The Realme 6i Review

The Realme 6i Review
The Realme 6i Review

Hey, guys, so today I’m here with the real MI6 I global variant or watch Real Me likes to call the naso den for the Indian market.

I have been using this phone for like a month. And please don’t get it confused with the Indian variant of the your MI6 eye, because that is a totally different phone. Anyways, the real MI6 guy that I have here is the cheapest phone in the real MI6 line up.

So let’s dove straight into the review to find out if it’s worth buying over the more expensive MI6. Looks like the real ME six. I offer something new to the table.

Yes, it’s a plastic bills with a plastic frame. But just look at it. It’s stunning. And an eye candy. I have this flight variant with me, which has a matte finish and looks interesting.

However, I did find some creeks at the center of the back of it, which got me a little disappointed.

And if you remember, the more expensive your mistakes and the real MI6 bro had a side mounted fingerprint scanner. But this one gets a rare amount of fingerprint sensor, which, by the way, is comfortable to reach and fast do the buttons on the side.

Asadi tactile and give good enough feedback. So that’s nice.

Down below you have the speaker. That is just about average. And having used this phone for more than a month. I haven’t had scratches on the back whatsoever. All thanks to the clear case that comes inside the box.

Similarly, there is also an inbuilt screen protector up front that provides extra protection to the display. I really appreciated what companies do that. Additionally, the screen here is also protected by go to like glass three.

Which brings me to the display side of things here. Real Me has opted for a six point five inches IPSC LCD screen with a regular 60 hertz refresh rate.

The only thing that has put me off about it is its resolution, which is just HD gloss. So if you watch videos on YouTube, you can only go up to 17 feet. Also, in many instances, I’ve found that the display here tries to over sharpen the content on it, which makes some videos have a V texture.

And I am not particularly fond of the color reproduction of it, too, although the brightness levels are sufficient for most scenarios except for extremely sunny outdoor conditions.

So yes, I am a bit put off in the display side of things because of the lower resolution and also considering how its closest competitor, the Read Me Notes nine, has an epic discrete watchdogging of competition.

What’s similar on the real MI six I and the red we know it’s nine are the chipsets, the six features.

MediaTech Yoji 80 while the ME notes nine has the almost similar Higuchi eighty five. But even though these chipsets are almost similar, I found the gaming performance to be better on The View in MI six.

As I mentioned in my Robonaut nine review, it is not very optimized for gaming.

As I got a stuttering expedients, Wesley Bob G et smooth graphics and all frame rates while in the same setting the real mystics, I gave me almost a stutter free experience. Similar league games like Call of Duty and Ashfall nine done well in high settings with moderate heating at the back of the device.

But graphics definitely do not look very good on the real mistakes eye because of the resolution constraint of the display and because of that, if you cash in a little bit more, you will be getting a much better expedients with the 90 Hertz display offer you and MI6 or the super and on the display on the Galaxy M twenty one.

On the other hand, doing normal tasks or a casual multitasking is not a problem with this phone going around.

The UI has been considerably smooth and I have never faced any issues while using this phone for my everyday use.

In fact, as a heavy user, this phone has very well that stood my usage, which is something I appreciate about the six eight. However, you might know from my previous real reviews, I am not a very big fan of the you and me UI as I prefer something cleaner and more minimalistic, something like the one UI or the oxygen OS.

But what I do have to say is that bloatware on this loop, will they enter through you and me six I is considerably lesser than the Indian variants.

So ten. As for memory, the unit I have has for TVO Offramp and 120 HGV storage that can be expanded via a dedicated SD card slot.

All in all, I’m really satisfied with the performance of the real six I especially the gaming bite as it provides a little advantage over its competition presently. Let’s talk about the cameras now.

There are four lenses in total here. Primary forty eight megapixel lens and eight megapixel ultra wide angle lens, a two megapixel macro lens and a two megapixel black and white portrait lens.

After testing the cameras, what I found out was they are okay in all the photography aspects.

The colors seem good. The pictures have good enough dynamic range as well. And they are fairly sharp and detail to at least for the price. I compared its cameras to the Raymi notes nine as well and found that apart from the color aspects, these phones do a pretty similar job in terms of normal images.

There are only six eye does make the color look a bit punchy.

But other than that, these cameras have resulted in a similar performance.

What looks different is the ultra wide angle images between these two phones as a real MI6 eye has a slightly better dynamic range. The Raymie notes nine most of the times does well, too, but the results are highly inconsistent. Even portrayed images look slightly better on the real and the. When you look at the subject.

However, both the phones are pretty average at edge detection in terms of self use. You get a 16 megapixel sensor that does a fine job.

The Southeast look near to natural with good looking skin tone and overall colors while comparing it with the Raymie. Nine.

Both of them failed to lock vibrancy in the background, but both do a pretty good job in terms of the subject.You can go on the view on these six I Istana ATP 60 episodes, while you can only go up to 10 ATP 30 SFB s on the red Maeno each night.

But the read me n nine is better stabilized than the real MI six. I intend 80 30 FBN videos. Quality wise, they both basically do not have many differences. So if you are someone who does not have steady hands shooting videos from the six, I will be shaky, right?

Nightime images are not the best on the real MI6 six either, as the No.9 evidently does a better job with details and exposure. Both phones have very similar night mode capabilities, though, Bachchu. Guys to be on MI6.

I have a five thousand media empire sales, which, when paired with the low res display, provided me with excellent endurance. I was able to nick almost duty’s of battery life by turning on the Smart Saver option in the battery settings in a normal setting.

It easily lasted me for more than a day, which is really impressive in my opinion.

However, note that the endurance I am talking about is in moderate kind of usage, but charging on the phone is comparatively slow with its 18 wide fast charger that takes it from zero to 100 percent in two hours and thirty five minutes.

All in all, considering how good the ME six and six pro were, the real me six turns out to be a pretty average offering with a subpar 80 plus display. If the phone had a good display, I might have recommended this one, but sadly, that’s not the case. So should you go for the Read Me N nine instead?

Well, definitely no, because it’s also a pretty average offering with not so good gaming performance.

And like I said in my ride, you know, it’s 9D Review. My personal favorite budget phone right now is the Galaxy M twenty one, although the price might vary depending on where you live here, the Galaxy M twenty one is priced similar to that of the red me n nine.

And the real me six. And with the Galaxy M 21, you get a really, really good Amila panel.

Zeno’s nine six one one that is better optimized for gaming than the heat Yoji 80. And most importantly, the cameras which are so much better than the real MI6 eye or their immunogenic improve.

So that was our review of the global Vade Intrinsics Eye or the Naso 10. What do you think? Is it worth the money or would you chip in some extra cash to buy the dual MI6 or the Galaxy M 21 instead? Do let us know in the comments below.


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