The Galaxy A50s Review

The Galaxy A50s Review
The Galaxy A50s Review

Just roll back like a year ago. Samsung, CCD and ACS were not performing well, and hence we saw the Samsung dominance spot in India. Chami dethroned Samsung for the number one spot and Real Me, a relatively new name back then emerged in the smartphone battle.

But Samsung is not a brand that we just sit and watch its market share dip.

So they introduce the NCD intended to challenge the online phones from Chami and Vme, and also they revamped the ECD for the offline market.

And to be honest, Samsung did well with its first wave of M and ECD in the first and second quarter of twenty nineteen. We have reviewed almost every Samsung phone since then and honestly they were quite refreshing.

Now, coming back to the present context. Samsung has released the S variants of its ECD and looking at the specs of all these phones.

They don’t deserve to be called as an upgrade.

Also, the competing smartphones from Chami and Vehle me are getting better with each iteration. This further puts Samsung in a dreadful misery.

However, Samsung has dropped the prices of all these variants in India and here in Nepal, too, because the original price spell was not competitive enough. The Galaxy 50 s that I have with me today.

Originally retail for forty two thousand rupees is now available for thirty five thousand rupees, which I think should have been the large price to begin with.

Anyways, the question is, should you get the 50 s. Does it fare well against the competition? Let’s dig into it. After the shout out to a sponsor who stingier it is a web hosting service to help you make your dream website.

It is fast, secure and provides you with the best rates in the market.

I personally like its VBAC hosting plan and website builder, so if you want more information on this, you can go check out with Saenger dot com or you can also go check out the link in the description. So the first thing that remains more or less unchanged from the 50 is the design.

You get the same plastic bag which evidently will get scratches after prolonged usage.

So better keeps it up. One minor change is that this one has this gradient back, which is more pleasing to the eyes than the regular 50. However, one thing I’ve really liked about this phone is how slim it is. It measures seven point seven M-m in thickness.

And when comparing it with other popular mid-range phones like the note a true or the real ME 60, the difference can easily be realized. Moreover, the sleekness is achieved without compromising on the phone’s battery as the 50 esq comes with a 4000 mph battery as well.

Add to this the lightweight build. I can see people liking the overall design of the 850 s. What’s equally good in here is the display. You get a six point four inches super amulet full EU panel whose quality, as expected from a Samsung phones, is top notch.

And by the way, there’s a tiny U. Shaped notch on the top.

The display produces excellent contrast, good colors and is fairly bright. So using it outdoors should not be a problem. On the subject of liking things about the 50 s, its cameras are impressive as well.

You get an improved forty eight megapixel lens and Samsung has done a very good job with the software optimization. The picture quality is definitely better than what we get from the 30 years or the Vimy Note. Pro or even the real me Ixtepec.

Mind you, all of these phones are cheaper than the 50 years.

So with this you get what you pay for. The second eight megapixel wide angle lens is above average. Detail wise, it’s okay, but the colors are generally lively and pleasing.

The portrait shots too are commendable with good subject, focus, colors, background blur and edge detection. Another point in the bank to Samsung for its awesome software optimization.

On the front there is a 32 megapixel selfie camera residing inside the nut and like the ones on the bag. I am a fan of these two from Dynamic Range. Two colors, two details.

The selfie from the 850 s will not disappoint. The selfie portraits also work really well with good focus on the subject and background blur.

However, it’s as detection resides in the gray area with lots of room for improvement.

The videos are okay for the price you don’t get why? S but the Giteau EASA does a good job for 10 ATP videos and as expected, there’s no 60 FBI a year. But Samsung has included options like slo mo, super slow mo and super steady mode here.

The only aspect I did not like about the 850 SS camera is the night mode.

It overexposing the nighttime images, making it unusual. And Samsung had the same issue with the M 30 years. Frankly, I’m really disappointed that they have not ruled out any update to fix this issue, as I’ve already mentioned before.

There is 4000 M.H. battery powering this device, which will provide you a good battery life on the charging front, Samsung. Still using a fifteen watch measure. And I think this is where the company has compromised, as they should have gone with a twenty five watt charger like it’s bigger sibling, the 70. S.

Though I can live with the fifteen watt charger. I don’t understand Samsung’s decision to put the exactness nine six one one chipset on the 50 s.

If you don’t know, it’s basically the same as the 50 that comes with the exchanges.

Nine six one zero. Does the performance of the six months old, a fifty and the fifty s is near identical. Which I think is a big let down the exactness nine six one one is based on ten N.N. So it’s comparatively energy efficient, although it’s C.P.U and GPO performance are not comparable to the Snapdragon seven 30 or the Heat Yohji 90.

And I have also said this in my N30 s review about the one you are not being very optimized or Mitry and chipsets, and same is the case with the 850 s. So you will obviously not feel a UI as smooth as they claim it to be on the North Ten or the East End.

Hopefully that will get solved when Samsung releases the one UI 2.0.

I know it sounds unfair, but I believe it should not be the case because you are being good money for the 50 s and the UI should not be the way it is. Anyways, if you are coming from a budget for a 50 s will serve you well.

The multitasking is great. Browsing and chatting is swift and you will not have any problem playing high end games like Buggie in high graphics and high frame rates. So yep, the performance is not bad.

However, it’s just that the competition is providing better resources at this price range. And Samsung seems to ignore the fact that many consumers here in South Asia look for better performance in the mid-range segment.

Another thing that Samsung is hopelessly pathetic add is the slow fingerprint sensor.

Even if I forgive this delay, I can not stand the fact that it just does not read my fingerprint sometimes. The 50 had the same issue and I was expecting the new version to have faster ones. After all, it’s not a new take anymore.

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So overall, I have mixed feelings about that. 50 s actually this whole article would have been a rant video if Samsung had not dropped the price of this phone. But since they did that, 50 s is not a bad phone entirely.

You get a super Amila display whose quality is hard to find in other forms of this price range.

The cameras are good. And like I said earlier, I see people liking the design of this board because if it’s slim and thin form factor, however, the overall performance, especially the UI, is just about average and you will get much better performing phones at lesser price.

So if you’re someone who values performance a large, you should be looking somewhere else. Otherwise, with the recent price drop, the 850 s does really make sense.

So that was all for our review of the Galaxy 50 s. Do let us know what you think about the device in the comments section below.


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