New Xiaomi MI Band Review

New Xiaomi MI Band Review
New Xiaomi MI Band Review

Fitness bands, as my watches are quite popular these days. And why not? Health is wealth after us up. And Shamis, among the most popular choices around the world when it comes to their fitness band lineups.

And today I have with me the much hyped shot me me band, for I have been using this for the past 10 days. And here’s the review. Let’s get started.

The first and the most noticeable change that’s happened in the ME Band four is the display. We have colors in here for the first time in the history of new bands.

It’s an amulet panel that’s zero point nine five inches in size.

It’s larger than the mid-band three, but still considerably small. If you asked me, we get many watched pieces in here among which most are kind of not good looking. But I am happy that we can at least change it once or twice to not look boring.

There are seven seven options available in total, but I hope the company does add a few more. Now back to the display.

It’s protected by 2D curved glass and even on my use, no scratches have appeared whatsoever. But looking at the display, I really hope it goes better, less in the next iteration.

I mean, the band is as small as it is, and the fact that most of it is bezzle does not make it look pleasing at all. However, Chami really seems to have worked on the brightness part because I remember last time many of us complained about the display being dim outdoors, but not with this.

It is bright enough to be usable outdoors. Let’s take a moment to apply Chummy here onto the design now, and I think most of us will agree that a fitness bands in general are not very good looking and this one falls in the same category.

I think it looks bland and boring, maybe because I have this black one, but I’m not going to complain because I know its place and for the price.

Trust me, it’s the way it should be. It’s very comfortable on the hands, though.

It’s lightweight. So you won’t feel it on your wrists to all the men on your wrist. You have to clip it on. And it’s super easy and super reliable.

Not even when it has fallen, even during exercise. It sits there just the way it should. Now, enough about the esthetics. Let’s talk about the usability, unlike last time. This one has a six axis motion control for better tracking of sports and fitness.

What this is supposed to do is track your activities like jogging or swimming or running better. And I think most of my runs and walks and jogs have been tracked quite accurately.

The band can also detect some sports automatically, like football and basketball, running and cycling, etc., so it can detect and track those too.

As for functionality, you get a standard blog on the home screen and swiping it up or down takes you to the heart rate monitor, step or activity counter to settings and stuff like that. You can control the music player on your phone by swiping right.

But for that you’re mid-band for it needs to be connected to your phone, which is done by the MIF it app.

The process is very simple. Download the app, enter your credentials and sync your band with it, that’s all.

After this, you will be able to get notifications, change, watch faces, check your daily activities on your phone, etc.The app itself has a very simple interface. It gives you a lot of your activity data, including keep and walk and runs, etc. and you can compare it over other days data too.

So it is really handy for a general person to keep track of their health status while we’re still talking about connection.

Another significant upgrade is that the mid-band for comparing Bluetooth 5.0, which allows for a more stable and faster connection.

Also, the heart rate monitor in here is said to be more accurate than the last time. I don’t know if it is as accurate as that of the hospitals, but it should give you a close figure. Battery size on the mid-band four is one thirty five mph and it is insanely long lasting.

When I first got this, it had 43 percent charge and after 10 days it still has three percent left. So you could roughly say that it can give you around 20 days of battery.

That is, if you don’t keep the heart rate monitor on all the time. So the battery on the bad for is one of the more satisfying things about it. So summing up, the only thing that I don’t like about the mid-band four is the design, other things from the display to usability.

I have like very much and the best part is that it’s really affordable and has tried to include many things for better user experience.

And if you are someone who’s been using the mid-band one or two, I think this is the right time for you to upgrade. Whereas if you’re using the Mubende three, except for the display, not much has changed. So maybe skip this one and give the next iteration.

But if you are someone who’s looking for a great fitness band at an affordable price, we four is not going to let you down.


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