Built The First Gaming PC

Built The First Gaming PC
Built The First Gaming PC

Hi, everyone. Welcome to a new kind of article of ours. I’m ready, my dignity. And today I’m going to show you guys our custom, P.S., that we built like three months ago. Now, I know it’s late, but since so many of you guys had been asking us what PCV used to edit our videos today, finally I’m going to show it off to you guys.

So you guys might already know that we use ABC mostly for editing and rendering and also for other styles. So this one is a new rig right here and almost top of the line gaming machine. And, of course, our cars. But before I get started, let me also compare this new rig to our previous one. And the one that used to be our primary deck stop is the Lyndonville by nine hundred.

It was also a pretty powerful setup inside this classic red and black casing is actually a pre built PCV with a third by these eight to 70 motherboard and the seven Chen IDL seven seventy seven hundred K processor.

But since this one had an unbranded motherboard, it also meant that there was no over blocking it. And also this one’s a quad core p.c, which well works fine, but we needed more.

There was also 32 AGP of dual channel RAM at twenty four hundred megahertz frequency.

And a lot of storage on board for the graphics. It had the GDR extend 80 Founders Edition, which still is a great graphics card that can handle most tasks fluently. And powering all of that was a 650 watt unbranded power supply.

And that was the biggest complaint with this unit. Still, this wasn’t a bad piece yet.

It had everything I needed it to do. And after using it as my daily work hours for around two years, I finally thought of getting a new one. So in conclusion, we bought this new brick, build it actually and building. It was really fun. Sure. It took time.

Me and my team did a lot of work, but when we were done putting everything in place and it turned on, the feeling is, well,sublime.

And yes, it’s been around three months. I’ve been using this B.S. for all that I need to do. It’s gone over 50 video Randers, and a lot of gaming.

So I think it’s finally ready to review this beast. Let’s start with the Casey. It’s an 86 mid tower in MSA. Bunker iGaming case. It’s got a front and a side tempered glass panel.

And there’s a magnetic four movable dust filter. Opt out for easy cleaning.

The tinted glass case doesn’t really look much until you put all these RTV components inside. And after that, it looks like a festival of lights of its own. The only thing this case does not have is an SD card slot, which is a small trade off I’m willing to make.

So I am using this Transend GSB three point o to transfer files from my SD card to the next stop. Also, this one key with 751 Gaulke is power supply.

However, the first thing I did was get rid of that and instead got the cooler master 750 80 plus runs for obvious reasons. And I could finally take a breath of fresh air right after the PSU.

I had to work on the fence, the casing key with three fans, but that many weren’t enough for me. So I got some extra fence. Of course, the number of fence. Depends on your preference, but I did the concept of good airflow a bit too seriously.

So here I put two fans up up and wanted the exhaust. So that means there are three fance upfront.

Two for cooling the radiator and one for intake of cool air. And that is a liquid cooler. I got it to keep the eight core I seven ninety seven hundred. Cool.

Yes I got the nine Chinh I seven in here and while going from a quad for C.P.U to eight course was a pleasure, I had to take some steps to ensure that it performed to its full capacity, which also means that you had to keep the thermals in check.

Hence the liquid light to 40 and some extra fans to keep the radiators cool and maintain neutral air pressure.

And yes, sure, the third generation thirty seven hundred X would have been better for editing, thanks to more number of threads on it. But by the time I bought this in thirty seven hundred X was not lunch yet. So there’s that.

And what’s more, you can’t really call it a powerful gaming rig if it does not feature the latest geeks cheap. You can you. So yeah, I got the new MSA G Force RDX 2070 Gaming Z, which is more than enough for editing videos, but more over proves excellent for gaming as well. So why didn’t I get the idea? Expanding A.D.?

Well, this is already the most expensive part of my setup. Apart from the extra money.

And I also thought that it would be a bit of an overkill switching from eighteen eighty two and RDX.

Twenty seventeen for me is more than enough for now because there already are general improvements in raw power and the frames I’m getting in my games are also a lot better.

From the rendering times to games, I felt something like 15 to 20 percent of performance improvement overall, maybe because the Founders edition failed to keep itself cool. The current RDX 2070 gaming zie is one of the best objects 2070 from MSA.

And it chose because I’ve never faced anything even close to overheating and self.

And what’s even better is than retracing. I enjoyed the two ideas. In a word, games out there playing Battlefield five on it was a super smooth and fluent experience.

But I’m also kind of into Apex Legends now. I’m also looking to try M├ętro Exodus once I’m done with Battlefield five two. And the best thing about the speci is no matter which game you want to play, it runs them without any hiccups.

And with the setup I have, it should continue to do for the next two or three years or so.

What I want to see in future is Adobe taking advantage of its stance. Of course, that is a big if, but there is still hope for that. Anyways, after all of this ready, I had two options. Either connect it to the Zie 370 or does 80 90. And guess what?

I chose the MSA Megacity 90 Gaming Edge AC motherboard. It’s got a powerful VR and supports as an AI.

If you ever need an extra traffic guide for more power and has to MDR two slots that support in Vme SSD. Plus it comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi and lood with 5.0 adding a lot of points in the convenience department.

And that is exactly what I recommend because if you’re building something powerful, too cheap it out on the motherboard and power supply, because with great VR, EMS and clean up our delivery, you get overclock UPC without any worries.

As for the RAM, I opted for the Corsair Vengeance RGV Pro, a dual channel of kit of two three thousand megahertz HDB stakes to make sixteen Jeab memory in total.

And of course my previous p.c had more ram, but up until now I haven’t felt the need to have more than 16 gigs. And in the case I’ll ever do us a slap in two six.

There’s space in there after all. And then there’s storage for which I have the five hundred to a TV Samsung 960 eval for Windows and all my ongoing project files.

I also got a four D.V. hard drive from WD plus another extra DBI too. And I guess I’ll just keep on adding more if I need it. And finally, what good APC is if it’s not attached to a great set of very ferals. So here’s Matt. I’m currently using the DL twenty seven inch walkie monitor.

Yes, you could say that this 27 inch monitor is a bit outdated, but as long as it gets the job done, it’s cool.

It handles for GIF video editing well enough. And the B.S. though it got to four gig fogie on ultra settings. Can stress it out a bit. As for other very ferals, I have the fan tech mechanical RGV keyboard and a razor basilisk mouse.

I prefer the clickety clackety on this mechanical keyboard and I can’t get enough of the IGB.

As for the mouse, I like to have some extra set of buttons for some cool short girds, be it for gaming or editing. And this one, with its reserves in that software, allows me to do just that. And I also like it sagra nomics.

This whole setup costs like two thousand dollars in the US. But of course the prices in the same in Nepal here. So in Nepal it’ll cost you around to be like rupees.

So yeah, this is my setup. I will put the prices of all these in the description for you to check and I will also come up with some other B.S. videos, maybe a raise and build next month.


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