New iPhone SE 2 Review

New iPhone SE 2 Review
New iPhone SE 2 Review

As you guys know, Apple has launched the iPhone as to its new and the cheapest we 99 dollar iPhone. It’s creating a lot of buzz in the tech industry.

And, well, everybody is really excited about it, but I’ve had mixed feelings about it once I heard the Indian and Nibali pricing off the device. And truth be told, it’s not a three ninety nine dollar iPhone. It is not where I’m living.

It’s like a five fifty dollar iPhone, which makes me question myself.

Can’t you get a better Android phone at this price? Well, let’s discuss that right now. So the three basic reasons why the iPhone Essy two really excites the rest and debt reviewers and the tech community in general are number one.

It’s the cheapest new iPhone that you can bet. Number two, the 839 chipset that’s inside it is the same one that you get in the iPhone eleven series also.

This one now has three GCB of RAM. And if I am not wrong. The iPhone eight had like two Chibi. So you’re looking at the best price to performance smartphone of twenty twenty.

And number three, it provides better value than what the competitors in the Western markets like Galaxy 51 and the more to DVD are offering. Apart from that, the thing you really need to appreciate about Apple in this case, the iPhone, is he too, is that you’re probably getting five years of EIRIS updates, which Android phones simply can’t match.

Additionally, you’re getting features like wireless charging IP sixty seven rating, which you generally don’t see on a mid-range Android smartphone.

And with the A13 bionic chipset, you’re also getting portrayed what’s on the front and at the back. But Apple is not deliberately giving you the extra ultra wide angle lens or software features like the night mode.

That’s well reserved for the more expensive iPhones.

But again, if you provide every premium feature on the cheaper iPhone, nobody is going to buy the more expensive ones.

That being said, the new iPhone two is also cheap because zero is the cost that Apple has invested in the R&D to meet the spot. It’s basically a three year old iPhone eight with the latest A13 chipset, which means it has got the same good old design, the four point seven inches IP s display with bezels all over and the Dutch I.D.

Well, I like the touch I.D.. I still do. So basically what Apple is doing here is recycling the old iPhone eight and resurrecting it to the new iPhone. Is it? But that’s clever. And that is what makes Apple a trillion dollar company.

Now, everything being said, I really hate to say that the pricing here, especially in Asia, sucks for some Nibali sixty five thousand rupees, which converts to five fifty dollars.

I feel you can get better Android phones, take the Web to 70, for example, which is still available, and it’s cheaper than the iPhone is here, which for me makes for a better deal. It has got the 90 who assemble a display, which I absolutely love, and the Snapdragon eight fifty five plus is still very powerful.

A 13 might be faster, but in real life usage. Trust me, guys, you are not going to find any difference.

You are also getting a base variant of 120 TB storage and to get the 120 TB variant of the iPhone is E.. Well, you will need to be more. And yes, the 70 does not have wireless charging like the S. E. But guess what?

It comes with a 30 watt fast trasher that to inside the box.

Well, what I am going to say right now might not be true for everyone, but what I personally think is that if you have got a faster wire charging, I don’t think you will be missing a slower, fast wireless charging.

And by the way, if you want to use quick touch or a fashion show with the iPhone is too, you will have to buy them.

And we’re also hearing some rumors that the new one plus eight will be much cheaper here. Maybe a little bit more expensive than the iPhone is.

But like the ones the 70s, the wobblers, it will be a better deal with even better screen design, bigger battery and forced 5G. So if you’re someone from Nepal, India or Bangladesh, I am going to say it again. The iPhone Essy 2020 is not a three ninety nine dollar iPhone.

You will probably find a much better Android smartphone for much less.

So that was my impression on the new iPhone S-E too. I don’t have the phone with me, nor do I have the iPhone eight. Well, I guess you already know that.


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