The Samsung Galaxy A51 Review

The Samsung Galaxy A51 Review
The Samsung Galaxy A51 Review

Hi, everyone. So Samsung recently launched the successor to the Galaxy 50 s, which, if you remember, was highly criticized for being overpriced at lunch.

Now we have the Galaxy 51 replacing the 50 s. I’ve had a few days with the fifty one wherein I have developed some impressions of it. And that is what I am going to be talking about in this article. So let’s get started.

OK, first things first, the design of it has taken me away like seriously, I would really like to know how Samsung hits the needle with the designs like this.

This one looks like a much better version of the 850 s and this. Just. Well. I am also quite impressed with the fact that the phone is still light thin and our economic all at the same time. But don’t be mistaken, by the looks of it. It’s not glass.

Samsung calls it plastic, but I truly think it’s plastic.

The sides feel sturdy like metal, but have not exactly been able to guess what it is anyways.

This 3D holographic got Batten’s look amazing. If you look at the back, you can see the camera as being placed in an L shaped arrangement, which seems to be the design language. The company will be following with its upcoming phones esthetically.

You get all the buttons on the right while the left side of it is reserved for the same trick. Down below, you get a deep sea port, a speaker and our beloved headphone jack. So yeah, I had uploaded the 50 S’s design in my review and I love this one too.

Another thing I absolutely love about this phone is the front of it. This six point five inches super ambulate screen is exactly what I was looking for.

There’s a tiny bunch all at the center of it, which, by the way, is smaller than the no plus.

And I like the fact that it looks almost non-existent. Anyways, the display is amazing. The colors that contrast those thin bezels all add to the niceties of the display.

While I’m on the subject of the phone’s good aspects, I would also like to mention that this phone comes with Android then out of the box with one UI 2.0. And having used this Android skin, it’s hard to like any other.

The UI is so easy to get used to and everything is just they’re so easily reachable, designed with further eased one handed usage on Samsung’s big phones in mind.

I must say that I really like the changes to it from the previous version of the one UI. The transition seems so much faster and smooth as well.

The layout of items has been managed differently and for good. While the camera’s UI has improved to overall, the UI looks more colorful and more managed and have always complained about one UI being slower on Samsung’s budget and midrange phones.

And finally, Samsung seems to have listed that. I would like to clarify that if see one that I’ve gotten to use is a preliminary unit.

So the experience might be even better when the phone hits the store.

This is because the first batch of review units don’t come with the final version of software installed in them. Now it’s time to talk about the performance. And I have literally never seen Samsung give the most compelling chips it in their budget and mid-range lineups.

And the story continues with the 850. When you get the exactness, nine six one one like on the 50 is. And that kind of makes me want to roll my eyes in disgust, considering the fifty one was supposed to be like a deserving upgrade over the 50 s.

Having said that, with that improve you, you will get better performance than the 50 s for short. However, what Samsung is still pathetic at is the implementation of a faster fingerprint sensor. I really do hope they improve on this.

And with haste now getting to the cameras, I don’t want to give my final judgment based on the review unit I have bought.

But as far as I’ve tested, I think the cameras are one of the best things about the device and the optimization seems to have improved.

And you also get a new camera UI, which looks more subtle than it was now talking about their specs. You get the same primary lens, a forty eight megapixel one, then you have an improved twelve megapixel ultra wide angle lens, a five megapixel depth sensor as before, and an additional five megapixel dedicated macro lens.

The macro lens seems better than the ones from real me or read me just slightly.

So I have clicked a few pictures from it and here they are. Take a look and judge for yourself. The primary lens works just as good. The colors on it are punchy and the details are on point. I clicked the samples on a clear, sunny day and well, they look absolutely amazing.

What I like about Samsung devices is that they have the best optimization for skies and greenery. Again, though, these images look good. They might be much better in the retail units, which I will test and tell you guys in my full review. As for now, these are the wide angle images. They are sharp and have Fula colors, just like the primary lens.

You get nice colors in skies and greenery to allow.

I think this is one of the best ultra wide agonal images ever seen on a mid-range phone.

Now let’s get to the portrait’s that the 50 is had good portrait imaging capability and same goes here with the fifty one as well.

The estimation in portrait is fairly good. Under a good lighting, you can get some truly amazing portraits like this one here. The camera does move in the.

Thick skin a little bit. But the end result. I must say, is fairly good. The 32 megapixel says the cap works fine, too. It’s kind of similar to what was there on the 50 s., which I had light. And you get similar results from the 50 one.

The software based portrait SE would have the best interdiction, but looks good for what it’s worth talking about the videos. There is still no 60 SBSF capability and civilization.

Is there only four days ATP videos. However, I haven’t had much time with it to check them very well, so I will leave that for the full review. Bachu Ways you get the same four thousand mph. Bachi on the Ifti one like that of the 50 s.

Bear that with an energy efficient and an end processor and a super amwell a display. You get battery life that is more or less similar to the 50 s which lasted me for an entire day up on moderate usage.

So if I have to give my final impression on the Galaxy 51 one, I would like to applaud Samsung for giving such a premium, looking for an at a mid-range price segment.

Similarly, the display with its flagship, like Bantul and Super Ramlet battle, looks very attractive.

The UI has been upgraded for good, and it is faster and smoother than ever. Similarly, the cameras also look very promising. As far as our destiny, however, performance has never been Samsung strongest suits.

And even though the exactness nine six one one is not a bad chipset, you can get better performance in phones like the Raymi noted pro or the real me x2. So overall, I think the Galaxy 51 is a good choice, but not the wisest when it comes to performance.


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