Best Rode Wireless Review

Best Rode Wireless Review
Best Rode Wireless Review

And this is something most emerging, you tubers and bloggers tend to struggle at. Now, there are plenty of audio setups out there which does cost quite a lot.

And even if you buy the most expensive of audio, here’s setting them up is another hassle.

So today, what we have with us is the road violence scope. It’s a budget violence audio kit that is super compact, super simple and has great audio quality.

So we thought, why not review it? So let’s get started. All right, so let’s get started with the unboxing right out of the box. The Road by Lisco comes with these.

A receiver, a transmitter. You also get a three point five M-M two three point five M-m Jack to connect it to your camera. These fluffy wind noise reducers call dead cats to you.

SBC charging cables to charge each one individually and a small boat.

The transmitter is the one that stays with you. You can easily clip it up on your shirt. And it is actually small enough to stay there comfortably. This transmitter has a single button to turn it off or on. And these indicators, one, two is battery level.

While the other shows the connection, there’s also the three point five M-m headphone jack to connect another audio input like a laugh make if you so prefer.

But there’s a built in microphone right there, which is also good enough. The receiver has a small screen to denote your battery level on both the transmitter and receiver. And this here is to denote your signal strength and audio levels.

It’s also got two buttons, one to switch between the three decibel levels, minus twelve. Minus six and zero. And another one to initiate a connection.

If they don’t connect automatically, it’s clip. It was also the size of a standard called to on the camera. So you can mount it easily as well. A little side note here. These two will connect automatically when they’re turned on.

I’ve never had to press the button twice. And in the off chance that they don’t.

You can always do it, though. Connection protocol is a standard digital transmission with two point four gigahertz frequency. Just like your regular home Wi-Fi.

And while the connection in a straight line of sight is about 70 meters, which I think is quite a lot, but you might face single interruptions in crowded areas because of other Wi-Fi is operating in that area.

One thing I like to clear up is that you can only use a single transmitter with one receiver.

So if you want to make up multiple people, you will need a whole lot of transmitters and receivers, too. However, it claims that you can actually operate with eight of these in a single area without signal interferences.

I haven’t had the chance to do that because I don’t have eight of these and I don’t see why anyone would want to do it either. Anyways, moving on to the audio quality.

These are pretty good for a two hundred dollar gear. It’s built in making give you a good enough sound quality at a medium decibel level.

That is at minus six DB. The sound is a bit muffled. The trouble is a bit high and there’s a bit of noise too. So adding a laugh mike on it will instantly make the sound much better.

The amount of noise is reduce. The audio levels is good, but again, it will sound much better.

Add minus to a DB unless you’re outside with a lot of activity going on minus twelve. DB is the best setting. Talking about the strengths of the connectivity, I tested it at various distances to and even at distances up to 50 meters.

You can get the same level of audio except for when you are in a crowded or urban area, because if people walk by you or our vehicles pass by, then that can interfere with the signal.

Also, this thing can record usable audio only when you’re in the line of sight. If you move over from the line aside, then that can break the signal.

But as I said earlier, I don’t see any instances where people have to move away while recording an audio. They did get that come with the road.

Wireless go might prove to be somewhat useful in breaking the wind noises, but they are quite difficult to put on and fall off easily, too.

So I hope Road will come up with a better solution in the near future.

Talking about the battery, the Road Violet School can a record up to seven hours once charged fully, depending on the audio levels and distance. Right. So the Road by Lisco is definitely a great audio recording here, especially for the price of two hundred dollars and with a budget.

Mike, the price can go up to 250 dollars, which is about the same as the road video might prove. And compared to the road video, Mike Pro, the audio quality is more or less the same in similar conditions, of course.

We tested them both out in a closed audio setup and we could not find much differences between the two.Mike Rowe sounds a bit fuller, but the road violence school is not so far behind.

Mike Pro in our normal studio setup. So now we’re testing the audio from the road violence school in an indoor set up within a distance of two meters.

This means that you can use it in a number of different settings and a fixed amount of distance is not an issue. In case of the video, Mike Pro, it’s you need directional.

So you have to adjust accordingly. Also, the distance is limited to something like two meters max. Anything farther than that would lead to a decrease in quality, making it a studio setup. For most part, that’s not an issue with the road wireless go.

As long as you are in a straight line and in fairly quiet environment, even outdoors, you can record some great usable audio. This makes it insanely suitable for bloggers and most YouTube is out there. I simply can’t stress it enough.

But this one is super portable and super easy to use and it’s also good to be used without an external make.

But if you’re looking for some resistance to external noise or EKOS, you simply can’t beat the combination with a laugh make. In other words, this is a highly recommended audio gear. So the road wireless go is the audio system we are using right now and we are pretty happy with it.

So if you’re looking to start logging or to start a YouTube channel, then this might be a very affordable yet a very good option. So that was all for the review of The Road by Lisco.


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