Its New Nokia 2.3 Feet Review

Its New Nokia 2.3 Feet Review
Its New Nokia 2.3 Feet Review

We all know who sits atop the porcelain throne for the king of inexpensive devices shall meet. And now it looks like and I hope that Nokia is having a shot at the ground with its new Nokia two point feet, featuring a bold and hip design with some unique niceties of its own.

This budget phone is one tough cookie. So let’s find out more about this phone in this review.

Starting with the design, the Nokia two point three. Boy, it’s chunky. It had been a while since I used one phone, this boxy. And I got to admit, it’s almost as if the phone does not need to be. The battery isn’t all that big.

So why so many times I found myself struggling to get a hold of the phone with ease and had to use both my hands, even where you’d normally not need to.

And the big screen isn’t helping either. But I’ll get to that later on. The Nokia two point three is a budget phone, so it won’t surprise you when I say it’s made of plastic.

But the back is interesting with a vertical rich running throughout the device.

While the frame is metallic getting into buttons, you’ll find a dedicated Google assisted button. And some of you may be thinking, what’s the point of having a button when you can trigger it through your voice? Yes, I understand that.

And I, too, did not quite make use of it. However, you can remap it to trigger some other actions. Using a third party app, though, native customization support would have been even better. Thus, I’ve customized the button to open notifications on a single tap.

Take a screenshot on a double tap and long press to kill the foreground app on the front.

The Nokia two boys feet comes with it all. Six point two inches IBS LCD panel. And as expected, it has H.T. plus resolution. Fifteen 20 pixels vertically and seven to D horizontally with an aspect ratio of nineteen is to nine.

And two hundred and seventy one. DPA for the four. Not that bulky to begin with. The Nokia 220 would have been very easy to get to with one hand only. But since that’s not what’s happened here it is does a two hand smartphone.

However, the display cut out is impressive for a budget thought.

It features a tiny water drop, not updos for the front facing camera, and comes with two rounded corners.

Interestingly, while the expensive Nokia seven point two also featured rounded corners, it suffered from visible discoloration around the top edges. Which isn’t the case, but the Nokia two point three.

So kudos to the company for that. With the modern design of the display, the phone achieves an eighty point seven percent speed to body ratio because there’s a significant bezzle on the bottom with the Nokia branding alongside some subtle side and DA bezels as well.

All things considered. I have two small and one major complaint regarding the Nokia two points vs display.

First, having used it without any protective tempered glass, it felt a bit unusually slippery. And second, the phone is frequently prone to accidental touches with no option to prevent that.

Moreover, it does not get bright enough to be easily visible in village environments.

Though that’s not a problem indoors, the Nokia 2.0 comes with a dual camera setup. So let’s talk about that as well. There’s a 13 megapixel primary sensor with F two point two aperture and a two megapixel that sensor for bulky effects.

To sum up the camera performance on the Nokia two point three, well, it’s a hit or miss.

Sometimes it works great and sometimes it simply does it. The normal images come out decent in a relet environment.

And the detail preservation is quite good, too, though color reproduction could have been better.

But when it fails and it often does, the phones photos come on bland, ready and with messed up dynamic range. Talking about portrait’s, the edge detection is not that great too. But you might not notice that right away when looking at the photo.

Upon closer inspection, however, the flow begins to reveal themselves.

It misses out greatly on the subjects as just one thing I notice about the portrait. Images on the Nokia two point three is that they are brighter than the regular images. Nighttime images aren’t any great either.

The amount of green is just way too large and you’ll notice some smoothing in going on to overall low light photography.

On the new we get two point three is for getable coming to the front camera. There is a five megapixel F two point four sensor placed inside the water drop. Not regular s are lacking in color reproduction and there is a significantly low amount of detail as well.

Additionally, images are grainy and polished too. Likewise, the software based portraits of these are a little better than the regular SE in terms of color reproduction, though, it’s not perfect either.

Moreover, Southy portraits on the Nokia two point three are also riddled with Greeves and a lack of detail.

Moving on to the performance, the Nokia two point three is powered by Media Takes New Age, where you do a chipset which can also be found on the older Nokia two point two.

So not a very good selection of chipset there that he knew H when he too has a quad core. With Gore takes a fifty three quarters clocked at 2.0 gigahertz and the power we IGAD 320 keep you.

The phone comes with a single memory configuration with two TVO friend and 32 G.V. of internal storage.

Though it does not lag as much and light multitasking is fine as well. Nokia two points. We demonstrated how accustomed I’ve gotten to a faster device from launching apps to making selections.

The phone just takes its step, which I would have been infuriated about if it was a mid-range smartphone.

This is more evident when taking pictures or videos. First of all, the camera app takes a second or two to launch. But it’s when viewing the click pictures where the lag is realized.

The image processing on the Nokia two point three is just too slow. Here, the software based based on luck is similar. You’re hopeless. I could rig the phone swipe to open the pad to lay layout. Enter the pageant to enter and unlocked homescreen and all that takes less time than face unluck when it comes to gaming.

It can handle a few big titles in the lowest settings, a beard with impending lags and starters.

I played Call of Duty for a while and the phone would frequently slow down when the game tried to load some resources. I also played injustice too, which ran smoothly but suffered from miles lags here and there as well in terms of like games.

I put the phone to test with Alto’s Oddisee, which ran smoothly, but that too fell victim to minor legs now and then onto the software end.

It runs on pure Android as the phone is a part of the Android one program.

As expected, there is no bloatware, and Nokia promises up to two years of system upgrades and three years of monthly security updates. Though I did not receive the Android 10 update during my use of the phone, I did receive Januaries security patch.

Now the battery life on the Nokia two point three absolutely blew me away.

The 4000 image battery on the phone really makes the phone a two day device. As the company keeps, I continuously plead injustice to for four hours. Well, it was a slow day. Don’t judge me. And the phone still had around 50 percent battery left all around.

I got a total of seven hours of screen on time on a single charge, and that is really impressive. But charging the phone is a bait.

It charges by a micro USB port and does not support any fast charging either using a damn what charger. It took me about three hours and 18 minutes to take the Nokia two point three from zero or 200 percent, which is just a little short. Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman.

So, yeah, while the battery life on the nuke get two point three is ridiculously impressive, the charging, on the other hand, is ridiculously abysmal.

So to sum it all up, then you’ll get two. Point three is an admirable budget smartphone. It features a modern design and an incredibly impressive battery life.

And the stock android here in further is off limits to a smooth experience while guaranteeing updates as well. Its camera is a hit or miss on this. With proper lighting and ambiance, the image is drawn out fine.

Though I cannot emphasize enough on the slowness of the image processor.

All in all, the Nokia two point three is a great starter phone for someone who is just looking for a decent Android experience on a budget. So that is all for the review of the budget. No, get two points for you to let us know what you think about this one in the comments section below.


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