The Vivo V17 Pro Unboxing

The Vivo V17 Pro Unboxing
The Vivo V17 Pro Unboxing

So I have been using the evil V 17 pro for quite a while now, and I know it’s not just a late review, it’s a late, late review.

But I’m here with it anyways, to be very honest. I had been having mixed feelings whether I should make or review video out of this or not. And that’s not only because I don’t see this as a worthy of grief on the 15th Pro, but in the last six months, a Chami has launched the K 20 pro and Rehame has launched the real me X two pro and so on and so forth.

Therefore, the competition has gotten even more fierce.

Now, what I had always liked about the bases in the past is how they brought new stuff to the table with every new phone.

The V Eleven Pro was the first midrange phone to have an industry fingerprint sensor. The V fifteen pro was the first to introduce a pop up camera.

And not just that, all of the beasties had good cameras and good designs. The V Fifteen Pro was even India’s highest selling phone under thirty thousand.

I see. But I feel it will be 17 on the other hand, could have been much better over us. The first thing to talk about here is the choice of chips it hearing we get the same Snapdragon six seventy five that we got on the older V 50 impro.

And I think this is the one area where Rebill has made a big, big compromise.

In comparison, you get a much faster Snapdragon. Eight fifty five on the key 20 pro and Snapdragon seven G on the Oprah arena too. And if you’re buying a phone upwards of 400 dollars, the Snapdragon six seventy five does not make sense anymore.

The day to day performance, like browsing, messaging and playing like games is good.

But when it comes to high end games, the V 17 growth take a serious hit. You can only play pop D smoothly in medium settings and HD graphics, whereas in the similarly pricey 24 you can play it in the highest of settings.

Also, I might be nit picking, but I don’t quite like the design of the V 17 pro, although we will use this as last back.

It feels way too heavy for a phone of this size.

One reason could be it’s chunkier and wider. Pop-Up camera that makes the phone not our economic. I also would find a lot of dust accumulated on the pop up module, so I had to constantly clean it before taking a selfie. However, the front of the V 17 pro is really good.

It is one of the best things about the phone. It uses Samson’s E to amulet battle and the quality of it is just so amazing.

It’s definitely better than the key 20 proof. While we’re talking about nice things, the battery is also good.

This time there’s a four thousand one hundred mph battery on the V will be seventeen pro and we know that Snapdragon chipsets are usually power efficient.

So this huge battery bed with an amulet greed is sure to give you a good battery life and it certainly does a normal usage.

It gave me over a day and on medium usage I got a worth of juice about the cameras.

You get a total of six of them. The back houses for cameras are primary. Forty eight megapixel lens with Sony. I mix five eighty two sensor and eight megapixel ultra wide angle lens, a 13 megapixel telephoto two times zoom lens and a two megapixel that sensor.

You can also do macro photography with the ultra wide angle lens.

And this one is better than what we have been seeing lately on phones like The View on the Extreme or it’s or made me note a probe at the front. There’s a dual camera setup, a primary.

Thirty two megapixel lens and an additional ultra wide angle lens, which I would not say is completely unique, but certainly better than what we have been seeing.

That being said, the forty eight megapixel primary lens performs.

Will you get good deeds in the images and the colors look nice and funky to the corner. Dude isn’t very accurate as the images shift between warmer and cooler hues does giving you inconsistent results. At times, however, it’s not a big issue.

I also like the portrait images from the V seventeen group. You get good subject, focus and background blur as detection, however, isn’t very accurate but is only visible if you zoom in the images.

The third lens for the wide angle images produces good color and the images are fairly detailed as well. The fourth lens offers two times optical zoom and the images are what you can expect from a two Demps zoom lens.

So nothing extraordinary here like the primary.

Forty eight megapixel camera SD are also really good. It’s Weebles, so we can not expect the most natural of selfies, but they do look good regardless for details. We share the same story in terms of quality, but the edge detection is not that proper.

You get wide angled selfies here as well, which comes in really handy while taking photos. The HDR feature in SE works very well. Even when the background is exposed, the cameras work to balance it out.

So yourself is usually look better on the be seventeen pro as compared to its competitors like the. Two or Thicky 20 probe also comparing the bad cameras.

I would say there’s a slight advantage in the 17 pool camera in its Asiye capability.

But the cameras are nothing extra ordinary, or at least they don’t stand out among the others in several other aspects, like, say, portrait’s, where I think the key to any pro does a better job. Overall, Evil has also introduced a new camera interface here, which is a bit confusing.

There’s a dedicated portrait mode, but you can also click portrait images from the photo option.

Similarly, there’s a beauty mode which you can only find inside the portrait mode. You get an ultra wide angle option in the portrait mode, but you can not click wide angled portraits. So the new camera app isn’t as we find, as I would have liked it to be.

Add to that the fun touch us, which I think like seriously evil needs to revamp its UI in its upcoming products.

OK, by now it’s evident that I would not recommend that we will be 17. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad phone. It’s just that the competition has gotten better. In fact, it’s gotten a lot better and VEVO is not catching up.

And I think they’ve made a huge compromise on the performance, whereas other smartphones are providing better services at this price range. On a different note, I feel like there isn’t any wow factor with the phone too, like the previous C.D. phones used to have.

And this has really reflected with the C is the V will be 17 who has managed to generate in comparison to the V fifteen pro oboes.

LCD had the same issue earlier and now they have abandoned the LCD and brought the veto series to its Vedrine segment with Alkene or designs and premium features.

So maybe we will could do the same with its next C.D.. Or maybe they could improve the next iteration of ECD by providing competitive specs.

So that was our review of the V will be 17 Prote. What do you think about the device to let us know in the comments below?


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