The Cheap Android Phones Review

The Cheap Android Phones Review
The Cheap Android Phones Review

Hey, guys, today we’re talking about the top three entry level Android phones that you can buy under a hundred dollars, which translates to around thousand rupees here in Nepal or some 7000 Indian rupees.

So lately we’ve been thinking about making buy guides where we give information about which is the best form that you can buy under fifteen thousand or twenty thousand.

And likewise with this video, I am starting with the top three cheapest Android phones that I have for testing myself for a couple of days. Next up, I will go for the budget segment, then mid-range segment, premium, midrange flagships and so forth.

And regarding the pricing of these products, I will put down the pricing in U.S. dollars so that it’s easy for everyone.

I will also try to put down the Nibali Indian and other countries pricing if those respective devices have launched in that particular region. So I guess we should get started now. In the recent couple of years, budget bones have gotten very good.

Previously, getting a budget phone meant that you had to compromise the performance cameras and storage.

But now things have changed. And even for the most affordable of pricing, you can get a phone that is whelk good enough. OK, so the first one in my list is the humidity.

If I threw we got this phone from Bangui’s for around 90 dollars and we beat some ten dollars back taxes here in it. But and that’s is basically how we got it. Now, taxes and shipping may vary according to your country, so make sure you research that well, anyway, coming to the device.

The best thing about it is that it has it will HD display. No other brand gives a full H2 display at this price. And you can look at the quality of this display yourself.

It is really good. What’s even better looking is the design of it, although it’s obvious that it is heavily inspired by many others.

It looks nice and that’s what matters. Also, the design is not creaky or bendy. It feels solid too. And you also get this very good looking cover with it, which I feel is a bonus.

However, being the budget for that, it is its cameras are not very good. In fact, among the three phones I have in this list. This one produces the least pleasing images. It has a triple camera setup consisting of a primary Sony IMX to be ninety eight sensor and ultra wide angle lens.

And in that sense, glance the primary photos from it look kind of bland, especially when you compare with the others in the list.

And wide angle images are nothing extra either.

The selfie share the same fate of mediocre quality and not so good HDR capability for the performance. I would say that it’s not bad. The Helio P twenty three is what’s running the show here. UI transitions are smooth enough without much legs and the experience is clean, which is all thanks to the stock android that you have in here.

And while those budget gamers out there. Yes. You can play Pop G and call of beauty in the humidity.

If I prove you can crank the settings up to high frame rates and AC graphics, but for a comparatively smoother gameplay, you are better off with a combination of smooth graphics and media free rates.

The performance of this bone is supported by the Forgy view of RAM it has and this RAM capacity for this price is simply amazing. Additionally, you get 32 G.V. of internal storage here, which you can expand via a dedicated slot.

So there is nothing much to complain about that aspect either.

Bachchu buys you get a four thousand one hundred and fifty million PARCELL which is quite good. And although the company advertises the phone to give a two day battery life for me, it has given a full day of heavy usage.

As for the extras, there is a fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone, which is not always accurate, but gets the job done.

Similarly, you get face on luck as well. All right. The second phone on this list has to be the Rehame C three. And one of the many reasons why I like this phone is because of its gaming capabilities.

The Helio G 70 that powers that we only see three tries to revolutionize what we have come to expect from a budget.

Thought you can play Pobjie with minimum starters in high frame rates and HD graphics. Also, the big six point five inch display makes the gaming experience even more fun. But with the display, what’s not fun is the resolution as you get an 80 plus display only.

But considering the price, it’s OK. I guess moving to the design, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t like it.

It looks trendy and refreshing and does not creak or anything like that. The one I have is the global variant, which has a fingerprint sensor at the back and an additional macro lens as opposed to the Indian variant that does not have those as well.

The fingerprint performance. It’s fast like with all of you, me folks. But what’s a little sloppy here is the UI experience.

I think it is the heavy Rehame UI that’s making the experience a bit choppy.

But apart from that, I have no complaints whatsoever. On a different note, the thing that impresses the most about the viewer CTC is its huge 5000 M.H. battery with an 80 plus display and aggressive power saving in the UI.

The battery on this will last for a day and half on medium usage. However, the cameras on this phone is something that might disappoint you a little bit.

You get a triple camera here like the forum are on this list. The primary camera is not bad, but tends to over sharpen the images and hence they look unnatural. Also, the colors in many scenarios look washed out.

Portrait images with the two megapixel sensor are nothing while either, as you can see for yourself.

The third macro lens is subpar to. All right. The third phone on this list is the Retina eight. And what’s particularly striking about this phone is that Chami has managed to give a glass design for this price. The phone looks even better than last year.

Read me notes said. In my opinion, on the hands to the red meat is the most comfortable of the three on this list.

And like the others on this list, this goat has a type C board for charging and supports eating, what, fast charging? In my opinion, fast charging on a budget bone is an absolute game changer. And for this, Chami really needs to be applauded here.

However, you don’t get that fast charger inside the box, so you will need to spend some extra cash to get yourself a separate one.

Another thing that Chami has done better is add the cameras on the Red eight.

This one features two cameras only unlike the other two blood beats them in performance with so many IMX 360 sensor. The images from it have good details and scholars portrait images are good enough to and selfies are also a lot more pleasing than the real Mesi three and the five.

Also, it’s fair to say that in this price range, the red meat is the best camera phone among the bunch. But I will not say the same regarding the performance of this device, which here is supported by the Snapdragon four thirty nine, which is actually a downgrade coming from the Revenue Service.

Having said that, the Snapdragon 439 performs good enough, if not the best, multitasking with, if you like.

As is achievable, but heavy apps and games take some time to load. Talking of gaming, Bob is playable in low settings with minimum starters.

So that was my list off the top three budget Android phones on one hundred dollars. These phones are examples that prove that you don’t need to empty your pockets to get yourself a good enough phone.

And in the next article, I will talk about the best phones that you can buy under two hundred dollars. So do let me know in the comments below.


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