernie tells by the die mentions that cameras are an essential part of this phone’s DNA, and so before we get into the meat of the.

They didn’t. They didn’t meet them before we get into the meat of them. Number 8 is this. You know I’m not a vast zoomed past, but it’s surprisingly good given that it’s not meant to be 1 of the fence selling points like up.

Until you get to 10 times zoom, so 2 times 3 times 5 times 8 times, it is at least good as the Galaxy S. 21 ultra and then after 10 times.

It falls behind but not really by you might think, then we get to the primary camera. Long story short.

It’s an enormous sense of like bigger than that of the galaxy S. 21 ultra heads with the widest aperture that I’ve seen on the phone in the last 2 years at F. 1.57.

And these very different results you get from credentials like this. The Vivek 60 pro plus is a bitcoin machine. There were no words.

If they have an incredibly crisp foreground and be blurred, backgrounds confer on.

As I can remember, this is the closest phone gotten to taking photos that look DSLR, except unlike DSLRs, this house possibly the most aggressive H. your help with my privacy.

And if you’re into that, they mean pretty unlikely to end up with overexpose Scotty’s even if it can feel a little in organic 7 lots of natural Boca implies that you should need to use portrait models. Still, number 6 is that if you do decide to use portrait mode.

A lot of fun have you got a bunch of different portrait modes. This one is called French impressions that, to be honest, I’m going to confuse me, but the majority do distinctly changed and image in a good way.

They didn’t want me to move portraits that use the flash while capturing to keep faces bright with the signature one here. It’s called bio. Tell Sir it’s probably no surprise to you that this phone is a partnership with Zeiss.

You literally can’t miss it and by talk is a lens design his eyes came up with.

We’re talking years ago, like 19 twenties. It then became a bit of a collector’s item of the unique look it creates.

They call it rotational Boca, so the idea of this portrait mode is that if we create that land, you can refocus shots after taking them, which is always fun.

But there’s another feature link to this whole size thing, probably subtler, but I think the concept of it is more relaxed like we all know this point that is just having a camera company’s name slapped onto a phone doesn’t make it good.

But with this phone’s ice have used their signature T. star glass on the lenses, which eliminates internal reflection the way they branded their making.

The glass is entirely invisible and, apparently creating cleaner images.

It’s pretty hard moments, tester. I can’t scratch it off and then do a before and after you come clean to see it in action. If you point the phone at a bright light source, you can tell that the lenses and fighting with the light my health is much less glow or ghosting from it and then for the decisive on the cake.

I’m so sorry is motion autofocus, so it turns out this phone has a full menu all about making sure it keeps focus on things.

So we can do I. autofocus body also focus and even objected to focusing and each one is just looking on a different thing and keeping the focus on it whatever that thing goes.

These are features that I’ve just got to my actual primary 77 S. 3 camera now into the top 3 first up Gimbel stabilization said. You might remember last year’s X. 50 pro this was D.

Campbell phone because it was the first have a camera that could not just physically move it’ll civitates to counteract your hand movements. In some situations, you could tell, but equally, in a loss to the Mets, the footage didn’t look distinctly different from saying something which already has good stabilization.

This is different. They do not just improve the stabilization system by giving the camera an extra di mention in which you can compensate your movements with what they’ve moved.

It from the primary camera to the ultra-light camera.

This monsoon doubt is not truly less prone to shaking anyways, and the implication of this is that in just about every single scenario.

You can tell I did do many tests. This is a cinematic shot taken on both, and while they do both, so good.

You can feel the effect of the gamble. This is me running the vivas much more focused on the subject, although some people prefer natural animal motion,

When you move to lower light, this is like a best-case scenario for the fever where the electronic image stabilization almost phones just kind of falls apart. Number 2, you are going to find this surprising.

Or it’s what you expected, so I mentioned earlier that this is a massive camera sensor pad.

The tropical cafe every less head with a wide aperture alongside polka this kind of set up is conducive to bright night photos probably the brightest nighttime photos.

I’ve never seen it on the phone or any camera for that matter to an extent. It is stylistic, like I don’t think the best Mike Mitchelson necessarily the brightest but this house the details his first couple times.

I took one I had to do generally take a moment like what’s in this a bit more to it it’s got different styles of my notes, and while some of them are just kind of flat filters, there are a few that make pretty dramatic changes to the color profile.

And then she finds a night where a few stars popped out. I’m talking Britain has we do mean a few stalls. You can see the behind-the-scenes shot here.

But it was enough to give me a chance to try the astronaut.

It’s good it’s pretty good like this is not 100 percent like for like comparison, but the context this is a tripod enhanced night mode on the S. 21 old truck, and this is the estimate on the X. 60

It’s the most stalls that are at the scene from my back on soap bottles until I took another one.

And he gets the idea, but he’s the other thing because the older white camera is now the one to have to gamble the stabilization system.

It can still for like 10 seconds at a time, meaning that this is the brightest ultrawide might not have seen and spoken of bright things if you enjoyed.

This article than a substitutional would be illuminating. Anyways number one, I did tell you that this phone is off-camera.

It’s an extension of this night mode’s night moods. Around this pretty self-explanatory, it combines night modes with the ability to pan around and capture an entire cityscape, admittedly.

This is nothing M. U. K. we’re talking about, so it’s no home Kong, but it looks crispy, and they have it X. 60 pro plus thanks for watching my name is Erin this is misty is the boss. I don’t have to.


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