15 Smartphone Gadgets Review/Cover By Ayesha Khan

15 Smartphone Gadgets Review
we've got 15 of the latest craziest smartphone gadgets and each one is going to be more impressive than the last first up is a wireless charging pad with a twist because this thing is modular so depending on how many smart devices

If you thought this was crazy. What is this the weirdest catch I’ve ever seen? So in front of us right now, each one will be more impressive.

The last first is a wireless charging pad with a twist because this thing is modular, so depending on how many smart devices you have, you can whip to 6 separate modifieds.

And each one will just magnetically be attached to the last cool concept, but doesn’t it make more sense to decide how many charging pads you need to start with and then buy a charger made for that many devices as opposed to paying $30 had if you get on this route this 5 out of 10.

I don’t know what true madness looks like paying $600 for a wireless charger. you’re looking at right now.

It’s crazy heavy, and it does feel luxurious plus, this is one of those pretty on the outside. This thing has to use a technology called free power.

This means you can have up to 3 devices charging simultaneously, and it almost doesn’t matter where you put them on it. I’ve even had my life and public hanging off, and it’s still charging.

I would say that I didn’t think a wireless charger is a perfect match for a luxury makeover like this because this isn’t like with phones.

In the pro version, you’ll pay about 10 times all for a device that if you’re using it right, you may never need to physically touch it yourself again let’s test it I’m going to put my phone on the charger, and then another iPhone on the 30 doesn’t amount to 5.

We’ll check back later and see. so next up is the echo show 10, and that’s one of the creepiest but surprisingly valuable pieces of tech I have eased at its core. This is another Amazon echo product which means I can use it to manage my smart home devices.

I can ask it the weather. I can tell it to play a song I wanted to, but what makes this.

Which is it’s a 10. one-inch bright display attached via a rotating mechanism to put. D. capable smart speaker to use a combination of audio and computer vision to track.

You around your room, I will say, though interested that does sound, being able to watch a movie or take cold without worrying about having to prop my phone up somewhere it’s a luxury that I found it. Still, it isn’t very pleasing that this new YouTube here.

So you have to mess around with the browser, which pulls you out to the whole hands-free experience, right, I think.

It’s fair to say those small phone cameras got just that little bit closer to pro cameras every year. Last year was the first time I started shooting social posts and parts of these videos using my phone instead of my actual camera.

It is a product that I think is a natural consequence of the progression. The motorized slider made with the smartphone in mind if it is you don’t know that means I can click my phone in and make this lighter, move it, and rotate it right out.

However, I want to, so this means you can end up with shots like this taken on the phone I have found a little bit of compass and that you know we’ve got used to like everything happening at the snap of a finger.

This thing spends a full minute recalibrating itself every single time. I kind of thought still. There solid 6 out of 10 of our hair items deception VPN for sponsoring this video, okay you producing quite a few gadgets that are built to stick on to the back of your phone.

You got these pop sockets, these phone wallets. We’ve even had a speaker on these past episodes good. Now we have a gadget that allows you to stick anything onto a phone.

It’s a straightforward bit of engineering to plastic ready one goes on your phone, the other on to you want to attach.

And keeps them close enough together that wireless charge can still pass between them so your phone can save your FN’s topped up on battery do anything.

I’d say is that it’s almost internet the click the cell phone that the first 2 times.

I installed one of these. I accidentally told the glue off my phone trying to unclipped might if phones anyways the last one before things got crazy this is Christmas and RGB wireless charger.

When I first saw it, I had to laugh. It feels like the human race will not stop until RGB lights on everything I said I started using it.

I was disappointed in myself by how much I liked it. It’s going to grippy rubberized texture, so your phone doesn’t get scratched, Is this an energy-efficient way to charge your phone? Not is it cold, yes, his men about me I’m a massive T. guy.

The county I’ve been drinking this German toast stuff for about a month now, and I think I finally understand addiction.

We have a small thin gadget that only feels like it was made for me, probably the ridiculous mug that you’ve ever seen.

