The Nokia C2 Review

The Nokia C2 Review
The Nokia C2 Review

Budget votes these days can be a bit tricky. Spend a little more and you can go home with a much better performing device, but you can always go down the money saving route for at least a decent status smartphone.

And one such phone in today’s market is the Nokia set to launch as a successor to the No. Yes. One, it does bring some sizable upgrades.

So is it worth your money or should you invest a little bit more on a better phone? Let’s find that out in this review, starting with the design.

The back of the C two seems like it has a matte finish, but that’s not it made a full of active material.

The phone has a you need to design with two color options, scion and black. And as you can see, I have the black variant. The phone is easy on the hands and also has curved edges for that soft undertone yet.

What’s really exciting is how repellent the back panel is to fingerprints or smudges.

And it’s not slippery either. There’s the power button and volume rockers at the right and a dedicated Google assistant trigger on the left. These are made of plastic, but clicking enough and get the job done.

And if you’re someone who can make do without the dedicated assistant button, you can remap it using a third party app like Button Mapo. Similarly, you will find a three point five and then headphone jack at the top and the micro US before to at the bottom.

The single camera set up alongside an MTV flash is placed in a vertical module on the top center position with a minimal bump.

You can also see the Nokia Niemi etched sidewards in the center by the speaker.

Gravesides on the bottom left corner getting to the front. The Nokia. He too has a traditional bezel. Less design all around, especially on the top and at the bottom, measuring five point seven inches.

This eyepiece LCD panel comes with an EU plus resolution and an 18 to nine aspect ratio.

Its sharpness does not bring any complaints either. So that’s great. At the top, there isn’t any flash. Yes, a front facing flashlight, a microphone and the stealthy camera followed by yet another Nokia branding.

Now talking about the core display itself, its color reproduction is fine and so is the viewing angles. No, guess you two can get pretty bright, though. Not enough to maintain visibility under direct sunlight.

But overall, for the price, the display panel is actually very good.

However, I did encounter some issues with its aspect ratio. Admittedly, some apps and games are not optimized here.

The one that I noticed is Clash Royale, where the bottom menu inside the game has this Janki layout.

Furthermore, playing YouTube videos was also a trap, since the most common sixteen is to nine videos would adjust a screen with massive black bars on the side there.

This with those big vessels on the top and the bottom. Then the viewing experience becomes a little unsettling. It doubles as the cameras. The new guest, he comes with a combo of five megapixel sensors, one at the back and the other one at the front and a some other cost phones from the company.

These aren’t sites uptakes, which is to be expected.

Having a bare minimum set of features, the cameras on the new guest.

You two are nothing to write home about. Most cameras have a best Macala quality, with images looking lifeless and desaturated at most times.

Here, the red camera has a faintly better color reproduction of the two, provided that the subject’s color spectrum is not dynamic. Images aren’t that sharp either, and get grainy in the slightest.

Degrade in lighting conditions, but with enough patience and belitz the rounding, it can deliver workable photos for taking notes and such.

Moving on the front, facing camera performs similarly as well.

The images and desaturated and grainy. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, it works just fine for video quality purposes onto the performance side of things and no guest.

He too is powered by a quad core unique sock SC clocked at one point bogey goods. This is bad with one TV Efram and 16 TV off in Jonan storage bearing this entry level specifications. The phone runs on a lighter go.

It shouldn’t based on Android nine. Yeah, that one’s a bummer because we were all on our way to Android eleven now and this one’s not even running in its closest predecessor.

And because I, OKC too does not run on Android one program like many other Nokia phones. I doubt that this one’s going to get to Android Levitt. All things considered, the performance of this phone is quite admirable, I must say.

Yes, you’ve got to work with lightest apps possible. But if that isn’t an issue for you, then you’ll guess he too will serve you well with just a gigabyte of RAM.

And that too, with about five hundred M.B available for actual usage. Multitasking was a far fetched idea to begin with. So I toggled on the don’t keep activity settings inside developer options and also turn off sys animations while I was at it.

And yes, these tweaks definitely help improve the phone’s performance by quite a. Browsing through social media apps like Facebook, like YouTube, go Instagram, etc., are well within reach.

And you can even play some undemanding games like Candy Crush Reduction, etc.I also tried outs of Bay Surfer and Castro yowled, but they were a bit jittery. I’ll be at playable.

Surprisingly, the face lock is quite fast. Digging about a second or two to get you to the home screen. Talking about the battery life, I have been consistently impressed by Nokia phones in the past and I was glad to discover that the new Kessy to keep the traditional life even though twenty eight hundred million bars cell sounds small on paper.

It really is an all day. And as the company advertises with hours of bingeing, YouTube videos and with a few web browsing and gaming here and there in low to medium ripeness, the new case he took can net out five to six hours, a spin on time.

And did I mention that the battery is used? A removable yes, you can buy an extra battery and replace it when you run out of juice.

It kind of reminds me of my school days. However, charging the phone is a bane as the five watch our show that you get inside the box.

Took me about two hours and 52 minutes to charge the phone from zero to 100 percent audio wise. There’s the aforementioned speaker at the back of the phone and it’s all right at low volume, but gets all kinds of muffled when raising it to the max.

I guess you also get earphones inside the box, which, unlike the speaker, sounds great. Goncourt can be an issue, though, since the all plastic earpiece can be difficult to put on for a long time to some, including me.

But I like the fact that the companies, including line inside the box, which can be very useful if you’re into F.M. radio and such.

Wrapping it all up. In all fairness, I believe the Nokia C2 is a reasonably well performing smartphone for the price. It is well built, has excellent battery life, runs on stock Android, and the core performance is good as well.

Ideal for first smartphone users like school level students or the elderly. This phone can assist in your regular everyday desk.

Sure, you could spend a little bit more and get a better device.

But I believe the Nokia see to get me a better price to productivity ratio. So that was all for our review off the budget Nokia seemed to do. Write down your thoughts about the device in the comment section below.


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