The Realme 5 Pro Review

The Realme 5 Pro Review
The Realme 5 Pro Review

The company has launched a real MI five and a real MI five probe.

And while the real MI five is a budget offering, the real MI five pro is more of a mid-range device.

The real MI five pro is obviously going to battle against the vivos if I’m pro and the Raymi No.7 pro for the best mid-range smartphone title this season. And things are looking good on you and me side with its quad camera setup.

So like the title suggests in this article, I will be talking about my impressions with the device, with what has been like train flies if used with it.

So let’s get started. OK, design first. And according to real new officials, this time, the design you see on the real ME five four is the classic one. It’s called a diamond God. Design is specially made for these phones.

But we cannot ignore the fact that the phone has a plastic back and the sides are also made entirely of plastic.

Again, that does not necessarily mean that it does not look good. It is quite an impressive design. The Red Panels shimmers with rainbow color pattern.

Maybe you cannot see it that well on the cameras, but on hands it looks quite good talking about esthetics. The power button resides on the right, while the volume rockers and century are on the left side.

You can insert dual Sims and a separate memory card on this and tray down below. You get a single firing bottom speaker.

And finally, yes, finally a USP type seaport. Good job. You told me about the field on hands. It’s not something you would say premium.

It does not miss that have to it though. However, holding the real me x and the five rows side-by-side the real me x will impress you instantly.

So overall I quite like the design on the real me five pro.

However, the feel of the device may leave you wanting for more. Now let’s talk about the display. It’s a six point three interest FSD plus IBS EspaƱol and real.

We call this a mini drop display, maybe because it has a mini water drop style, not upfront, which as the company claims, is 30 percent smaller than the others. And talking of the knots, this just reminds me also of e-books ever improve.

That has a bunch of a display which might be fancier to some. But for me, a not a Bantul, it’s all the same. Talking more about the display.

It’s an IBS LCD panel. And the quality is what you can expect from a typical IBS panel.

The viewing angles and colors are good in terms of brightness.

It’s typical of what you get on a mid-range phone. Excellent. Indoors and average outdoors on a bright, sunny day. So overall, I’ve got no complaints with the display.

Of course, if Rehame could have opted for an amulet battle, it would have been undeniable. But for the price, I am not complaining now for performance. You are getting the Snapdragon seven to a processor, which we saw on the videos that went through as well.

It’s a slight upgrade from the Snapdragon 710, about 10 percent of C.P.U performance in treatment. And although the architecture of the 710 and 712 is the same, the 712 is a bit more optimized.

But again, in real life, it’s just like the 710. So we’re looking at a performance just like this EV one pro and more or less like the real me x gaming performance was well and experience to share in high settings to pop do ran fairly smoothly.

Multitasking and app opening’s was too.

But I will have to use it for some more time to give you guys a definite conclusion about how it performs in real life.

The phone comes with the latest Android buy out of the box with color OSX on top.

And as I have been saying and a lot of reviews, although color OS has evolved, it’s still not very polished. But considering how rumors of me having their own UI has surfaced lately, I do hope that it happens really soon.

I have expectations of some Android one ish kind of UI, but let’s see what happens.

The unit we have has HBO from and when we need TV storage, but you do get 4G of RAM and 60 4G storage variants along with 60 of your friend and 60 4G B storage varying too, no matter which variant to choose.

You get DDR for ex ram and you if it’s two point one storage. And as of the time I made this video, the pricing of the devices had not been revealed.

So I will be jotting it down in the description below. Now let’s talk about the cameras.

And this is something very interesting to me as well as to others, because, well, the real me five girl comes with a quiet camera set up at the back. There’s a forty eight megapixel Sony.

I makes five eighty six sensor used on so many phones these days.

Second is an eight megapixel ultra wide angle lens. Third, we have a sensor for portrait’s and the final line is a two megapixel macro lens. Now the macro lens is something we haven’t yet seen on a budget device. So I was very excited to test it out.

And the results are, as you can see in these samples here, since it’s a two megapixel sensor.

I felt the sharpness was a little bit missing. Also, the app tells you to maintain a distance of four centimeter for you to take the best optimum macro shots.

Talking about the quality from its primary Sunni IMX five eighty six sensor. It does a really good job. It’s a little bit saturated, but looks pleasing to the eyes. The software optimization done by Real Me seems spot on. Just check these images for you to judge.

The portraits are also good. The background blur looks natural, although as detection is something real needs to fixed in its future updates.

Now, talking about the wide angle lens. This is the first time Real Me has included a vital angle lens in its offering. But the quality is nothing to write home about.

It’s not very saturated and lively like the primary lens, but gets the job done.

There’s also a night would feature here dubbed Nightscope, which takes around two to three seconds to capture a picture. And well, does an OK job.

It tries to balance exposure and details in the pictures. Here are some samples for you to judge. Having said that, my friends’ portraits and artificial light looks good, doesn’t it? There is a 16 megapixel Sony IMAX 471 one sensor at the front. For selfies and the image quality is very good.

Like many other camera centric phones, this one does not tend to overprocessed, which I think is a good thing. And so far, I think the selfie is look nice to me in terms of article.

You can take seven TDP and then 83 videos at 30 and 60 FBI is and FOGIE at 30 F.P. is as I tested the videos in all three resolutions. I found the 10 ATP at 30 appears to have better stabilization than the others.

As for the battery, you get a sizable four thousand thirty five M.H. battery inside, which supports 20.

What moves people in theater are charging and real me is generous enough to provide the charger inside the box.

It charges the battery from zero to hundred percent in about 80 minutes. And talking about the battery life. It should last a typical day if you are a heavy user.

But again, we’ll talk more in my in-depth review. The fingerprint sensor is fast and has got it correct all the times.

To now face a log, which is done by the selfie camera is fast too, as we have been seeing on all of your phones. So yes, there will be five gross. Seems like a promising device to me. It definitely has more features.

And what Shamis offering with the Red Me No.7 Pro and is better than the evil zebra I’m.

So like I said earlier, things are looking good and we’ll be safe. So that was my early impressions on The View on me fireproofed. What do you think? Is there going to be five Frode the best Midway’s smartphone out there. Do let us know in the comments.


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