I mean, apart from the fact it looks like it’s been stolen straight from the queen’s fine dining set, this is an intelligent temperature control mug meaning that I can pull my T. A. in such a temperature that I wanted to stay at and then for an hour point 5 old forever.
If I keep it on the charging coaster, it will do a customizable LED to tell you when it’s reached a perfect temperature they could turn itself off.

When it knows that it’s empty, this thing is so far removed from a regular mug that I almost feel like it could benefit from having a few fewer features and slightly more reachable price points.

But it is good, almost a 7 out of 10 we’ll get a 6.9, and if you enjoyed this video, then it’s up to the channel would be splendid. Now from a company called slick with Wilson Titus automotive super-premium smartphone holders.

This is not a category of products that I thought was missing from my life, and are not expensive.

As they look, I’ve got a bathroom stand, an adjustable table stand, and one designed to go around hello, and each one has a smooth matte finish with heavy metal construction.

And good brackets to I feel pretty rationale that it isn’t going anywhere when my phone is in one of these. Does kind of looks like it did a traitor.

Let’s see how a wireless charger to getting on. That’s very interesting okay, we’ll get there soon now. One of the biggest tragedies of the smartphone market is almost undoubtedly the removal of the headphone Jack.

Because it’s resulted in a lot of these headphone Jack adapter, it’s. However, there’s a company called helm audio. You say that they’ve invented a gadget that turns this annoyance into benefits basically for the longest time. Audio has been stored digitally.

Like a long string of zeros and ones, but that doesn’t mean anything to what is, so to convert that back to music again. It has to go through a digital to analog converter or attack. Every phone has one of these.

But not all of them a great, especially if that promotional home, so this right here is a headphone jack adapter with the high-end stack built inside.

And pair of headphones and all you use a music service that supports high fidelity sound, it’s just going to feel like your music has more life to it and it’s.

But this is where things get interesting, so about a month ago. it played around with the device will be able to find X. 3 pro it was a pretty forgettable phone. For the most part, they have these microscope cameras that just blew me away, but it turns out after a quick.

I’m isn’t set to buy microscopes for any phone, so this one here is 100 times magnification final thing.

And has a light inside that turns on when you remove the cover and then coming in. It’s at least 5 times the size. This one’s an adjustable microscope up to 250 times and.

Factually work, have a look at my desk here. This is the closest I can get to my iPhone Normandy. If we put this 100 times lands on looking at this, we can see levels of texture.

This is side by side versus the original, but what about this one, of course? the fitness to kill them because the barrel is huge.

It does cut off some of you in it, so you have to zoom in a bit on your phone, but this is a whole new level again original short this is this so yeah, surprisingly spots.

I said earlier that smartphone cameras are improving frustrate this one aspect of them that’s leveled off a little bit—the flash.

It’s what you’re looking at right now. He’s a big softie AT a smartphone flash done precisely. It is super easy to mount, not just on your phone, mind you. It could be a laptop too.

It’s easy to control its charges with the same USB C. cable most android phones, but most importantly, it makes an enormous difference.

So this is a video taken on iPhone 12 Promax using the inbuilt flash, which is taken using the big softy. Still, this difference becomes even more pronounced we move to the front camera because most parents don’t have a front flash module.

If you’re using a tool like this, you can flip it around. This feels like a definite 8 out of 10 territories; not everyone’s going to want this something on their phone.

But for anyone who does not get much bad to say about it, there is a catch I featured about a year ago. And it’s 1 of those. It’s just it’s stuck with me as part of my regular tech repertoire.

It’s called the next arc, and it’s a cheap laptop presenting what it has is because of a battery, but the idea is that you can power it with your phone anyways.

This is a follow-up to the subsequent October H., which is precisely what it says on the tin it’s a touch screen version of that, and it sounds awful.
But it’s the difference between the feeling like a cumbersome laptop and just a supersize small phone that’s quite a lot of cool things.

You can do that because of that, for example, proper touch screen multi-tasking where the size of the display does not limit you. I can type SMS text messages using a full keyboard, and I have complete control over my phone’s cameras using this laptop.

This means I can take a selfie is, for example, using the main quality cameras it’s a bit old.

But I can’t even answer calls using that set of cameras plus because it’s 1 of the red voices with an HDMI in port.

