The Best Mid-range phones Review

The Best Mid-range phones Review
The Best Mid-range phones Review

Hello, everyone. I’m bloody Maddy. And in this article, I will list down the best budget and midrange phones that you should not miss out in 2019. So let’s get started. But before getting started, I would like to give you all the small information. I have raised these phones in different clusters based on their prices, and I will be starting in an ascending order.

So now let’s get going for it under a hundred dollars.

So when it comes to budget phones under a hundred dollars, there are basically two choices for you right now. And one of them is the Red Me seven, eight. It has a small form factor, a plastic body that does not look that great. But I am not complaining.

The display here is good and I really like the performance and the battery in it.

The MRI is optimized for Day-To-Day Use Kenz. It’s a great offering and you can get this phone in 32 TV variance.

So installing tons of apps and even high end games won’t be an issue. Plus, a single camera that it has is the Sony IMX for eighty six sensor. But again, the image processor is not that great. So don’t expect good camera performance for this.

When the second phone in my below hundred dollars price list is that we only see two.

And I personally found the real me c two to be slightly better than the red seven eight. Mainly because of three reasons.

First, a bigger display. You get a big six point two inches display here. Second is the camera performance. And the third is its design. If you compare the Raymi seven, eight and The View and see two side by side, the C two is obviously a better pick under one fifty dollars under one fifty dollars.

Again, real me and Chami are providing better value for money.

The recently launched Rehame five offers a good performance with its NAV Dragon six sixty five SLC and comes with a quad camera setup.

The only thing that’s unimpressive here is the design. And this is where the Raymie Node seven excels. It has a glass body and feels more premium than the real me. Save the Raymie Node seven.

Also has it will issue display which the real ME five lacks under two fifty dollars.

Underdo fifty dollars. We see a lot of choices. And the first one is the buboes airborne probe. Now traditionally we don’t see we were doing so well in this price segment, but this time he was changed strategy and went exclusively online with the Beatles series of Zebb.

One pro has triple cameras with a wide angle lens of five thousand mph battery and offers great performance with the Snapdragon seven to a processor.

The second on my to 50 dollars list is the way I mean No.7 probe.

It’s quite similar to the much cheaper read me note seven, but this one here offers a true forty eight megapixel so camera and a much better performance with the Snapdragon six seventy five.

Yes. Its successor, the Remy Note Apro has recently been unveiled, but I think it will take some time for it to be available worldwide.

Smartphone on the two fifty dollars list is the real ME five through like the real ME five. This one too has a quiet camera setup on the back while I found the macro lens and the depth sensor to be a gimmick.

The normal camera and the wide angle camera are actually great for the price.

You also get a 20 watt will charge with this one, which adds to its niceties. Now the fourth phone on my list is the Galaxy, a 50. I really like this phone mainly because of how good the amulet this play is. Plus, I’m a big fan of the Samsung UI, too.

And one more thing. Samsung phones are available in many different visions. For example, the Beatles ebb and flow and the real ME five pro are not available here in Nepal.

But the Galaxy 50 is the fifth phone on my to 50 dollars list is a phone from last year, which is the focal phone when it’s still available in many regions, especially at a discounted price.

The Bogalay one f one is for those who want great performance as the Snapdragon E40 five still beats the mid DYAR processor you get at this price range under three fifty dollars under three fifty dollars.

Yet again, real me and read me are the obvious choices.

I have reviewed so many phones under three fifty dollars, but none of them can beat the real me x and the Red Mikie 20. The view on me X, which is priced slightly lower than the K 20 offers excellent display up, up, up selfie camera and a great camera for the price there.

Rainmaking 20, on the other hand, does give you a better performance as it has more powerful Snapdragon 730 compared to the Snapdragon 710 on the Vme X.

Also when we get 20 offers this premium glass metal frame design.

But the real ME excess plastic body isn’t that cheap either. So that was a list of the best budget and midrange phones that you should not miss out in 20. Do let us know in the comments below if we have missed something out.


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