Redmi 8 Redmi 8A Review

Redmi 8 Redmi 8A Review
Redmi 8 Redmi 8A Review

Hello, everyone. Pratima here and today I have these budget smartphone’s from Shammy, the red meat and the red meat. I have been playing with these bones for a week now.

And to be honest, I think that these are the best budget funds you can buy right now, at least here in the US.

The red meat starts to feed 12000 here and the red meat for plus 60 for TB variant is priced atropine. Fifteen thousand. I mean, these are crazy pricing, even their Chami standards. And having already known the specs right before its launch.

My initial impression was, OK, there must be a huge compromise in the design.

But once I got hold up with these phones, damn, I was really impressed with how they looked and how we feel. Although you get a plastic bag on the cheaper red meat.

This does not look like a cheap phone. The design is minimalistic and on-hand.

The feel is good, too. And then we have the red meat with a glass back. Personally, I like the design of this one as compared to last year’s more expensive red meat No.7 proof.

So you get the gist. Moreover, Chami has included a type seaport here and both of these phone supports eating what, quick charging? For me, that’s a big plus because until now you absolutely had to buy a mid-range phone to enjoy the perks of fast charging. And one more thing. You don’t get the fast Jaggar inside the box with these phones.

But the iPhone 11, that is like 10 times more costly than this one does not come with one either. So there’s there’s less to complain.

But if you are buying these phones, do get yourself an 80 more charger, because both these phones have this big five thousand MEAC battery with the Imbil charger.

It will take over three hours to charge, but with the 80 Warde charger. It’s significantly faster, like about two hours about the battery.

Since you get a bigger battery capacity, it should last you for two days. If you are a Monterey’s user, I am a pretty heavy user. So it lasted me for like a day and a half. Now, what standard on these phones is its display? You get six point two inches as cheap.

Last panel and an eyepiece blend with a 20 or 19 is the nine aspect ratio.

There is a tiny notch on the top and a big bezzle on the bottom, considering the price. The quality of the display panel is fine. They have fairly good colors. It’s moderately bright. And most importantly, the touch response is swift for protection.

Chami has included Gorilla Glass five in its display and P2 Ikuo thing that makes the phones flash resistant. Both are red.

Me eight and 80 feature the same camera sensor, the Sony IMX three six three.

And even though Chami advertises these bones to have the same camera sensor as the Pixel three, the quality is far from even comparing the pixel visual for a dedicated image processor.

And the software optimization is what makes the picks off camera so great. And since both of these technologies are lacking in the red meat and eight aid, the images are just about average.

The camera struggles to lock focus and ETR images takes some time to process. But once you pass these two factors, the images are OK.

And if you have the right exposure of light, images are surprisingly better. Both the red me eight and eight, a support for trade mode. But since only the red meat has a dedicated depth sensor, it does a better job.

And like the normal images, the portrait images are also a hit or miss.

If you are at the right position and uniform light, I must say some of the portraits looks very good. Sophies also shared the same story.

Good if you have good light and steady hands. Now, I have seen a lot of you guys complain about the choice of chips. It’s in these phones because there is no upgrade coming from the Raymie 70 to 80 and there’s actually a downgrade from the Raymie seven to eight.

Yes, I do understand your frustration, but I think the people who actually buy these phones prioritize on other aspects, like a bigger display, better cameras and more storage.

On a different note, Qualcomm chipsets are more on the expensive side.

So I think MediaTech should capitalize on this by maybe coming up with a budget gaming chips. Anyways, the performance with the Snapdragon 439 is not bad at all. And since these phones are intended for first time smartphone users, they will not feel slope’s multitasking.

Two to three light apps is achievable, but opening of apps, especially those heavy ones, will take some time, though, with the new M-I UI. Eleven.

The icons and notification banner look more minimalistic and I have like the fact that both these phones have already received the M-I UI eleven will be on the gaming performance is not bad either.

Like games have no problem running whatsoever and even graphics demanding games like buggy is playable in the lowest of settings.

Now coming to the extras, you get a fingerprint scanner on the red meat, which is as fast as the note, a proof that it lacks a fingerprint sensor.

So you have to do away with a face unlock. So there you have it, guys. My take on the red me eight and eight eight.

I seriously do think that these are the best budget offerings in the market. Right now. What do you guys think? Do you guys have any other phones, you know, that can meet them? Do let me know in the comments below.


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