You can use this thing a portable travel monitor for the Nintendo Switch version of PS 5 where criticism is that 1, of course, it’s a big screen.

It’s probably not going to be a better screen than you already have on the phone. It’s any of 1080 P. L. C. D. it’s no special hardware.

But it is an exceptional concept. Okay, this is the storm too and quite possibly the most jacked hello; thank you ever laid eyes on the one goal here is a beta version, so packaging isn’t final, but the product itself is ludicrous.

It’s not as I’ve never actually taken apart a battery bank myself, so to be able to see the internals like this spread apart big fun in simplex technologies and. Didn’t build different operating systems weapon.

You concede far more data than you probably care about, and thankfully, its performance lives up to his demeanor. This thing has a 600027000 help prostate.

So they can charge an iPhone Topamax fell 5 times over, and it can both charge and be charged at the same time.

If you wanted to with 100 watts of power, that’s crazy fast powerful, and you wouldn’t be able to take this on a plane anything is. They do say this casing is super resistant against the extreme high industry in low temperatures.

But it does just feel like quite flexible plastic now. If you thought that was crazy, I’m about to say something that.

That makes it look like a toy for toddlers. We’re not throwing the song. This is the super bass 500 and at $449 and pretty sure is the most expensive power bank.

We’ve ever had on the channel. At this point, it is more like a power station, let’s be honest so given that my friend 12 is about 800002000 pounds of capacity given that a 13 inch MacBook pro has about 5000 piles of plastic.

How much do you think we have had 80000. 140000 Pappas a compelling 9 devices simultaneously including 2 through AC power ports capable of sending out 600 watts of power.

Which makes this less about just topping a phone up more about being your entire power solution.

It’s going to display up front to tell you its current capacity. It can be recharged in 5 different ways.

And you can even plug in 2 cables that want to increase the speed further. Does he have to be a very particular type of user who needs this kind of power, but if you wanted to? It’s here.

Right. We seem weird on this channel. We have all papers the crushed phones. We’ve had 2 separate run-ins with the Escobar family. We’ve had USB sticks the claim to create force fields around.

This one’s up that involves the experience, I guess, you’d expect to close to $300, but you might be wondering what am I looking at here. Well, these are small tissues that sync with the music.

You’re listening to on your phone and allow you to feel that sound for your feet. Yep, nothing sounds ridiculous and dumb. Then I get it because that’s what I thought too, but then I tried them and.

Hello, I meant to go on a 10-minute walk handed a prancing around my room for 2:00 hours straight looking like an idiot.

If you’re moved by music, this feels like having a whole new dimension to it so much.

So that kind of now feels like something’s missing without them. They have a built-in 6-hour battery that is surprisingly good-looking, considering how much tech is packed into them.

You have complete control over the intensity of impact and even have latency compensation, meaning that you can manually offset when the vibrations hit to make sure that the 100 percent in sync with the music.

You’re listening to. They all have issues, but 5 minutes and I was too busy cutting shapes to catch. Okay, let’s have a look at the final schools for this charging test.

So on model 5, the $30 cheaper wireless charger but still not affordable the firms on 74 percent charged on the expensive one. 51 percent. This is why wireless charging sucks.

But the takeaway is that if you want to use a wireless charger, it’s tough for me to recommend a luxury wireless charger. Okay, something to think about for a second about your location.

Your operating system, every hardware detail of advice you on right now, is on your past browsing history. These are things that you want to keep yourself.

This is how much information a website immediately knows about you the second you click on it, and to be honest.

If it’s a website you trust, that’s fine, but I think it’s fair to say that there are a fair few that you wouldn’t want to notice, and that’s with a fast VPN comes in as I’ve seen.

It’s the most affordable way to keep yourself anonymous it’s just over $2 a month for many people and devices you want because the way it works is you can effectively pick the location.

You want your device to come from. I can pick the U. S. and watch US TV shows. You can have the exclusives for every single region without leaving your home.

If I wanted to watch Batman, the dark knight, I wish to Canada, and I could do that, so telling him a description and use the code boss for 83 percent off an extra 3 months for free thank you so much, watching my name is armed this is misty is the boss. Prevention acts of.


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