Mid-Range Phones Redmi 7A vs Realme C2

Mid-Range Phones Redmi 7A vs Realme C2
Mid-Range Phones Redmi 7A vs Realme C2

We all know that midrange phones are getting better with every lunch. And that is because of the healthy competition that’s there among the rents.

But what about the budget phones? Because we all know that brands like Beeble Opel’s Samsung and while we are not even in the budget game. So in the budget segment, the choices are pretty limited.

We recently reviewed there you see two, which was in fact a good phone on a budget.

And today I have with me the Red Army 70, which promises to be a smart phone for the smart country. So instead of doing a full review, we thought, why not?

Compared with the real me? See to find out which is a better deal among the two. So let’s get started. After this short intro.

First, let’s take a look at the design of both the photos, the seven. It comes with a basic design and a matte back. The front has a thick top and bottom bezzle, and it’s safe to say that there is nothing exciting about the design of this boat. And this is the area where the real me see two edges over the seven eight with its diamond got bag design with textures. It provides a more premium look. This screen is also bigger and with a trendier notch and smaller razzles. So in terms of design, my bag would be the real Mesi, too.

And even moving on the front, the display on the viewer may see to change the red me seven eight, the right me seven eight has a five point four inches display with 18 to nine aspect ratio.

But as the real ME two comes with a bigger six point two inches display and a taller nineteen point five to nine aspect ratio, the C two also has Gorilla Glass free protection, which the seven E lacks in terms of color, reproduction and brightness.

Both do a decent job for the price. So yes, in terms of display to the real me C two is a better pick. Now let’s talk about the cameras on these phones.

And this is the area where I truly thought that the Red Army seven eight will.

I’ll change there. You only see two. After all, it has the Sony AIM export eighty six sensor, which, if I remember correctly, was there on me too as well. However, after clicking tons of photos, I was surprised to see the result.

So you see, two is a clear winner here from Dynamic Range, two colors, two details that we only see. Two simply captures better images in both daylight and low light conditions. The C two also has to work cameras with the secondary lens working as a sensor for portraits.

And needless to say, the portraits on the room, you see two are better compared to the real seven eight. Even in the selfie images, the Raymi 78 isn’t that good.

The CDU has more details and captures better photos. So I am really disappointed to see there any Sereni lose the battle against The View on ABC two, even while having a superior censor.

This proves how important image processing on chipset and software processing is when it comes just Maplin photography for the performance.

The Read Me seven eight comes with Snapdragon for thirty nine when the V on the C two facts mediatheque he would be twenty two chips. It the benchmark score is more or less the same. But I found the actual performance to be slightly better on the right me seven eight.

Maybe it’s the animation or better optimization. The read me seven eight will feel a little bit faster as both games. Well both are not very good.

You can play Lewen games with ease, but anything above that. Trust me, you won’t have a good gaming experience. Like, for example, Bob Jewy runs on loose settings with minimum lag’s on the road.

Museveni Well, there’s a lot of lags and starters on the BBC two with Ashford’s nine, the setu manages to run well around me. Seven eight does not even open.

So if you play a lot of games, I would advise you to add some more money and get phones like the real me three. With him you’d be sixty chips it or the baby node seven with Snapdragon 660. These phones will let you play hand games like Bob G and Ashfall nine in medium settings.

Now when it comes to the software, both these phones run on Android by both have its own skin on top and M-I. UI is obviously a better choice here.

Yes, you get ads here and there, but M-I UI is just better than what Rami’s offering with the color OS here for security. You can see here on the back for these phones like a fingerprint sensor, but software based based on log on. Both these phones work well in relet conditions. So you may see two is marginally faster than the retinae seven eight.

But in dimly lit conditions, it face difficulty in detecting face. So in terms of security, both share the spoils with a point each.

Now, moving onto us, the batteries of these phones both have a 4000 image battery. But despite having the same battery capacity, we found the C2 to be better in terms of standby time and screen on time.

Also, audio midships the phone with a Denmark charger. But as red meat still ships with if by what charger. So the charging time on the Red May seven ATX a major hits unless you buy a 10 what charger for which you will need to invest more.

And this is not why people buy budget phones to invest in extra cash and talking about extras. The audio quality from the speaker and three point five M-m headphone jack on both these phones are. Well, that.

So to conclude, both read me seven, eight, and the reason we see two are the best budget points you can buy right now.

But even to the right, me 70 looks better on paper.

The real me C two is definitely a better pick because it has this huge display. Better design, better cameras and a better battery life. So if you were to choose between the Read Me 70 and there you only see two.

You should definitely go for the viewer Mesi too. So that was our comparison of the Red Army seven. And so the real Mesi to do let us know in the comments below.


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